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The BEST GIFT for a Raw Foodist that they will Love and use Everyday? INFO...
Posted by: rawbryan ()
Date: December 06, 2010 10:52PM

If people are looking for the BEST GIFT for a RAW Foodist try my Raw Star Ceramic Knives! They actually keep your food very pure, they keep metal out of your food, it is something that you will love to use and actually use everyday too! I never use metal knives anymore except to open a coconut, because my Raw Star Ceramic Knives protects the flavor of food, it never rusts, stays super sharp for a year or longer without having to resharpen, has a full lifetime warranty and guarantee and is the BEST KNIFE IN THE WORLD. THE FAMOUS APPLE FRESHNESS TEST and Video:

[] or
[www] dot youtube dot com/watch?v=3_JcLHpgLDw

The 4" is only $25, compared to the Kyocera 4" which is $30 to $35 and $40! My 6" and 7" RAW Star Ceramic Knife is still only $60 and $70 each while Kyocera's black ceramic knife with wooden handle 6" and 7" is $220 and $300 each. I also have the World's ONLY 8" Black Ceramic Knife with wooden handle no other ceramic knifemaker offers or has a 8" Black Ceramic Knife. Yes there are other ceramic knives on the market but they are very cheap and flimsy in design, quality and craftsmanship with plastic or rubber handles that do not last and are not eco green at all. Also many ceramic knife makers are trying to dupe the public by selling outdated old white ceramic knives and blades at cheap prices then they jack up or sell their black ceramic knives at super premium unaffordable prices! They are trying to get rid of their white ceramic knife inventory while gouging the public with extremely high black ceramic knife prices because white ceramic is outdated old technology it actually stains very badly when you cut a carrot or yam and it is not as hard as new better best black ceramic knife or technology. Black Ceramic won't stain, is 2nd Hardest to diamonds, looks like metal but is superior, it does not have holes or scales like metal so germs or bacteria won't grow on it, it won't react with food like metal so all the gourmet chefs and restaurants are using it too. I only sell Black Ceramic Knives and blades to begin with and at bargain affordable prices lower than everyone else's because my story is I was never able to afford them so now I am keeping the prices low to empower people so they can get them, enjoy them and benefit everyday!

Only RAW Star Ceramic Knives comes in the Eco Luxurious all natural Bamboo handles! And in a upscale designer storage box other ceramic knives comes in plastic that you have to throw away and pollute our world. A new tree is planted each time you purchase a product from me as well. Many people will start with the 4" RAW Star Ceramic Paring knife to see how good it is then they love it and buy the complete set or more for family and friends. Many people even buy from me at wholesale and resell to others and they do very well as sales are expanding and people LOVE IT! Please visit the main website and scroll down:

[] you can purchase using or go to the main online store [] or [www] dot Rawckstar dot com

Raw Star Ceramic Knives truly makes the best GIFT that your loved ones or you will enjoy using Everyday! Practical, all natural, Eco Green, protects your health, keeps metal and metal ions out of your food, full lifetime warranty and guarantee to make sure it arrives before the Holidays PLEASE PUT YOUR ORDER IN THIS WEEK AND TODAY!

All the best in health and Raw,
Eco Chef Bryan Au

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