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A Most Remarkable Assistant wanted for exciting times ahead
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: February 03, 2009 08:04AM

Forward-thinking inventor/entrepreneur is looking for just the right assistant

• You don't fit into the 9-5 employee mold. You are looking for a place where your uniqueness and potential is recognized and supported where you are able to do work that is satisfying and meaningful.

• You are in extremely good healthy and do not now, nor ever have smoked ... anything

• You are physically fit and are avid about pursuing sports and doing events.

• You are into eating organic, high percentage raw and living foods and enjoy preparing delicious meals that make you feel turbo.

• You love to connect with the earth gardening and working outside.

• You recycle, you compost, you hang clothes to dry, you shop at thrift stores, you are ever growing in consciousness about what you can do to make changes to lower your own carbon foot print, and have some big ideas about what can be done on large scales to make a big difference.

• You are intelligent, creative, tidy, organized, efficient, enthusiastic, energetic, self-motivated, self-disciplined, and passionate about doing something of service to make the world better and aren't afraid to think big!

• Nothing is beneath you and nothing is beyond you.

• You are into alternative health and are consciously on an ascension path.

• You want to live in a city that has a vortex and live in a house with a ley line going through it for some high voltage adventure!

• You consider having free access to the following BIG perks:

- Beautiful organic food and training in how to prepare a wide repertoire of amazing dishes, including fermenting.

- A full curriculum spanning from holistic health and wellness to fitness, to diet, to spirituality to the GREEN way to preserve our beautiful planet!

- Exercising with Oxygen Therapy
- Ozone
- Colonics
- Ion Cleanse
- Biomagnetic Pulser
- Zapper
- Chi Machine
- Full gym
- Wheatgrass farm
- Hundreds of houseplants and fairies
- Hummingbirds coming and going
- An awesome "designer" workshop
- Miracles and Magic to always surprise and delight you

Job description: Everything from running a beautiful large house and garden, running errands, doing food prep, online ordering, answering the phone, home-improvement projects, assisting in workshop (making prototypes), research involving renewable energy and sustainable living, brainstorming, grant writing, some administrative work and beyond. There is a wide scope for growth and creativity in this position.

This is a live-in position. You will have a cosy (warm in the winter, cool in the summer) private room and bath with a separate entrance — your own desk, full gym, washer/dryer and refrigerator. Wireless internet. Comfortable and private. There is also a large unfurnished rental house available if there are more than one of you.

You may call yourself a student, an intern, an apprentice, and indentured servant, or just lucky for getting free tuition. This is a full-time position for room and board to begin with. A stipend may be negotiated after the initial trial period. The ultimate outcome will be a salaried position.

Call if this posting just described you. Be prepared to send a resume and a brief bio that includes what you believe your purpose to be and how you have begun to work toward realizing it. Include your education and birthdate please.

Jeni Humming

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Re: A Most Remarkable Assistant wanted for exciting times ahead
Posted by: doron ()
Date: December 14, 2011 11:42AM

please send me your email

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