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Posted by: kris5194 ()
Date: July 09, 2012 05:43AM

Purity Gardens <> Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 9:38 PM
To: michael <>
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Ok i copied & pasted...hope this works..?? You can at least see the formulation.


1 qt 100% Raw Organic Young Coconut water (from )

(this is available at most health food stores, or can be ordered through them.)

3/4 c. Organic raw almonds, soaked overnight with skins removed. (This gives your baby many needed fats & other nutrients.)

1/4 c. Organic white chia seed gel, (this is made by soaking 1 part chia seeds to 10 parts water overnight.This gives your little one super amounts of calcium, protien, DHA & the Omega fatty acids needed for brain development.)

1/4 tsp Essante' Super Reds available here: []
(this adds the needed vitamins for your baby.)

1/8 tsp Essante' Earth Greens avail. here []
(this adds the minerals, iron & calcium your baby needs.)

Optional: 1/2 tsp Dairy-free Probiotic powder (I like Renew Life Brand powder)

Note: I usually like to give my baby his probiotic mixed in a small amount of milk seperately as the probiotics can cause the milk to start to "culture" or become slightly sour if the bottle sits out for any length of time.

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend on HIGH speed until almonds are very well blended. Now, you must strain this milk through VERY fine mesh bags, cotton cloth etc..several times to get as much pulp as absolutely possible. Baby does not need any pulp and it will clog the nipple on a newborn bottle nipple. Store in refrigerator in glass jar for 2-3 days or freeze in bottle size portions using breastmilk storage bags. This is wonderful and was a Godsend when my newborn baby had an allergic reaction to my breastmilk due to a huge accidental pesticide exposure via crop duster shortly after his birth. My breastmilk had very high levels of pesticides so that i could not nurse him. He started to thrive and gain weight on this formula within days!! Good luck to you Mommies & precious babies out there!!!

Kristi, Mother of Eight, raw food chef & nutritional advisor

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