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Big Spenders
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: February 10, 2018 02:15AM

Another reason I don't like Trump - He's a big government/big spending, Establishment RINO -

Only Conservatives and Freedom Caucus members are Fiscal Conservatives - like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Dave Brat, Justin Amish, Ted Cruz, Louis Gohmert, and some others, but not enough. Establishment Republicans/RINO's are hypocrites.


Tax breaks for Hollywood?! Jim DeMint calls out GOP ‘budget busting’ hypocrites

This deal is getting worse all the time.


Conservatives in Congress are getting screwed.

Republican leadership has put forward a massive budget deal struck with the Democrats that grows government by 13 percent and breaks spending caps Republicans fought for when Obama was president. Leadership is telling conservatives to support this bill or risk shutting down the government and hurting the military.

There are no conservative reforms in the budget deal. But it gets worse. While Republicans in Congress are handing a blank check to the Democrats on spending, they’re also acting as total hypocrites.

Conservative Partnership Institute Chairman Jim DeMint called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., for hiding certain kickbacks to special interest groups in the budget deal Republican leadership is telling conservative congressmen to vote for.

He’s not kidding. Here are some of the choice tax breaks extended in the budget deal:

A tax credit for hybrid cars.
A tax credit for certain two-wheeled electric vehicles.
A tax credit for “energy-efficient homes.”
A four-year extension of a tax break on rum.
A tax credit for mine equipment.
A property tax break on racehorses.
A tax credit on solar water heating.
An income tax deduction for movie and theater productions costing under $15 million.

There’s a lot more in there, but DeMint’s point is clear: Republicans promised to simplify the tax code and stop coddling special interest groups like Hollywood and the energy lobby. But now that they passed tax reform and people stopped paying attention, the GOP is shoehorning many special tax breaks into a $400 billion budget-busting spending bill with no cuts in spending to pay for them.

Increasing the size of government. Giving handouts to special interest groups. This is not a party that represents conservative voters.


Vote Alert: Massive Spending, Debt Ceiling Raise, and Democrat Priorities Funded

Congress just had a major vote. How did your elected official vote?


Once again, failed leadership in the United States Congress has resulted in the creation of a massive catch-all spending bill passed in the dead of night. Republicans and Democrats struck an agreement that will create a $1.5 trillion budget deficit this year and kick our country’s fiscal issues down the road yet again.

This bill is the largest spending increase since the 2009 “stimulus.” It increases the budget caps by $300 billion for two years, which will almost certainly result in trillions of dollars more in spending over the next 10 years now that the guardrails of the Budget Control Act have been removed.

In addition, it extends the Children’s Health Insurance Program, an entitlement that was meant to be phased out by Obamacare, for 10 years without any reforms, at a subsidy level higher than the one that President Bush vetoed a decade ago.

The budget-busting deal also includes a bailout for hospitals, which are flush with cash from the Medicaid expansion. It has $89 billion in disaster relief, full of spending that is either debatable, not imminent, or completely divorced from the hurricanes. For example, this “hurricane relief” expands farm subsidies to dairy and cotton farmers.

Hypocritically, the bill contains several extensions of tax breaks for crony special interests, despite Republican assurances that tax reform would simplify the tax code by eliminating such carve-outs.

Perhaps worst of all, this bill raises the debt ceiling for a full year, thereby pre-empting any leverage Republicans may have had to mitigate the spending binge with subsequent reforms. This package does not include any provisions dealing with any major issue conservatives care about, such as foreign aid for dubious or enemy factions or funding for Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities, or a border wall.

The Senate moved to end debate and vote on the bill on February 9, 2018 at 12:59 a.m. in a roll-call vote of 73 – 26. The bill was then passed and sent to the House.

The House of Representatives agreed to the Senate bill and passed it at 5:32 a.m. in a roll-call vote of 240 – 186.

To see how your elected officials stack up or other votes that compose the Liberty Score, view our full scorecard here.


Conservative position: NO

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Re: Big Spenders
Posted by: RawPracticalist ()
Date: February 12, 2018 07:49PM

Is there one single thing for which you like Trump ?

