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Obama Bombed More Than All of the Bombs In Any Other War…
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: March 06, 2018 07:36PM

Kitty Shows Her Claws
41:06 Minute Video

American Intelligence Media
Published on Mar 5, 2018

Betsy and Thomas have some breaking updates for you regarding Trump’s recent executive action on March 1, 2018.

JR’s Notes:

38:55 MM
And if this doesn’t happen, then we’ll have a People’s Court because these people in the public opinion must be tried and in the public eye, we must see them for the crooked Criminal, Murderous in some cases, in some cases, Genocidal, like Susan Rice and Obama, who Killed 2 Million people by Bombing 7 Countries with No one’s Permission - No Congressional Authority - just simply some Allies that he constructed and he put, it’s now the UN says, 68 Million Refuges were created during the Obama Administration - they Bombed every - we were at War every day of eight years with Obama and he Bombed more during that time than all of the Bombs in any other War.

So we had the Criminal - the Worst of Criminals in the White House who received the Nobel Peace Prize. We must take the Age of Untruthfulness - the Age of Political Falsehood and we must turn it around. Fake News - we must make sure that Fake News - that meme alone takes down the Mainstream Media that is Supported by the Brokers and Bankers. Reuters and AP has always been owned by the Big Brokers and Bankers - they only parrot what they’re told. 40:12 MM

40:31 MM
Do you know how many Billions of Dollars he’s uncovered in Slush Funds that Obama had set up for stupid junk? $9 Billion Obama had sitting in one single Slush Fund waiting there for Hillary to come along. 40:48 MM

Now let's set back and wait for some stupid SHILL to make some stupid comment about Fake News or some other DISTRACTION to take to focus off of the purpose of our Treads.

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Re: Obama Bombed More Than All of the Bombs In Any Other War…
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: March 07, 2018 12:38AM

Quote Rose-And if this doesn’t happen, then we’ll have a People’s Court

Your hilarious, A Peoples court.

Thanks for the morning laugh John.
John maybe you can get Judge Judy to sit in.

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Re: Obama Bombed More Than All of the Bombs In Any Other War…
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: March 07, 2018 01:16AM

John Rose you are full of @#$%& with your Obama the bomber!

A Database of Every Bomb the U.S. Military Has Dropped Since WWI

The history of war, as told from the perspective of the weapons themselves

Shutterstock/Ivan Cholakov
For the past six years, Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Jenns Robertson has been compiling a database of the bombs the U.S. military has dropped since World War I. Every. Single. Bomb.
The project -- which began as a hobby and has since become Robertson's full-time job -- finds Robertson searching through papers and other documents, combing them for records of deployed ordnance. In his efforts, Robertson has so far discovered around 1,000 original raid reports from World War I, all of them entered by hand. He has also scanned a reported 10,000 pages of bombing records -- both typed and hand-written -- from World War II. He has scoured more than a million records from Vietnam.
The project -- official name: "THOR: Theater History of Operations Reports" -- isn't merely useful as a kind of meta-historical database, a weapons-eye view of 20th-century warfare. It's also a living document, the Boston Globe reports. Its data are up-to-date. Robertson uses the tool to keep track of ordnance used in the United States's ongoing wars -- Iraq, Afghanistan -- which can in turn be used as evidence for investigations into the many civilian deaths associated with those wars.
The most immediate use of the database, though, is the saving of lives rather than the recording of death. Through THOR, the military is able to track, much more readily than it otherwise might be able to, the locations of unexploded ordnance. An examination of records from the Vietnam war era, for example, revealed that, between October 1965 and May 1975, at least 456,365 cluster bombs were dropped on Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. And yet not all of those bombs actually detonated. The database offers a blueprint for the governments of Southeast Asian countries, as well as NGOs from the U.S. and elsewhere, to work from as they try to locate as-yet-unexploded ordnance -- thus preventing further injuries and deaths.
Beyond its direct uses, though, the database is also powerful as a political and historical statement. It allows its users, Yahoo News puts it, to "point and click to nearly any location on the globe and receive a near-instantaneous assessment of when and where U.S. bombs were dropped over the past century." The database, in other words, provides a perspective on warfare that is telling and true to warfare itself: It takes aim at the weapons that take people's lives.
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Re: Obama Bombed More Than All of the Bombs In Any Other War…
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: March 07, 2018 04:49PM

The SHILL wrote,
"Quote Rose-And if this doesn’t happen, then we’ll have a People’s Court

Your hilarious, A Peoples court."

