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Special SALE on RAW STAR Ceramic Knives the best in the World comes with FREE Organic T-shirt! INFO...
Posted by: rawbryan ()
Date: February 24, 2010 02:52AM

Hi if you are not already enjoying RAW STAR Ceramic Knives, you gotta get one! They are the BEST in the World at the Best Prices. Other Ceramic Knives are too thin, cheap, flimsy or they try to sell you outdated White Ceramic Knives which is outdated old technology, then they try to sell you the NEW Black Ceramic Knives at extremely inflated premium prices while they try to trick you into buying old inventory of white ceramic knives which they are trying to get rid of! Black Ceramic is the new better technology, is harder, sharper, 2nd hardest to diamonds, that is why I ONLY SELL BLACK CERAMIC KNIVES and at already the lowest prices, with the best quality, design, thickness, craftsmanship and it has the RAW STAR LOGO on it because you are the RAW STAR in the kitchen and world!

NOW I have a special sale and discount, the 6" RAW STAR Ceramic Knife with Eco Luxurious Bamboo Handle is now only $55 and you get a FREE ECO CHEF RAW STAR 100% Organic Eco T-shirt FREE with your PURCHASE! How? Well you have to e-mail me at and I will e-mail you instructions on how to mail a check to me or you can also use and you have to tell me what size T-shirt you wear, it is really beautiful Eco Luxurious super soft Organic Cotton with the ECO CHEF Design that is an Avocado with Planet Earth as the seed because we are planting seeds of health, wealth, abundance, love, joy, peace, healing and more!

Normally 6" Black Ceramic Knives with wooden handles by Kyocera sells for $275 EACH, but my RAW STAR 6" Black Ceramic Knife with Eco Luxurious Bamboo handle is better prices at only $55 with FREE Organic T-shirt! And mine comes with a upscale storage box, people love it!

www dot bestceramicknife dot com or []

Chef Bryan Au

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