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The Timeline of Evil & Corruption...
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: March 06, 2018 08:27PM

Go to the link below and type in Obama or Clinton or Muller or whoever your favorite D.C. Swamp Monster might be and you'll see a list of all of their Crimes for the last 17 years.

Btw, did y'all know that there are 36 different Clinton Foundations?

The Timeline of Evil
40:54 Minute Video

American Intelligence Media
Published on Feb 25, 2018

This amazing timeline of corruption needs to be bookmarked by every patriot. []...

PDF version []...

There is a search function on the site so that you can look up the indictable evidence needed to prosecute your favorite D.C. swamp monster!

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Notices: Unless marked otherwise, American Intelligence Media (AIM), and copyright claims are waived. Reproduction is permitted with or without attribution. This content and its links may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Fair Use is relied upon for all content. For educational purposes only. No claims are made to the properties of third parties.

The U.S. Patent Office is their Toy Box.

JR’s Notes:

0:50 MM
So let’s make some preliminary remarks about the fact that we’re going to talk about your Timeline or not your Timeline, but your Shareholders and all the people, the amazing amount of people who contributed to the Americans for Innervation Timeline. Well, we were studying the fact that Patents were being Stolen, Weaponized and then, Inventors, literally, literally, Killed if they even asked a question if they tried to stand in the way of this. And so, we were into this and people were sending us some really amazing Information … 1:23 MM

2:42 MM
And so, I want to thank you Michael, you and your Shareholders, which I guess is a whole lot of Shareholders and a whole lot of people. I always refer to you guys as your team of Patent Lawyers - your team of, you know, these are people who have been fighting this Battle for you for 17 years, incredibly intelligent people.

So can you tell us the Story of this Timeline?

MM: Yea, it truly is a group effort, so I’m going to talk personally bout it even though I shouldn’t take credit for everything, there are a few ides in there that re my ides, but basically, before I got into Software Development, I was an Organizational Development Consultant and one of the things that I did was use a Methodology quite often that I can’t take credit for because it was really developed by Jerry McNulas and people before him called Storyboarding … 3:38 MM

3:44 MM
And basically, it breaks Problem Solving down into 2 Sections. I’m oversimplifying it, but, the First Section is get the Facts down on the Board - don’t worry about Organizing them - just get them down there however they come out because our Brains are kind of random in the way come up with New Ideas and so, that’s one aspect. And then, you stop, you take a break, you go get coffee, you come back and then, you start Organizing that Information however it wants to be Organized and there’s Magical Process that occurs. It’s not Magical, but I used to facilitate groups to do this and there were always breakthroughs when you Solved a Problem this way and that seemingly Intractable Problems all of a sudden found their Solution when you did it like this. And part of it is teaching people how to be Creative - how Not be Judgmental too early in the Process and so, there’s a lot of finely tuned Pieces to this Program. 4:45 MM

4:56 MM
…by just trying to Protect our Technology and our Invention And after the Supreme Court refused to hear our Case we then looked at, OK, what do we do now? And so what we determined is we’re going to have to use a similar Process to the way we Invented Social Networking and we’re going to have to just look at the Facts - just let the Facts - let’s Collect the Facts and then, let the Facts tell us what the Problem is since we don’t know what the Problem is and no one seems to know what the Problem is.

So that was kind of the beginning of this was we didn’t know where we were going with this, so what we said let’s just Collect Facts. Now these are Not just Opinions these are things that can be used as Evidence in Court and having just gone through the whole cycle all the way to the Supreme Court I knew a few things, as did some our other Shareholders about what constituted what’s called Judicially Recognizable Evidence. In other words, that’s Evidence that you don’t need to have any further Verification on that can be used in Court as they stand without any additional activity. 6:08 MM

7:00 MM
But as we continued to do that and the Timeline began to grow outside of the Timeline of the Trial and the Post Trial, we started seeing all of these Coincidences of how these people were associated with all of these other people that are coming up in the Press around the 2016 Election - around the Election Rigging and as we continued to just put the Facts down wherever they landed in the Timeline everything fell into place and now, we expect everything to have its slot.

So what we discovered through a very long period of just putting the data down is that the people that are currently trying to take over our Country and our Republic are the same people that Stole our Technology. 7:50 MM

So going back to my experience with Storyboarding what I see this Timeline is - is, in a sense, a Public Storyboard and it’s intended for Journalists to use for Lawyers to use for Politicians to use - anybody who needs to find the context for a particular Piece of the Story that they’re dealing with now - this Timeline has gotten so extensive that it’s probably not going to be too difficult to get that in. 15:15 MM


…how many Deaths… …60-70…

16:06 MM
Do you know how many Versions of the Clinton Foundation there are all around the Planet?

DG: You pointed this out to me - this blew my mind

MM: 36 16:16 MM

36 different Clinton Foundations

17:51 MM
Crime Line


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Re: The Timeline of Evil & Corruption...
Posted by: RawPracticalist ()
Date: March 06, 2018 10:23PM

I do not have time to look at other people's crime.

I am too busy looking at my own.

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Re: The Timeline of Evil & Corruption...
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: March 07, 2018 03:57AM

I do not have time to look at other people's crime.

I am too busy looking at my own.

RawPracticalist, I have this book, OFFERINGS Buddhist wisdom for every day

Your quote made me flash on this quote by Pema Chodron.

It's painful to face how we harm others, and it takes a while.

It's a journey that happens because of our commitment to gentleness and honesty,
our commitment to staying awake, to being mindful.

makes me feel good to see people looking inward,

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