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When You Dump Coal Ash In The Swamp
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: June 10, 2017 05:38AM

Top Law Firms Refused to Represent Trump

“The concerns were, ‘The guy won’t pay and he won’t listen,’”

Donald Trump recently retained private counsel for the Russia investigation, which is pretty routine for a presidential scandal. He hired one of his old attack dog lawyers from New York. But he had to hire him because the top DC lawyers turned him down.

Top lawyers with at least four major law firms rebuffed White House overtures to represent President Trump in the Russia investigations, in part over concerns that the president would be unwilling to listen to their advice, according to five sources familiar with discussions about the matter.

The unwillingness of some of the country’s most prestigious attorneys and their law firms to represent Trump has complicated the administration’s efforts to mount a coherent defense strategy to deal with probes being conducted by four congressional committees as well as Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller.

The president’s chief lawyer now in charge of the case is Marc E. Kasowitz, a tough New York civil litigator who for years has aggressively represented Trump in multiple business and public relations disputes — often with threats of countersuits and menacing public statements — but who has little experience dealing with complex congressional and Justice Department investigations that are inevitably influenced by media coverage and public opinion.

Before Kasowitz was retained, however, some of the biggest law firms and their best-known attorneys turned down overtures when they were sounded out by White House officials to see if they would be willing to represent the president, the sources said.

Among them, sources said, were some of the most high-profile names in the legal profession, including Brendan Sullivan of Williams & Connolly; Ted Olson of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher; Paul Clement and Mark Filip of Kirkland & Ellis; and Robert Giuffra of Sullivan & Cromwell…

But a consistent theme, the sources said, was the concern about whether the president would accept the advice of his lawyers and refrain from public statements and tweets that have consistently undercut his position.

“The concerns were, ‘The guy won’t pay and he won’t listen,’” said one lawyer close to the White House who is familiar with some of the discussions between the firms and the administration, as well as deliberations within the firms themselves.

Those are some major league heavy hitters in the legal world, especially Olson and Clement. Clement is widely considered the finest appellate lawyer in the country. These attorneys were rightly concerned that he wouldn’t pay — he’s been repeatedly sued by his own attorneys for not paying them after they represented him in cases involving his refusal to pay contractors on his building projects — and that he wouldn’t listen. He’s made quite clear that he is an impossible client because he just can’t keep off the Twitter machine.

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Re: When You Dump Coal Ash In The Swamp
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: June 10, 2017 07:11AM

Look how many people Chetto has stiffed, His Hypocrocys tweeting, The mouth that wont shut The lawyers know all to well
He Cant Be Saved!
Shame on all you Trumppanzies, Are you Embarresed? Are you capable of emmbarresment?

1. They won’t get paid.
2. Their client wouldn’t follow their advice.
3. They represent clients who have been or might be subpoenaed in money laundering aspects of the case.
4. It would destroy the image and reputation of their firm.
5. It would ‘kill’ efforts to recruit top lawyers to their firm.
6. They’ll be washing their hair that year (“I’m too busy to represent the POTUS.”)
7. He can’t be saved

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Re: When You Dump Coal Ash In The Swamp
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: June 10, 2017 10:42PM

Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump's 'Clean Coal' Plan With Hilarious New Cartoon

"Clean coal sounds like an oxymoron... so does President Trump."

President Trump's push for "clean coal" almost makes sense, explained Stephen Colbert.

“I know clean coal sounds like an oxymoron, but so does President Trump," the "Late Show" host noted.

"There's really clean coal," insisted Colbert. "Back in high school, I had a girlfriend in Canada who was a clean coal miner."

Apparently this ex-girlfriend told the host that Canadians "mine the clean coal and put it on that silver-bullet train and then they send it to Narnia where the Keebler Elves use it to power the pump on the fountain of youth. And when you burn clean coal it actually makes the air cleaner. So clean you can just see right through the air, like you can see through [Trump’s] lie.”

Colbert then pointed out how this aspect of the plan takes America's climate policy back decades, through an updated version of the iconic “Woodsy the Owl.”

"Woodsy," famous for his "Give a hoot—don't pollute!" motto, is a national public service icon dating back to 1971.

Except today, Woodsy's message would be "Go Pollute! F*ck the Planet!"

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