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Summit Spring Raw Living Water For Sale - Amazing Price on 4 Cases
Posted by: oceansunset ()
Date: March 07, 2012 08:36AM

Hi. I have 4 cases of Summit Spring Raw Living Water for sale. I had bought a lot of cases for a long water fast and couldn't finish it so this is what I have left. After, a long water fast I don't want to even look at water so that's why I am selling it. You can check out to read all about this amazing water. It is the same water brand that David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis are promoting and supporting. I live in West Los Angeles. This is for local people only as I will not ship. I have the water stored in the box it came in with the insert top it comes with to protect water from the light. It has been stored away from any electric sources or light etc. and where there is fresh air. Anyway, each case is 12 glass bottles (sealed and unopened of course). I paid $49 each which is what it is selling for on their website and I paid the shipping cost which was $165. Check it out on their website and you'll see the shipping cost is really that much. You can't buy the water anywhere here, you have to order from them. So, I would like to sell these 4 cases for $200 Firm which saves you $160 which is basically the shipping cost. Thank you! If you are interested, please e-mail me at or call John and Anna at 310-498-5879

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