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Special Discount in slightly imperfect RAW STAR 6" Ceramic Knife and $2 Eco Chef APP Update and Info! yawning smiley)
Posted by: rawbryan ()
Date: May 23, 2010 01:44AM

This is a special DISCOUNT on slightly imperfect RAW STAR 6" Black Ceramic Knives with Eco Luxurious Bamboo Handles. Kyocera's 6" Black Ceramic Knife with wooden handle is $200 each, RAW STAR is $60 each for brand new perfect ones but because they are Bamboo sometimes there are slight imperfections in the handle like minor scratches or dents or "variations" the handle and blade is PERFECT and excellent but I can't sell the bamboo handles if they are not perfectly gorgeous. So out of 100 knives there are like 10 that I have to seperate and can't sell at full retail.

So I like to offer a special discount for only $35 you can get slightly imperfect RAW STAR 6" Black Ceramic Knives! And a FREE RAW STAR Ceramic Peeler is included in this special offer for members only. If interested please e-mail me directly at

I ONLY HAVE 10 of them available and they do go fast so if interested please hurry before they go fast!

The RAW STAR Ceramic Peeler is FREE and a $7 value included in this offer.

About my much awaited $2 Eco Chef APP for PC Computers, MAC Computers, iPhone, iPod, iPad from and APP Store is finally going to be available in about 2 to 3 weeks from today, yeah!

It will be available Worldwide and as soon as it is I will send out a new Newsletter, Annoucement and etc, with the direct link to store to make your purchase. I have worked hard on it for the past 6 months and it is so AMAZING we made sure it will be the BEST EVER! It has more than one gorgeous photo for most photos, while most recipe books or recipe apps only always have one photo for each recipe we added different angles, perspectives, views as well as your choice of step by step photo sequences and instructional videos for most recipes. And I invented tons of totally new Raw Organic Recipes exclusively for the Eco Chef APP that can't be found anywhere else like my brand new Raw Organic: Pepperoni Pizza, Spicy Schezwan Noodles, Pho Soup, Fruit Danish, Raspberry Chocolate Cinnamon Crumb Cake, 5 Minute Chocolate Cake and many more with all new super gorgeous food photography and new food styling...and each week I will add even more brand new recipes, videos, photos, features and surprises every week

All for a one time $2! And there are fun features like you can click on a heart symbol and it saves that recipe into your Favorite Section. There is a Bryan Live feature where you can ask me questions anytime in real time and I have to answer them! And I have videos that teach you about weight lifting, losing weight, Yoga, Eco Fashions, Eco Cars and more every week forever on top of new recipes and photos and videos forever!

All the best in Raw health and fun,
Chef Bryan Au

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