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Abenomics-Japan Printing Money.
Posted by: Anon 102 ()
Date: May 16, 2017 07:24PM

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Re: Abenomics-Japan Printing Money.
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: May 23, 2017 08:23PM

So Abenomics went from a disaster a year ago to a success today ...



"Who knows, maybe Abenomics is working – for now? Japan has been able to move its trade balance back into the black. Nonetheless, the cost of devaluing the population’s wealth will ultimately outweigh any economic gains that are made."

Or it depends on who you ask -

Japan's deflationary spiral worsens as 'Abenomics' falters


Socially -

Abenomics Has Worsened Japan's Deepest Social Divide -



I don't understand economics, but I don't 'believe in' printing money.

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