JR wrote,
"Now let's set back and wait for some stupid SHILL to make some stupid comment about Fake News or some other DISTRACTION to take to focus off of the purpose of our Treads."

As always, you NEVER address any issue in a Thread and post something stupid as a Distraction.

You are NOT making fun of me - you are making fun of Douglas Gabriel.

Did you watch the Video?

Of course NOT.

Btw, that article you posted is 6 years old, the link to the Database does not work and, most importantly, it doesn't mention any numbers to refute anything not to mention that it could NOT include Obama's numbers since they had not even happened yet.

So if you are so against War, why do you support these War Criminals and, more importantly, why do you support these Private Central Bankers that finance both sides of the War?

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars
43:34 Minute Video

JR’s Notes:

13:10 MM
Now when the Weimar Republic collapsed Economically, it opened the door for the National Socialist to take power. Their first financial move was to issue their own State Currency, which was Not borrowed from Private Central Banks. It was based on a Unit of Value - Not a Unit of Debt. Freed from having to pay interest on the Money in circulation Germany blossomed and quickly began to rebuild its Industry. It was an amazing Transformation to see. The Media called it - The German Miracle. Time Magazine lionized Hitler for the amazing improvement of life for the German people and the explosion of German Industry and they even named him Time Magazine’s Man of the Year in 1938. 13:48 MM

34:28 MM
This so-called Clash of Civilizations you’re being told about by the Corporate Media - it’s really a War between Banking Systems with the Private Central Bankers forcing themselves on the rest of the World no matter how many millions must die for it. The constant hate mongering against the Muslims you see in the Corporate Media lies in the simple fact, like the ancient Christians prior to the Knights Templars, Muslims forbid Usury or lending the Money at Interest because they saw in ancient times, like Rome, how these Banking Practices could Destroy an entire Society. And that is the reason our Government Media insists that Muslims have to be hated and killed and converted. They refuse to submit to Currencies Loaned at Interest. They refused to be Debt Slaves. That makes them a Threat to the Natural Order of the World - the New World Order of Global Fascist Dictatorship. 35:15 MM

35:49 MM
But the whole point of this article, the whole point of what I’m sharing with you today and this is all history you can go out and you can go out and hunt it down for yourself, behind all of the flag waving, behind all of the Propaganda, behind the craze lone nut assassins, Weapons of Mass Destruction, all of the Modern Wars this Nations have fought are Wars by and for the Private Bankers fought and bleed for by third parties unaware of the True reason they’re expected to gracefully be killed and crippled for.

And the process is quite simple - we’ve explained it before on this show. As soon as the Private Central Bank issues its Currency as a Loan at Interest, the public is forced deeper and deeper into Debt. When the people are reluctant to borrow anymore, that’s when the Keynesian Economists demand the Government to borrow more to keep the Pyramid Scheme working. When both the people and the Government refuse to borrow anymore, that is when the Large Wars get started to plunge everyone even deeper into Debt to pay for the War and then, after the War borrow even more to rebuild.

And when these horrible Wars are over, the ordinary people have basically what they had before the War, except their graveyards are a lot larger and everyone is in Debt to the Private Bankers for the next century. That is why Brown Brothers Harriman in New York was funding the rise of Adolf Hitler because War is the Banker’s Richest Harvest.

We all need to recognize this is what all of these Wars have been about - Private Central Banking enlarging their domain, imposing their will on Nations that do Not want it, imposing their system on the Rulers of Nations who do Not want it. Bribery – Blackmail – Assassinations – they will do anything to maintain their stranglehold on the productivity of the World’s people. And as long as Private Central Banks are allowed to exist, inevitably as the night follows the day, there will be poverty, hopelessness, millions of deaths in endless World Wars until the Earth itself is sacrificed in flames to mannite.

The path to True World Peace lies in the abolishment of all Private Central Banking everywhere and to return to the State Issued Value-Based Currencies that will allow Nations and people to become prosperous through their own labor and development and efforts.

37:53 MM
Now I mention the Knights Templars. Prior to the Knights Templars, Christianity, like Islam, forbade Usury because Christianity, much of Orthodox Christianity came out of Rome and they had seen firsthand what Debt-Based Economies do even to the Roman Empire - they’ve seen it firsthand, so they had a ban on Usury and the Knights Templars were able to basically either bribe or blackmail the Pope to get a special dispensation that allowed them to Rent Money is what they called it. They didn’t call it Usury - they called it Renting Money.

