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Date: August 17, 2011 05:29PM


These rescue kittens (an orange tiger male, a longhair "Purrsian"-type non-pedigreed blue-grey male, a polyactyl female, and more) I am fostering have experience with both raw eating and vegan eating, but I do not insist that you always feed them either (or both). However, I am looking for a particular kind of adopter and home for them. I have lots of unbelievably affectionate and companionable foster kittens of various ages, mainly 10 weeks and 6 months, and a foster cat - all rescues with traumatic backgrounds - here with me (literally; they are on my lap as I type) and can supply FULL descriptions and oodles of photos. Some of these kitties have no idea of your privacy and personal space; some are affectionate, friendly, companionable, amiable, goofy, and loving but less clingy and needy - what's YOUR personality and what are your needs? If interested, please email me at causeforpaws [] with your answers to these questions (thanks for your time!):<br><br>1. If you intend to use processed food for your kitty, what brands are you planning to feed him or her? 2. What are your views, pro or con, on declawing? 3. What are your views, pro or con, on neutering/spaying? 4. Can you tell me something about yourself (the kind of living quarters you'd share with your kitty, your source(s) of income, the amount of hours you would tend to leave Kitty at home without you, that kind of thing)? 5. Can you tell me if there'd be any other humans or non-humans living with you and Kitty and, if so, who they'd be? 6. Lastly, I can supply delivery of Kitty to many places in the Northeast states - NY, PA, NJ, CT, MA. I can't get him or her to you beyond that sort of area. So if you live around there, please tell me the name of the town/city and state.

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