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Alliance of Atomic Veterans
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: December 28, 2016 08:54AM

Anthony has passed on some years back but you should all be aware of what went down here.
There is a race that is still on, It will cook all food no more raw , the death of death we have always had wars and always there were survivers. but with thermo nuke war there will be no more births and no more deaths the Death of Death

Anthony Guarisco of the US Speaks for Atomic Veterans
Greetings: My name is Anthony Guarisco
; I'm the director of the
Alliance of Atomic Veterans (AAV). On behalf of our AAV
members, we thank you for the opportunity to speak here today, and
we extend our gratitude to the many people who have worked to
make this conference a reality.
Our Alliance
consists mainly of US military veterans who, while
serving in the military, were ordered to take part in the US military's
experimental nuclear weapons explosions. The US military tells us
that from 1945
63 three hundred thousand American troops were
ctly involved in the US nuclear explosion program. That would
include 40,000 troops who were ordered into Hiroshima and
Nagasaki to do clean up work in the aftermath of the unnecessary
atomic attacks on the innocent men, women and children of those two
It was 1945 when the US military exploded two atomic bombs over
Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Our alliance and many other veterans in
America believe that the people of those two cities became the first
Nuclear Weapons Experimental Animals for the US milit
ary. Those
of us who were in the Pacific at that time were told and understood that when the Island of
Okinawa fell to the Americans (and it did, June 1945) the war would be over. But that is another
story for another time.
Although the American atomic ve
terans did not experience the nuclear weapons holocaust as did
our brother and sister Hibakusha of Japan, many of our vets were within very close range of
nuclear explosions. The military insisted on moving us closer and closer to the epicenter of the
osions. By August 1946 the decision had been made to use US troops at this first naval
nuclear explosions code named "Operation Crossroads." After the second bomb, code name
Baker (an underwater explosion), the operation was completely out of control and w
as quickly
and frantically closed down.
Many years later, in 1983, one of our AAV members, a researcher, uncovered the one
secret and top secret documents, now declassified, that explained why the operation was stopped
before the third and last exper
imental explosion.
In every respect the atomic vets were the sacrificial lambs, laid on the altar of the atomic age for
the development of the larger and deadlier nuclear weapons that now hold each of us hostage.
We never thought the military would put us
in harm's way, but we were wrong about that. We
can never forget the clear but unbelievable demonstration of what World War III would look
like. Not many people other than the Japanese Hibakusha or other atomic veterans can
understand what it would be lik
e to be two miles away from a 24 kiloton explosion.

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