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New ebook on raw edible plants
Date: October 02, 2012 09:20AM

We have two raw ebooks available on Amazon for Kindle.

Raw Edible Wild Plants for the British Isles (& other places too) by Amanda Rofe - £1.99
Raw Edible Wild Plants contains information on over 90 wild plants that are commonly found in the British Isles and which can be eaten as part of the raw food diet. Many of these plants can be found in other areas of the world too, including much of Europe and parts of North America. It explains why we should be eating wild plants, which parts of these plants can be safely eaten raw and guidelines on foraging. ALSO AVAILABLE as an ePub file from

Raw Edible Flowers & Leaves for the British Isles by Amanda Rofe - £2.99
Raw Edible Flowers and Leaves contains details of over 250 edible plants. Included are familiar garden flowers as well as grains, herbs, superfoods, trees, vegetables and wild plants. Find out about aloe vera, comfrey, fuchsias, tulips, wheat, gingko biloba, hemp, maca, stevia and much more. Includes info on what plants shouldn't be eaten, stockfree organic gardening, picking, drying, storing and resource list.

We also have a blog called RAW EDIBLE PLANTS people might be interested in.

Thanks very much & best wishes, Amanda

PS. You don't have to buy an expensive Kindle to read these books. Free apps are available to download for phones, tablets or pcs.

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