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Re: Big Spenders
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: February 13, 2018 01:56AM

I can't think of anything he's done that I approve of. When he was a candidate, he spouted Conservative positions that I liked - get rid of Dodd-Frank, get rid of Obamacare, get rid of DACA, no amnesty, simplify the tax code, no more taxpayers funding of Planned Parenthood. But he's done an about-face on all of those things.

That Tax Bill was total crap, just a shell game, complex, complicating the tax code instead of simplifying it with a Flat Tax.

The $4 Trillion Spending Bill they just passed - crazy.

Now he wants a Trillion dollar 'infrastructure' bill, which is the same thing as Obama's 'stimulus', a slush fund, pay to play, crony capitalism, all that. "Infrastructure" is the business of each particular state, not the federal government. We taxpayers in each state shouldn't be paying for some bridge in Alaska to be built or fixed.

Also, I'm 'anti-war' and he seems bound and determined to get us killed in a nuclear war. Messing around with Korea, China, Russia. Jeez, it was bad enough being involved in the Middle East with Bush and then all those countries Obama got involved with, now it's getting more scary with the big league countries.

I always felt like Trump was really a Lib or at least a RINO and that's what he's shown since he was president.

Once he renegs on getting rid of DACA and gives Amnesty to the 3.8 million illegal aliens and they all bring in all their relatives, it's all over for the Republican Party. It'll be Democrat/Lib rule forever.

I don't like him at all. And Tweeting is so unpresidential.

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Re: Big Spenders
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: February 13, 2018 04:24PM

<<<I can't think of anything he's done that I approve of.>>>

Is there anything here you like?

The Great Awakening Has Begun
54:53 Minute Video

American Intelligence Media
Published on Feb 8, 2018

…JR’s 12th Recap - Donald Trump…

Now if we want to talk about Revolution and those of you who are Subscribers quite well know Revolution is a topic that we love to talk about. We have to talk about not only a Revolution in Geopolitics, but a Revolution in Science and Technology in Consciousness and Religion in all aspects of Life. Anywhere you look you’re going to see a Revolution. Matter of fact some consider it an Apocalyptic moment where there’s a War of All Against All - One Revolution after the next whether it’s the Purple Revolution of George Soros trying to take over Donald Trump whether it’s Donald Trump’s 2nd American Revolution counteracting the George Soros’s Purple Revolution, which I’m sure many of you have heard.

When we started to write the Anonymous Patriot’s Citizen’s Intelligence Reports, we gave Trump advice before he was even Elected even before he was the last Candidate standing for the Republicans we made a List of things he would need to understand to see that the Republic of the United States of America has almost been overthrown and if Hillary Clinton would have been Elected or Bernie Sanders, I don’t have any faith that the Republic would have survived their 4 years as President. But with Trump we saw some hope and we also knew he had been spurred on by the Military Intelligence Community and by their Reports that indicated that if a Nationalist came forward who said he would combat Radical Islamic Terrorism - who would say that he wanted Borders - who would say that he wanted True Immigration Policies that are actually sensible and that he stood for the Rule of Law that this Candidate - it was predicted by our own Intelligence Community - could Win the Presidency and we believe that’s what happened.

So we started giving him Intelligence Information to let him know who he was working against and who was working against him so that he would understand not only the George Soros Purple Revolution, but he would also understand the Rigging that happened in the Election - he would understand why it was that it was Blamed on him that there was Russian Collusion instead of the Real Russian Collusion with John Podesta and Hillary Clinton and so, we laid out for him a List of about a Dozen things that had happened to America that has Caused Corporatism - Trans Nationalist International Companies to come in and to take over elements of the United States Government under the guise of Federalism.

So we told Trump about this - we told him about these things that are Eroding and Undermining the US Constitution and the US Bill of Rights. And these things are, basically, Foreign Powers coming into our Country and Buying into them. And so, when we, after World War 1, had the challenge of what we were going to do, we had a very weak President, Woodrow Wilson, he sent all of the Robber Barons over to the Versailles Peace Treaty to sign to work on the Versailles Peace and they Never actually signed it, but out of it came the League of Nations and when the League of Nations could Not be Ratified here in America by the Congress, what happened?

