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Interesting Election
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: January 04, 2018 11:27PM

Speaking of Trump, Roy Moore and voter fraud, etc., today's result of an election in VA is different. I didn't even know it was the procedure to draw names when there is a tie -

Virginia Republican's name drawn from bowl, giving him win


"Virginia Republicans will retain their control of the state House of Delegates after incumbent GOPDel. David E. Yancey held his 94th District seat after defeating Democrat Shelly Simonds in a rare random drawing Thursday in Richmond.

Mr. Yancey carried a 10-vote lead out of the November election, but that changed following a recount, which showed Mrs. Simonds had won the seat by a single vote.

After several recounts election officials said the November vote was an exact tie, with the GOP’s 18-year control of the state’s lower house hanging in the balance.

A three-judge panel, however, stepped in and said that a vote was miscounted, and that both candidates received 11,608 votes.

The race literally came down to the luck of the draw and Mr. Yancey’s name was pulled out of a blue ceramic bowl by a member of the Virginia State Board of Elections, ending at least for now a political saga that started to unfold after Democrats made stunning gains in the November election, which was widely viewed as a rebuke of President Trump.

It was much needed good news for Republicans who had seen their 17-seat majority in the House of Delegates the House of Delegates whittled down to a single seat and a bitter pill to swallow for Democrats who have served in the minority since the 1999 election."

This is worrying if you're a Republican -

"The race between Yancey, a three-term incumbent, and Democratic challenger Shelly Simonds has bounced back and forth since the November election, when Virginia Democrats — fueled by voter anger directed at Republican President Donald Trump — wiped out a 66-34 advantage held by Republicans in the House. The election has been widely seen as a potential harbinger of the 2018 midterm congressional elections."


Virginia was Red for years, but because of the increase every year of D.C. Libs and Illegals in Northern Virginia, the state changed to Purple last couple elections. Now it's almost Blue. If Florida (influx from Puerto Rico) and Texas become a Blue States, it's all over for the GOP.

Puerto Rican Evacuees Could Turn Florida From Red to Purple—or Blue


"The devastation Hurricane Maria brought to Puerto Rico last month left the island in tatters. And now, many want to leave.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott released a statement on Monday saying the state is opening up disaster relief centers at various locations for those decamping Puerto Rico, as power remains out for the vast majority of the 3.4 million people living there.

The centers, said by officials to be staffed by state employees, will open on Tuesday at Orlando International Airport, Miami International Airport and Port Miami.

Many of those evacuees are making their way to the mainland U.S. with the aim of staying, which it is their option and right to do as American citizens."

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