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US meddling in Ireland’s referendum on abortion?
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: May 26, 2018 10:37AM

Trump and crew thought they could sway things to their agenda.
Irelands people knew of this threat and today overturned the
the 8th

Many voters said they made up their mind at the last minute. Among them was Lisa Moran, 39, who said on Friday that she had been unsettled about how to cast her ballot until a day or two ago. She finally decided to vote “yes,” in favor of repeal.
“I don’t agree with abortion, but I think people should be given a choice,” Ms. Moran said. “If we vote yes, it means we’re not stuck in the past, we’re not ruled by the Catholic Church. It means we’ll be released from them.”

Is the US meddling in Ireland’s referendum on abortion?
Frances Mulraney @FrancesMulraney April 03, 2018 04:21 AM
Ireland voters made it clear today the 8th admendment is out.

Most of the votes in favor of 8th were from 65 years and older crowd.

Jennifer can I ask your age?

Repeal the 8th groups in Ireland fear that overseas groups will fund social media campaigns in an attempt sway the public vote on abortion rights in Ireland this May.
Concerns have been raised over the influence that political campaigning via social media will have on the outcome of the upcoming referendum on the constitutional ban on abortion in Ireland.
The worries over external funding, especially the possibility of large sums of money being paid in the US, come in light of the revelation that firms who played a part in Trump and Brexit’s online campaigns have been hired to work with Save the 8th. On the pro side donations from billionaire George Soros had to be returned as unlawful outside influence.

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