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Take Action for our Oceans
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: April 12, 2018 11:49AM

Trump trashes Oceans

Take Action for our Ocean
One billion dollars cut! We are shocked that the President’s budget, just released, recommends a $1 billion cut to NOAA—taking away valuable resources from coastal and ocean needs.
The proposed budget cuts mean that federal funds to support ocean wildlife, including marine mammal first responders could be drastically reduced. But, these funds are so important! For example, the Clearwater Aquarium is doing important work to rehabilitate dolphins and return them to the ocean. NOAA helps make this work possible.
Whales, dolphins and more all rely on groups on the ground, to help in times of need. We can’t lose this critical funding that enables such important work.
Marine mammal funding cuts are just one example of the many cuts in the President's budget that would impact our ocean and coasts.
But, luckily there is a silver lining.
This budget is a proposal, which means it is not written in stone. You and I have the opportunity and responsibility to let Congress know that ocean issues matter to us. Congress will ultimately write the 2019 budget for NOAA, and they are just getting started.
Take action today by telling your elected representatives that our coastal communities and our ocean is too important to risk.

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Re: Take Action for our Oceans
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: April 29, 2018 01:08AM

The ocean is Earth’s life support
50 to 70 % of our oxygen comes from the ocean. That’s more than all of the world’s rainforests combined.

If you folks could see the south china sea, The plastics ect, You would be shocked! at the amount. six countrys in the world are doing the most damage.
I have to watch people everyday dumping household garbage in the sea,
Im fighting this on all the fronts I can hit on, Vietnams EPA, talking with dumpers, looking for video I can take to high schools here and show what we are doing to the future Don't ever eat seaweed, I watch them dry the seaweed on what I call diaper beach, they lay the seaweed out to dry on a beach litterd with all kinds of crap many baby dipers ect. @#$%& gross.
My next step in Doclet is to try and bribe local officals into action,
U.S Embassy General has been talking with Vietnam Govt saying we have to change.
Its worse than most folks know, We will never get back our oceans once dead, And they are in critical condition now.
85 % of all fish tested in our seas have plastic in them
Its six countys now that are the biggest problem on ocean dumping.
The USA until the cleanwater act passed was a bad offender, right up till the early 70s every bit of trash from NYC was put on barges towed just offshore set on fire then pushed into sea, Every hour tons of plastic still make it into the sea on Americas two coast.
Is the end near?
Why the Ocean?

Get Involved

Why the Ocean?

The ocean is Earth’s life support
50 to 70 % of our oxygen comes from the ocean. That’s more than all of the world’s rainforests combined.

The ocean is the #1 source of protein for more than a billion people.

The ocean regulates our climate, absorbs carbon dioxide, holds 97% of Earth’s water, and supports the greatest abundance of life on our planet.

More than 60% of the world’s population lives on or near the coast. The ocean provides a livelihood, recreation, beauty, wonder, and untapped scientific discovery, leading to new medications, foods, and advanced technologies.
Everyone, everywhere depends on a healthy sea.

But the ocean is in trouble
90% of the big fish are gone. Tuna, swordfish, halibut, cod, and flounder populations have been devastated by overfishing.

The average size of the remaining big fish has been cut in half or less in the last 50 years. The average weight of a swordfish caught today is 90 lbs., down from 266 lbs. in 1960.

Discarded plastics have formed a toxic “plastic soup” that is gathering in 5 massive ocean gyres around the world. As the plastic breaks down, it is eaten by sea animals, causing illness and death. It eventually enters our diets, too.

There are a reported 405 ocean “dead zones” — areas where there is little to no oxygen due to fertilizer run-off and nitrogen pollution. Dead zones are doubling every ten years.

Our oceans account for 71% of the planet, but less than 2% of our oceans are protected. We have protections in place for nearly 12% of all land (through areas like national parks).

What happens if we do nothing?
Many popular seafood species will likely be wiped out within 40 years with current fishing practices.
Unless we change our rate of consumption, we’re within a century — possibly even less — of a world where jellyfish are the only wild seafood option left.

The ocean is at a tipping point. Oceanographer Sylvia Earle says our actions over the next 10 years will determine the state of the ocean for the next 10,000 years.

everyone can do something, Call email govts, tell them to wakeup and stop killing the future, Vietnam has one eye open at this point, We need help.
I know why worry about envirment, it will go away.

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