The same Group of Elite Businessmen and Robber Barons started the Council on Foreign Relations. That Group to this very day, excuse me, to the very day that Trump was Elected, Ran our Country - It Ran our Domestic and Foreign Policy. These are the War-Hawks - the Warlords - the Rich Bankers and Brokers - War-Hawks from the Military - people who are invited into this Group and this Group of - it’s actually Thousands - Thousands - there’s been about 13,000 Members over these years - they bring them in and they continue Henry Kissinger’s Plot, which is the Clash of Nations. We must always keep other Nations in a condition of War and that is the way the US will keep its Supremacy. This is the Counseling - this is the Advice of the Council on Foreign Relations. It couldn’t be any more Evil, it couldn’t be any less American and it couldn’t be any more Globalist, Trans Nationalist or International than it is.

30:00 MM
So when the League of Nations was created, it later, because it could Not get approved in America, became the United Nations and we told Trump from the beginning that the #1 thing that he would need to do as a Nationalist is End all of our Associations with all of the Criminal Components of the United Nations.

So the United Nations, for instance, under George Bush Senior, went to War with Iraq because of a United Nations’ Resolution. In other words, he usurped the Congress to go to War and he stood before the United Nations and said, “I promise you that the New World Order will come to pass and we will Rule the World” and that’s where Globalism’s Banner was raised and has Not been lowered until Trump was Elected the President.

30:48 MM
So when we want to look at the United Nations, we can look at some of the things that have been done by Trump that shows that he very clearly knows that the United Nations is our Enemy inside of our own Domestic Borders and that we are Paying our Enemies to come here and to stop us from carrying out our own Domestic Policies. After World War II, just like after World War I setting up the League of Nations which became the United Nations, after World War I, they set up the Bank for International Settlements - that was the way they dealt with German Reparations. But when they did this, it created the basis that now; somehow it’s an International Bank that covers Derivative Swaps. In other words, it’s become an International Stock Market Tax-Free Offshore Haven - Tax Haven for Derivative Swaps and International Gambling.

So the Federal Government is led by the Executive Branch, which is 4.5 Million people, is completely a product of CIA Subversion, Espionage, Sabotage and Indoctrination. That may come as shock to you also. I’m sure it came to a shock as shock to President Trump when he realized the depth of this and how far that it went. But when the CIA was started, that was really the chance later for the Bush Rogue CIA and for the White House to be turned into, basically, a Mafia ever since the time of George Bush Senior becoming the Vice President and then, it led to the Lawlessness of Obama.

So in 2010, the Dodd Frank Act - that was the end - that’s when the Warlord Bankers and Brokers had absolutely all holds no longer barred, when they could do whatever they want, Act with complete Impunity, be exonerated before their Crimes and that Lawlessness led us to where Trump then came in and said, the Erosion of our Republic has come to an end, America will come back and America will be great again.

In other words, the 1st American Revolution is going to be reinstated by the 2nd American Revolution. Every 500 years there’s a Phoenix Cycle and we’re in a 250 year Cycle.

So right now, we have the chance to re-install the Fire that led to the 1st American Revolution and we see that - we see the craziness that’s out there - we see people who are Killing people over the issue that someone came in and destroyed their hypnotic view of the idea that Democrats are actually looking out for their interests or that Democrats are honest or that, you know, these ideas that Hillary didn’t get Elected are blowing people’s minds. There are people who are still saying in the News that it is possible that Muller’s Investigation will kick Trump out and that Hillary will become our President still, this was just 2 weeks ago in a Major Mainstream Media Outlet. That’s how bad it is in terms of the people who were an inch away from completing the overthrow of the US Republic by Federalism and Corporatism were so close to winning the day, but Trump was Elected even against the fact that the Election was Rigged in so many ways we can’t begin to tell you and these are the things that he started to do that show us that he either knew what we were talking about and we put out in our Reports before he was Elected and ever since or that he’s already figured all this out and that he has some very Good Intelligence. 40:03 MM

40:03 MM
He came in and the first thing he said is he’s going to Enforce the Rule of Law. Oh my goodness, the Unlawful Rats started jumping the ship instantaneously. All he had to do was stand up and say I’m going to Enforce the Rule of Law. There has been Lawlessness - absolute Lawlessness in the last few Administrations and we see that coming out every day that is no exaggeration whatsoever. Then he said something totally radical - he said he was going to do his job and he was going to Secure the Borders and he was going to Enforce Immigration Law. This is shocking. This is absolutely shocking. How can anyone say such a horrifying thing to say that the America that had been given away was going to come back and that we were going to create Borders and we were going to follow our own Immigration Laws?

