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Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: March 06, 2018 10:29AM

To say you are pro gun and veagan is a hypocrisy

Animal murder is a second admendment right Jennifer?

I think all gun owners should just shoot themselves instead of others

Do you only extend the right to shoot and kill in defense of humans?

Working for a Peaceful World for Humans, Animals and the Environment
The Animals Support Gun Control
An Animal Rights Article from
Exposing the Big Game
February 2014
On the way up to the mountains to ski some of the seven plus feet of snow which fell during the past week, I passed a car with a bumper sticker that read: “The Animals Support Gun Control.”
That brings up an issue you almost never hear about, ironically enough, after someone brings a hunting rifle to school and tries to peck off every kid or teacher they can get a bead on.
Oh, you hear about gun control, that’s a given, but almost never in the context of how they’re used against non-human animals—for sport or savagery—in contest kills, often geared especially for young people, as if to tempt the next mass-murderer out of hiding and onto the playground for some real fun and games.

You can’t expect grade-schoolers to understand the subtle difference between a sacred human life and those of other animals they’ve been trained to kill—before they could even develop a conscience—by their proud parents, who use their kids’ eagerness to please and to play follow the leader against them, in hopes of recruiting a life-time hunting partner.
The disturbing trend among states to lower the legal hunting age, practically to infancy, suggests the word “Columbine” evokes only the image of a pretty flower to them. Meanwhile, hunters in states like Idaho are actively luring young children to try their luck in coyote or wolf killing derbies to further degrade the value of life that movies and video games have already taught them to disregard a thousand times over. The town of Holley, New York, just held another appalling example of state-sanctioned sadism in the form of an animal-kill contest they dubbed the “squirrel slam.” “Sporting” events like the so-called “squirrel slam” are an embarrassment that only adds to the global perception that this is an inherently violent country.
Not to be outdone, the Oklahoma “game” department just announced that the senior class of Sasakwa High is sponsoring a crow-killing contest, set for the end of this month—complete with prize money for whoever murders the most crows. It’s a spectacle sure to inspire the next killer-in-waiting to turn their semi-automatic on their fellow classmates.
These kinds of hunting events beg the obvious question: how can kids be expected to know the difference between officially sanctioned animal cruelty and acts of cruelty they come up with on their own?
So if you feel your Second Amendment rights are withering away at the mere mention of gun control, relax that death-grip on your rifle for a moment and consider what the animals would have to say about the issue, if only we allowed them a voice.

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Posted by: Tai ()
Date: March 07, 2018 08:46AM

I am not entering the gun debate. I have already said my piece about modern science that has wrecked the environment. I don't find use at pointing the finger at one aspect, when the whole system is self destructive.

But all the super pro gun people I know kill small animals, I guess except for Jennifer. One person I know had a dog that would kill small animals, including snakes. Nevertheless, he would use his gun to kill non poisonous snakes on his property. Totally unnecessary and therefore karma producing. Another hunter I know by acquaintance kills squirrels on his property "for target practice," despite a technique I shared how to control squirrels from eating from fruit trees. You can train squirrels and there is no need to kill them. Another pro gun person I knew didn't have a gun himself but strongly supported gun ownership and he had no problem killing small animals with no remorse, just without guns when he did it. I have met hunters too with an array of guns. I like Mike Adams to a certain extent, but I am not a fan when he talks about shooting snakes on his property. Obviously there are vegans who are pro abortion, etc, etc, but just to comment on RHB's post, it seems that some gun owners seem to want to practice on a living target, not just an inanimate object.

Someone once taught me about spider karma. He killed a bunch of brown recluse spiders in a house he was staying in. Whether they were actually brown recluse, who is to say, probably not, but that is what he claimed. Then one night in a room where there were no spiders, he was attacked by spiders in his sleep. He woke up with bites all over. No one else was attacked in the house or bit except him and no one else except him killed a bunch of spiders. Since then, I don't kill spiders. I remove them from the house. I am not saying this is right for everyone. But where I live, the most dangerous spider is a black widow and they are few in number. The strange thing is that when I would wash dishes at the sink for a while, a tiny spider frequently would come down from the ceiling and hang out at the level of my face. It seemed like he was watching me. This has happened numerous times. Small wild animals have often come up to me to brush against me or land on me, so spiders hanging out is just part of that. I always feel like the spiders are saying "hi friend".

this is a link for the squirrel slam that RHB discusses above

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Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: March 20, 2018 01:33PM

AP March 20, 2018, 7:08 AM
San Francisco could become largest U.S. city to ban sale of fur

San Francisco could become the largest U.S. city to ban the sale of fur, a move that would hearten animal lovers but frustrate niche business owners who say they are fed up with city officials dictating what retailers can or can't sell.
If the Board of Supervisors approves the ban Tuesday, San Francisco would join two other California cities, West Hollywood and Berkeley, in saying no to a symbol of glamour that animal advocates say is built on cruelty and does not reflect the city's values.
San Francisco has a strong social conscience, often at a cost to businesses.

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