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Chi Diet Home Study Program $325 obo
Posted by: PSUperson ()
Date: July 07, 2012 03:17PM

Chi diet Home Study (2005)
Compare to current offer on selling for over $600!
Lesson 1: Introduction to Living Foods
Book: Why Suffer? By Dr. Ann Wigmore
Video: The Benefits of Living Foods with Hiawatha Cromer
Student Testimonials with Donald O. Haughey
Lesson 2: Transitioning to the Living Foods Lifestyle
Video: Transitioning to Raw Foods with Joyce Olivetto
About Processed Foods with Dr. Ann Wigmore
Lesson 3: An Introduction to Wheatgrass
Video: Benefits of Wheatgrass with Billye Graham
Wheatgrass with Donald Haughey
Lesson 4: Sprouting Living Foods
Video: Sprouting Class with Mary Moore
The Benefits of Eating Raw with Paul Nison
Lesson 5: Indoor Gardening and Composting
Video: Digging in with Don Haughey
A Walk on the Wild Side with Mary Moore
Lesson 6: Energy Soup
Video: Energy Soup with Dr. Ann Wigmore
Energy Soup Class with Mary Moore
Lesson 7: Lightly Fermented Foods
Video: Lightly Fermented Foods with Mary Moore
Rejuvelac with Mary Moore
Lesson 8: Food Combining
Video: Raw Food Combining with Don and Mary
Enzymes and Raw Foods with Mary Moore
Lesson 9: Planning a Living Foods Menu, Part 1
Video: Planning a Living Foods Menu with Hiawatha Cromer
Living Foods Preparation with Raziya Curtis and Joyce Olivetto
Lesson 10: Planning a Living Foods Menu, Part 2
Video: The Latest Living Foods Video with Dr. Ann Wigmore
Raw Parenting and the Continuum Lifestyle with Karen Ranzi
Lesson 11: Exercise
Video: Home Companion Exercise Video with Hiawatha Cromer
Noor’s Aerobics
Lesson 12: Internal Cleansing – Colon Health and Elimination
Video: Colon Health with Ada Cooper Robinson
The Immune System and its Relationship to the New Epidemics with Joe Bassett
Lesson 13: Fun with Dehydration
Video: Traveling with Living Foods with Dr. Ann Wigmore
Ann Wigmore’s Living Foods Lifestyle and Healing Through Nutritional Choices with Joyce Olivetto
Lesson 14: Staying the Course, Part 1
Video: All About Raw Foods with Victoria Boutenko
Why Living Foods? With Dr. Ann Wigmore
Lesson 15: Staying the Course, Part 2
Video: Benefits of the Raw Food Lifestyle with Mary Moore
Raw Living Foods with Hiawatha Cromer
Raw Living Foods Program Review with Mary Moore

Video: Out of the Ordinary and Into the Extroidinary
Book: Finding Health in Hodunk by Thom Hartmann

If interested email me at

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