And now we see these astounding things that are going on with DACA and the amazing Art of the Deal that he’s doing with the Democrats who couldn’t pass any Immigration Laws themselves when the Controlled the House and Congress, so they’re Not going to pass it now.

Where will these Borders be?

They’re already there.

When is Trump going to build them?

He’s already started. They don’t seem to notice - they don’t seem to notice that many of the DACA, Illegal Immigrants, left the Country when he came to be our President. We had more people, Illegal Aliens, flee to Canada and Mexico and Europe than we could count. We don’t know - there are estimates and they’re Huge. We have people who are packing it up and leaving because why? They’re Criminal Aliens and they know that Sanctuary Cities are not going to last and there will be no more Sanctuary States. 41:48 MM

41:48 MM
So what has he done?

He is following the - he’s going right down the List and he’s creating a New Revolution - the 2nd American Revolution.

41:58 MM
When he came to Power, one of the first things he said was, I am going to Decrease the Money we give to the United Nations. He didn’t call them any names - I called them names - I’m going to Decrease the Money we give to the United Nations by 50%.

Nikki Haley, our U.N. Representative went nuts and now, she’s Trump’s biggest supporter.

So what have we done?

We Stopped $26 Billion to the U.N. Refugee Program.

We have Stopped our strong Association with the U.N. World Bank.

We have Stopped our strong Association with the U.N. World Trade Organization.

We have Pulled our Money Out of UNESCO.

We have Pulled our Money Out from the U.N. World Health Organization.

We have Pulled It away from the Peace Keeping Troops because we found them to be Pedophiles and found them to actually be creating, creating horrible, horrible Crimes wherever they go.

So the U.N. is, in fact, as Trump said, they are Not our Friends.

We also are Decreasing our Association with the International Monetary Fund now that we got Russia and China to try to say that they would come into a Gold Standard. We’re Not going to go into a Gold Standard - that was a Trick so they would Buy our Gold. It was a Trick so that we could get them into believing Special Drawing Rights would work. Have you seen China pulling down any Special Drawing Rights? Trump says, Trump them. 43:25 MM

43:25 MM
And for the Bank of International Settlements, he hasn’t worked on that yet, but when that comes, and it will come, he will Stop the Derivative Trading that could, in fact, completely Collapse All World Economies overnight.

So we know that he’s quite aware of that - he’s spoken about that before.

We suggested that he COMPLETELY WITHDRAW from the Climate Accords.

He did so.

He saved us $5 Trillion by 2020 - $5 Trillion.

End to Globalism/Transnationalism. We ask in all Accords - NAFTA, the Iran Nuclear Deal, TTP, TTIP - we see that’s happening.

Now he’s constantly says, oh no, I’m willing to consider these things, again, I’m willing to think about all of these Accords and then, he’s going to make sure that we Benefit from them. That’s the only reason that he’s even considering looking at some of these again.

We asked him to close the Council of Foreign Relationshis. He met with Kissinger once, twice, actually. I think he requested one meeting and Kissinger requested the other meeting and then, what happened?

He hasn’t taken any Advice from Kissinger. That day Kissinger came out and said all the Advice that he was giving to Trump and Trump followed none of it. It’s beautiful. Trump has, I don’t know anyone from his Administration that has attended any meetings of the Council of Foreign Relationshis. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even heard of a meeting. I know they did their publication this year, but, basically, the Council of Foreign Relationshis has been defanged.

We suggested Withdrawal from NATO. Well, he’s done better. He’s making all the NATO Members Pay, Buy Weapons to defend themselves and then, he’ll Withdraw from NATO, mark our words. And he also made sure certain Countries didn’t get into NATO, like Turkey [Belarus], Ukraine and others because that would simply show that this Treaty is nothing more than Insanity - it’s the type of Treaty that got us into World War I and II - we don’t need that.

