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The Best Long Term Investment-CHILDREN!
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: August 29, 2017 07:30PM

Many americans here in Vietnam have started programs out of reconilation,
Dan Quinn is one. who says one person cant make change in peoples lives?

The Best Long Term Investment-CHILDREN!

A Long-Term Investment in the FUTURE

One man decided that he would invest in children and in their futures, and that man is Dan Quinn. His ongoing investments began 5 years ago with 24 girls.

This group of girls is called the Bright Scholars and is comprised of 24 girls studying in Da Nang.

These girl began the journey as Bright Scholars in 6th grade and are now in the 11th grade.

Dan has agreed to invest in these girls for the long term. He has given them scholarships to pay for school every year. After they complete high school he will pay for their college educations. This an amazing opportunity for these girls to get the education that they deserve, but could not afford.

In return for making this investment he has asked these 24 girls to make a long-term investment of their own.

They must agree to invest and mentor five girls within their lifetime. That is now 120 girls mentored and educated. Imagine if these 120 continue this investment. There will be an entire generation of women who have benefited from one man's investment in their futures.

Name:Minh Anh
I would like to say thanks to COV organization and donors supporting me during the past 4 years and this is the fifth time I have taken part in summer
activities so I’m very interested. I promise that I will succeed in studying and if I have chances, I will help friends having the same situations. Thank you very much!

Not only does he provide an education for these 24 girls but he also provides a yearly summer bonding experience.

This year they went to Danang amusement park. These are the smiling faces of children that know someone invested in their future.

By becoming a SUSTAINER, YOU can make a long-term investment in children. That investment pays the best dividends...healthy, happy children with bright futures.

By clicking the icon above YOU can make monthly investments in children.

A challenging situation...

Children of Vietnam staff came to know Xuan Truong, who has been brought up by a single father. They met Truong during a home visit to select beneficiaries for Hope System of Care. His mother, a minority woman who passed away when he was 10 months old because of HIV.

Truong was very weak and had a host of physical complications after he was born. As he grew, it was clear that he suffered with a host of developmental disabilities.

Truong has learning difficulties and hyperactivity. He also had a problem with dermatitis and luckily, he is better now.Truong can understand and interact with others but with limitations.Truong often plays alone and accidentally damages trees or the poultry of neighbors. Other children don’t seem to like to play with him. Therefore, his father must bring Truong with him whenever he is out of home.

Truong’s father makes ends meet by being a day laborer within his community harvesting and helping with other small tasks. Incredible though it seems Truong and his father are living in a very old and small ancestral worship house that does not belong to them. It is about 20 square meters with a rook that leaks. Before COV became involved they slept on a bamboo bed, that was infested with termites. There was no restroom or fresh water. Truong’s father had to take water from the village well.

Because they didn't own a house or a land in this village, they could not do the household registration. Therefore, they could not receive any governmental support for Truong's disability. Truong’s family is the poorest of the poor.


Children of Vietnam was able to bring Truong and his father needed wraparound support that includes: health checks, monthly medicine, furniture such as an iron bed, an electricity cooker and a fan. Through COV donors there was a fund for the father to buy a saw and tools to add income for daily living. COV also offered Truong opportunities for social integration through the events like Children's Day and the Tet Festival.

COV is trying to find a more permanent home for this family working with neighbors and the local government, which has not been successful yet. Further, we are trying to find a school placement for Truong. Unfortunately, we learned that the boy is HIV positive and the schools we have talked with will not agree to his attendance in the fear that the parents of other children will take their children out of school. This is a very challenging situation.

Cases like Truong come up all too often. That is why we are asking donors to become long term investors in their futures and by giving monthly we can continue to help challenging situations like Truong's.

YOU can make a monthly long-term investment in Children by clicking the icon below and becoming a SUSTAINER today!

When we work together - no challenge is too great!


Children of Vietnam

PO Box 18039

Greensboro, North Carolina 27419
(336) 235-0981

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Children of Vietnam
Children of Vietnam
P.O. Box 18039
Greensboro , NC 27410

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Re: The Best Long Term Investment-CHILDREN!
Posted by: RawPracticalist ()
Date: September 01, 2017 03:02PM

Best long term investments for children:
1. Feed the children with organic raw food and juices.
2. Good education

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