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Planning Equador Eco-village mostly raw
Posted by: shininglight45 ()
Date: August 10, 2010 02:13AM

I'm choosing Equador because of weather that is 70-90 year round, and a place where it rains enough to grow food, but not so much that the sun isn't out.

The community would be an off the grid community that would include an alternative energy research facility, organic gardens, and spiritually open. I myself am a Christian and strong believer in Jesus, but I'm not against other belief systems based on love.

I would love to have about 100+ acres where people really respect the land and live in conjunction with the land. I envision bamboo huts or houses, minimal electronics and cars to keep man made noise down and people truely living in community. Maybe even going so far as a community dining area where people would take 1 night a month and make a dinner for the whole community, so our dinner preparation time is down to just 1 day a month.

Also Equador is one of the easier countries to become a citizen in. The last time I looked it was just being able to show $1000 a month in passive or investment income, or $50,000 invested in a business that would employ at least 2 locals. Considering the going wage is about $1.50 an hour, it makes forming an exporting business more attractive.

My other goal is to help create businesses for the villagers and locals to improve their lifestyle without the hustle and materialism so prevalent in the USA.

Any ideas, help in the planning, knowing possible locations in Equador, or other interests, please post or contact me.
Mark Crouse

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Re: Planning Equador Eco-village mostly raw
Posted by: Curator ()
Date: August 10, 2010 03:33AM

sounds pretty great, let me know how it goes, I may end up joinin ya down the line!smiling smiley

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