Restructure the Tax Situation concerning the New York Stock Exchange and Commodities Exchanges. Right now, we may need to back off that. We couldn’t have imagined that he would pull the plug on the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the Plunge Protection Team and just let the Market roar into astronomical figures. It is unbelievable what he’s done with the Markets worldwide. No one could have predicted that - we didn’t predict that - we couldn’t have predicted that and for him to say that he’s going to allow Saudi Arabia if they can stop Terrorism and Promoting Terrorism, that he’s going to allow them to get listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It’s one of the most radical things that has ever been said in the times since U.S. Oil, the U.S. Petro Dollar has Controlled the World Economy.

So what we’re seeing now is absolutely radical with what he wants to do with the Stock Exchange and it could be, literally, a Reforming of it in every way.

We also suggested that they Audit, seize the Assets of the U.S. Federal Reserve and the 12 Central Banks and then, simply DEFAULT on the DEBT. We have a Contract with them that just last year we could have said, No, we end our Contract with you. If we ended our Contract with them, which we can breach at any moment, we do Not owe the Debt. 46:52 MM

46:52 MM
So Trump could make over $20 Trillion in 1 Day and that does Not require an Action of Congress.

In Washington D.C. Lobbying, he actually came to Power and said that there’s going to be No more Lobbying and the one person that he allowed during the Election, Paul Manafort, the great Lobbyist, look at what happened with that, but he got that Lobbyist got him through the Electoral College, but he knows No more Lobbying because that’s just Paid Interest Buying Votes.

And then, we also suggested that he needed to Audit the House and Urban Development Agency, which they did and they found Slush Funds of Tens of Billions of Dollars. We know that Trillions of Dollars has been Slushed through House and Urban Development, especially in Arkansas and through the Lockheed Boeing and other Corporations that get these No Bid Contracts.

So when you want to talk about the $21 Billion - $21 Trillion in the off book Accounting - that’s what we’re talking about - when you want to talk about the $9.5 Trillion missing from the Pentagon’s Budget - that’s what we’re talking about.

We need to Audit All of these Agencies.

We need to Repeal Obamacare because it was an Illegal Tax created, by the way, and Legislated by the Supreme Court and, of course, it’s Mandate and that has, in fact, been Repealed.

We also need to Expose and he needs to Expose George Soros, which has happened because, again and again, he’s called out the very people who are Funding these things.

We need to Restructure the Internal Revenue Service - his Tax Reform has done so.

We need to End the United Nations Refugee Program in America - low and behold - he did.

We need to End the Federal Department of Education because it is Illegal - it is Unconstitutional - it does Not need to exist - it is just more Federal Control, basically, he’s phasing it out.

We need to End the Bombing of any Foreign Countries that are Not sanctioned by the US Congress. He ended the War in Iraq - Syria - he’s going to end the War in Afghanistan. We pulled out of our support of Yemen and so on and so forth. So we’re seeing all of that happen in a measured way, but not so that we look weak, but so that we still look strong even afterwards.

We need to End the Tech Monopoly. What did he do? He said Antitrust, he said Monopoly and now, we were told it was either going to be Mark Zuckerberg to be our next President or Jeff Bezos - those were our 2 Choices - neither one of them seem to be Running for President and it seems as if the Silicon Valley Techlords that gave Obama $2 Billion for his library seem to be on the run and they don’t seem to think that Trump likes them very much and that’s the reason that his Economic Council completely dissolved.

We need to End all U.S. Covert Military Operations with ISIS and Al Qaeda. That has happened - Trump did that.

We need to End All Offshore Banking. That hasn’t happened, but his New Executive Order going after the Group of, the 1st Group that was public and the 39 who weren’t. I assure you those people are missing a lot of Money in their Offshore Accounts at this point because those Funds have been Frozen if Not Seized. 50:07 MM

50:07 MM
Big Pharma Controls the US citizens through Mandatory Immunization. This is a Big issue for us. People didn’t notice the Federal Government just Re-Instated the Right for Religious and Philosophical Exemption. They were putting people in Prison in California in the last year for that, so now, Trump has taken care of that.

