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Twin Health Marathon Juicer WRD-204 FOR SALE
Posted by: Alana6 ()
Date: May 18, 2015 01:45PM

I am selling a Twin Health Marathon Juicer WRD-204.

It's only been used 3x and has been sitting in a box for years. I have the Instruction Manual and all original parts and it is in "like new" condition.

They don't make marathon's any more and they are ideal for eating raw. The juicer retails for $630. I am selling it for $375 plus actual cost of shipping. Here are some features. Please PM me if you're interested. thanks, Alana

500 Watt, 2/3 HP Motor
70 - 80 Low RPMs
Solid Stainless Steel Twin Gears
Ease of Operation & Clean-Up
No Pulp Adjustment Necessary
Super Quiet Operation
Automatic Reverse Rotation Function
Voice Prompt/Sound Indicator
Stainless Steel Feeding Chute
Fan Cooled
Drier Pulp
10 year warranty
16" W, 14" H, 8.5" D
Weight: 28 lbs.

500 Watt, 2/3 HP Motor allows faster and smoother juicing of strong fibrous, stringy produce. Automatic power adjustment between 160w to 500w.

70 - 80 Low RPMs produces very little oxidation. Produces the highest nutritional juice and keeps more enzymes intact because of less heat and friction by its low turning speed. Twin Health Juicer has the lowest rpm of any twin gear juicer on the market.

Solid stainless steel twin gears high strength SUS-304 stainless steel. Other twin gears are made of plastics and stainless steel. Only the Twin Health Marathon Juicer provides lifetime warranty on the gears.

Ease of Operation & Clean-Up. Unique design with remarkable extraction power makes it easier and simpler to use and clean. Newly designed parts make easier clean-up, assembly and disassembly. The easiest to clean of any twin gear juicers.

No Pulp Adjustment Necessary. Twin Health's powerful heavy duty motor always brings maximum squeezing and produces maximum juice quantity. Other twin gear juicers have a pulp knob to adjust pressure on the different kinds of vegetables and fruits.

Super Quiet Operation Twin Health has a higher (500w) wattage motor which results in less strain on motor and less heating of the motor, as well as increased durability.

Automatic Reverse Rotation Function. Just activate to clear the foods if overloaded or jammed.

Voice Prompt/Sound Indicator The Twin Health Juicer is programmed to communicate simple messages to you, informing you of what is happening, and even provides advice. (This feature can be shut off if desired)

Stainless Steel Feeding Chute State-of-the-art design and it's easy to keep clean.

Fan Cooled It prevents the motor from overheating and it's super quiet!

Drier Pulp Ultra-precision twin gear system with powerful heavy duty motor brings about the maximum extraction of juice.

Lifetime warranty on the gears.

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