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$14.88 per article
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: December 16, 2017 12:28AM

Here’s the deal.

This site needs more news writers.

We do not need more people writing essays regarding their thoughts on whatever, we need news pieces, like the ones which fill-up most of this site.

I see great effortposts on /pol/ and other forums every day. People who could be writing professionally but are not because they don’t think of it.

Just want to be 100% clear here: what I need are people who want to be regular contributors to the site. It can be a minimum of 3 articles a week, and it can be up to 3 a day (until we start filling up), but I want regular news writers who are willing to make a regular commitment, not people who just want to write a random one-off article about some topic. We don’t have time to deal with that right now.

So, here’s what will happen:
•You find a current events article from a mainstream news site.
•You follow the format that my news articles follow, using the quote system, adding your own commentary and images (copy the formatting of the front page articles as best you can).
•Post it on the submissions forum, or email it to (you are welcome to submit more than one and actually that is helpful if you do).
•If you are picked, you will be asked to submit three news articles over the course of a week.
•If these three articles keep consistency, you will be given an opportunity to become a regular writer for the site.
•You will be paid $14.88 per article.

Anyone can submit an article, but we are definitely looking to keep quality. Humor and finding or making good memes is a big deal.

Basically, someone can make a living at this, or at least supplement their income. And it’s really fun.

Style things:
•You must have basic competency.
•You don’t have to copy my style, but it should be witty, punchy and simply worded.
•The last thing I want is a bunch of “woopdie doo look how smart I am, count the college words I used” pretentious crap.
•Sentences should be simple, paragraphs short.
•Stuff doesn’t necessarily have to be funny. If you’re not funny but you’re a good writer, that’s fine. It helps if you’re not yourself funny if you are able to understand funny and can find funny memes.
•Include as much media as possible. Being able to find good YouTube clips, images, gifs, tweets, etc. is a skill in itself, and one that if you have, you should demonstrate in your sample submission.
•The regular reader knows I experiment with a lot of different styles, but you are welcome to be some type of character if you want. For example, write everything satirically under a fake Jew name, or be a surprised normie character. You can also switch stuff up.
•Creativity is highly regarded.

Other points:
•There are no contracts or anything.
•We can only employ you as long as we have the money to do so.
•I don’t want any new ideas, I just want things that follow the existing model that we’ve created.
•You do not necessarily have to agree with me about everything, but I run a pretty tight ship and do not allow much diversity of opinion on the site.
•Probably, we are going to end up putting people on “beats,” so if you are an expert in a certain area (topical or geographic), that is good.
•I am especially interested in cultural analysis, such as TV/film/vidya reviews.
•I understand that students and people with certain jobs will not be able to write during certain periods, that’s fine – I just need commitment to do this for a reasonable period, as I don’t have time to teach people to do things and then have them quit.
•If you are offended by anything on this site or think you might be in the future, do not apply.
•In the future, we may take one-off submissions, but we’re not doing that yet.
•In the future, we may hire regular “insight” writers for more serious stuff, but we’re not doing that yet.

Also, Please Donate

This is the first time I have publicly stated how much I am paying writers. It is effectively more than staff writers on most mainstream news sites get paid.

The only person that ends up getting paid less than that is me. I keep track of how much I write, but I then put most of my salary back into the site.

I obviously do not plan to make a profit, ever. If/when I get married, I will probably stop giving my own salary back to the site.

I have a very clear growth plan for the site, which is being limited in the extreme by the amount of money coming in.

At one point, about two years ago, we had a donation service that was intended to be free speech, but was ultimately shut down by whining Jews. People had pledged 20,000 euros a month. So if we had a working donation system, where people could make a monthly pledge, we could definitely be raking in some cash.

But right now we do not have that, so your options are to either learn to use Bitcoin or send cash (any currency), check or money order to my PO box.

I can promise you that every penny will be well spent.

Many of you have been around a while and have seen this site grow and witnessed the effect it has had on the culture at large. The roadmap of conquest of the entire culture is in my brain, but it cannot be done without resources.

Donations have actually slowed since we did the drive for the legal defense fund. That makes sense, of course – and the legal defense is priority.

But none of that money relates to anything other than the suit, and there is a whole lot of stuff I want to do.

For example:
•Hire a whole bunch more writers. I would like this site to have as many articles every day as any mainstream news site.
•Hire editors.
•Free myself up to do more regular podcasts.
•Redesign the front page.
•Put some money in various marketing campaigns.
•Free myself up to put together a book.
•Free myself up to spend more time organizing the book clubs.

Also, I probably need a vacation.

The 31st of this month will be the site’s 1488th day, and I’ve worked all those days.

I don’t really want to take a vacation and can’t imagine what I would do not writing, but I think it would refresh me.

So, I know it’s a hassle to get an envelope, but even if it’s $5 or $10, it adds up.

And bitcoin – you might enjoy bitcoin. It’s fun.



PO Box:

Andrew Anglin
PO Box 208
Worthington, Ohio

With Bitcoin – if you don’t know how to use it, you can take that QR code to a Bitcoin ATM and hold it up in front of the camera and then put bills in the machine. This money will get to me.

Here is a map of Bitcoin ATMs.

Everything is Good Though

As this is now a long metapost, I’ll just say: everything is going good.

Please, I just… I just don’t want you to feel bad for me.

I mean guys.


Just… just don’t feel bad for me.

Don’t. Do it.



There isn’t anything to worry about with the site’s current legal troubles.

I really appreciate everyone’s support, but know this: the Daily Stormer will never die.

Hail Victory.

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