We need to Dismantle the Corporate Intelligence in the Government and Stop Sharing our Staff with that Industry. 800,000 people have Top Secret Security Clearances - we pointed this out in Michael Flynn’s, General Flynn’s Program was Stop Corporate Intelligence - get it out - only Military Intelligence. Let the people who are doing these things for us have Treason as their Punishment held over their head. That’s what it is when you’re in the Military - that’s the reason so few people who are really in the Military turn Bad in that way. And so, Corporate Intelligence - perfect example would be James Clapper - James Comey - Robert Muller.

We need to Ban Planned Parenthood Abortions. We can see that Trump is working on that actively.

We need to Rewrite the National Defense Authorization Act and we need to Close its Agent - the CIA. When John F. Kennedy tried to Close the CIA, Allen Dulles was adverse to that and they got in a big argument and JFK fired him. It didn’t stop him - he still planned for 2 years through the CIA to assassinate JFK. We need to make sure that the CIA doesn’t exist anymore and all Counterintelligence Agencies whether it’s the National Counterterrorism Center whether it is the Department of Justice National Security Division, which we’ve found out has been completely compromised or whether it be the Counterintelligence Division of the FBI. We need to End All of those.

Only the President should know of any Counterintelligence Activities. Only the President should order something that is so Top Secret that it has to do with National Security. The fact that Bureaucrats in these Agencies order and maintain Offices of Black Ops and Black Budget Activities should be Illegal. There should be no such thing, but I assure that there are more Offices and there are more Black Ops Operations than anyone can count in the United States Government.

So what we see in the Revolution that is happening right now that we call 2nd American Revolution - we see Donald Trump as a New George Washington. That is the reason we’ve taken on our names - Thomas Paine and Betsy Ross because what we’re working with is writing and memes and the ability to communicate and the ability to get out and let a small group of people in the Alternative Media start a Revolution that not only Counteracts George Soros’s Purple Revolution, the Regime Change of a duly Elected President, but that It also Stops the Erosion of the Republic - It Stops the Undermining of our U.S. Constitution and our U.S. Bill of Rights.

…End of JR’s 12th Recap - Donald Trump…

By the way, I transcribed this entire Video and I Recapped 13 Categories all of which can be found in this Thread - Article on Conquering the New World Order.

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Re: Big Spenders
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: February 14, 2018 04:17AM

It's good if he's made those inroads behind the scenes. I don't dig too deeply into alternative news sites.

I guess I'm thinking more along the lines of domestic policy issues.

He got rid of some regulations, so that's good.

Yes, he withdrew from the Paris Climate Accords, but then I heard him say he's open for negotiation, or something to that effect, which I translated to mean he would end up giving in to the climate change bullies one way or another in the future.

As a candidate he said he'd get rid of the Federal Reserve, but then immediately did an about face as president and praised Janet Yellen.

He's flip-flopped or reneged or caved in on most everything. And now with DACA, he's said he'll be giving the illegals amnesty and make them citizens within ten years. That was his most important issue; that was why his supporters supported him, and he's caving on that, also. He's a Lib. RINO at best.

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Re: Big Spenders
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: February 14, 2018 04:27AM

I couldn't post. It said my message could be spam or something like that...

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Re: Big Spenders
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: February 14, 2018 03:08PM

It's good if he's made those inroads behind the scenes. I don't dig too deeply into alternative news sites.

I guess I'm thinking more along the lines of domestic policy issues.

He got rid of some regulations, so that's good.

Yes, he withdrew from the Paris Climate Accords, but then I heard him say he's open for negotiation, or something to that effect, which I translated to mean he would end up giving in to the climate change bullies one way or another in the future.

As a candidate he said he'd get rid of the Federal Reserve, but then immediately did an about face as president and praised Janet Yellen.

He's flip-flopped or reneged or caved in on most everything. And now with DACA, he's said he'll be giving the illegals amnesty and make them citizens within ten years. That was his most important issue; that was why his supporters supported him, and he's caving on that, also. He's a Lib. RINO at best.

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