A lot of modern Predatory Banking Practices were pioneered by the Knights Templars and they plunged Europe into hopelessly Unpayable Debt until finally, French King Phillip IV, otherwise known as Phillip the Fair, did the only Solution he could do because he understood as long as you believed in the Rules of the Bankers, as long as you Played by the Rules they created to serve themselves, you are hopelessly trapped. And so, Phillip thought Outside the Box and I know he’s Demonized for it, but in looking at the history of the Templars, it was his last resort. He sent messages to all of the Regions in France - secret Orders on the same time and the same moment and the same day - all of the Templars were arrested and their Commanderies, which is what they called their Banks, were broken into looking for looted Wealth. They didn’t find a lot of it - it was a Paper Empire, just like the Federal Reserve is - it’s all based on Paper - there’s nothing of any real Value there - it’s all Paper Notes. And he sent the Templars to Prison and execution, except for Scotland and Portugal where the Pope and King Phillip IV really didn’t have a lot of Control.

I think that the Governments of the World looking at the situation, looking at how close we are to seeing this World Conflict emerge into a full-blown Global Thermo-Nuclear War that maybe they need to start thinking about the Wisdom of King Phillip the Fair and to say it’s time to simply grab all of these Private Central Bankers all at the same time so that they can’t simply skedaddle from one Nation to another and come back and try the same thing again as they will inevitably do because these people are Addicts! They’re hopelessly Addicted to other people’s Money - that’s why we call them Money Junkies. 40:00 MM

40:15 MM
And it’s time for an intervention - it’s time for us to become Private Central Banking Heretics and stop BELIEVING that this is the way life is supposed to be because it isn’t. It isn’t even the way the United States was actually started. 40:30 MM

40:59 MM
But we’re really at a Crises Point in History and the 1st Step to resolving that Crises to Not let it go any further into a potential Nuclear War is to recognize that Private Central Banking ruled by manufactured Illusion of Debt is no more legitimate a system of Governance than Ruled by Divine Right or Ruled by Slavery.

We all need to recognize the True Cause to all of the Pain and Suffering and Wars. It’s Not the Terrorists. It’s Not Al Qaeda. These are just Distractions and set pieces put in front of your eyes so you can’t see the very clear pattern behind much of modern human history. It’s all a War of Banking Systems with the Predatory Private Central Banks seeking to Eradicate any Nation and any Ruler that would dare try to operate their Economy outside the Control of the Private Central Bankers. That’s the Real Cause for the War.

Is it something you’re willing to fight and die for to support these Private Central Bankers?

Is it something you’re willing to let your sons and daughters and brothers and sisters be blown to bloody bits for so the Money Junkies can have their latest fix, just a little tiny bit more Gold or a little larger number on the bottom of that Brokerage Statement so they can have today’s thrill - their Fix - they’re Fix of Money that is bought with the blood of your children?

I don’t think so.

But the time has come to point out what really is the Cause of all Causes behind all of the Wars and Suffering that our Planet is having to endure and our people are having to endure.

The Common Enemy of ALL Humankind are Private Central Banks Issuing the Public Currency as a Loan at Interest. And as history will show, they will do anything up to and including Global Wars to keep their lock on yours and your children’s Future Economic Well-being and Productivity.

We’re Not a Free Society. Media will tell us that we’re Free, but we’re Not Free. We are Slaves - our Slave Chains are made of Paper and that Paper is the Federal Reserve Note. Too few of our leaders have tried to stand up to this system of Enslavement usually with lethal results. But if all the people of the World at the same time stand up and say no more Private Central Banks, it will come crashing down, just as Slavery did, just as Rule by Divine Right did and then, we’ll be embarking on a new Era in human history where the emphasis on Social Development is on the people and Not on the Money Junkies. 43:14 MM


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Re: Obama Bombed More Than All of the Bombs In Any Other War…
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: March 07, 2018 11:27PM

Quote Rose-And if this doesn’t happen, then we’ll have a People’s Court

Your hilarious, A Peoples court."

I'm still laughing John PEOPLES COURT JUDGE JUDY.

The Memo has been released can you hear the horns John?

After your done with your peoples court. try and file a motion in a real court of law, it works better than the Fantasy Peoples court you belong.

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