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Save us from the Lib Student Activists
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 02, 2018 02:58AM

God, can you imagine all these lib college activist idiots running around as real adults in a few years! Ruining the world!

Watch the Video. Read the comments - everyone agrees with me. UN says Sweden is number one in rapes - which are perpetrated by migrant refugees.

Can you imagine being a passenger on a flight when one of these Lib students pulls a stunt like that and your flight is delayed and you have a connecting flight to make.

Every flight should have this happen.

'I'm trying to save his life': Tearful Swedish student REFUSES to sit down on plane to stop a man being deported to Afghanistan - risking jail as she forces the flight to be cancelled

Elin Ersson, 22, bought the plane ticket after hearing the man would be deported

Activist refused to take her seat and filmed 14-minute protest in English

The Afghan man is eventually let off the plane but Swedish authorities have said he will be deported and she could face up to six months in prison


A Swedish student staging a protest at the deportation of an Afghan man prevented the flight they were both aboard from taking off.

Elin Ersson, 22, a student activist from Gothenburg University in Sweden, purchased a ticket from Gothenburg to Istanbul, where her fellow passenger was due to change flights and to fly to Kabul, in order to carry out the civil disobedience.

The student took out her phone and streamed an emotional 14-minute video, in which she walks about the plane explaining the man 'will most likely get killed' if he's deported.

Knowing the flight would not be able to take off while she was standing, the activist refuses to take her seat until the Afghan man is let of the plane.

Cabin crew and other passengers ask her to sit down at start of the clip, which she insists she will do as soon as the man is let go.

At one point, a disgruntled fellow passenger tries to seize her phone, but she asks him: 'What is more important, a life, or your time?'

'All I want to do is stop the deportation and then I will comply with the rules here.

'This is all perfectly legal and I have not committed a crime.'

Eventually the man is let off the plane and his deportation is prevented.

Swedavia, which runs Landvetter airport where the protest took place, confirmed that an Afghan asylum seeker, three security personnel and Elin Ersson all left the plane.

However, Swedish authorities have since said the Afghan man will still be deported, although a date has not been set.

They also claim the activist could face up to six months in prison for refusing to obey police orders.

However, by the end of the clip some other passengers have joined her protest and many applaud when the man is led off the plane.

Some Twitter users have even branded her a 'hero'.

One person said: 'Thank you for your stand, for your courage, compassion and hope'.

Another added: 'This is what a superhero looks like'.

Errson's protest highlights the domestic opposition to the Swedish government's tough line on asylum.

With the far-right Sweden Democrats, who are opposed to immigration and asylum, currently doing well in the polls, the government has felt it has be tough on those issues before September's elections.

In January, Kabul was hit by a Taliban terrorist attack which killed more than 100 people and wounded at least 235.

At the time, Sweden put a temporary brake on deportations to Afghanistan but these have since resumed and the government considers the country safe for failed asylum seekers.

Sweden has now toughened its refugee acceptance conditions and asylum applications have correspondingly dropped.

Errson is one of many Swedes who feel that their government's approach has been too harsh.

'I am trying to change my country's rules, I don't like them,' she says.

'It is not right to send people to hell.'


I sure as heck hope she goes to jail for this, but that won't happen because they're all libs over there.

And now she thinks she's hot sh*t -

- because she videotaped herself and posted it on Facebook.

And of course all the Libs think she's the greatest thing walking the face of the earth...

(Read the comments below the article to see what we regular people think of these college lib activist idiots)

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 08/02/2018 03:03AM by Jennifer.

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Re: Save us from the Lib Student Activists
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: August 02, 2018 07:31AM

far-right troll response reveals how frightened racist cowards are of people taking action in the name of universal solidarity.

This Trump gig almost toast, November end game for the racist Orange cult.

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Re: Save us from the Lib Student Activists
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 03, 2018 02:10AM

Oopsie, turns out she was 'standing in solidarity' with a refugee CRIMINAL who was being denied asylum and deported after serving time in jail for assault ...

But hey, that doesn't matter to the libs. He's a 'human being', so he deserves to live anywhere he wants to live.


Migrant whose deportation was stopped when an activist student refused to sit down on the plane had served jail time in Sweden for assault and was being kicked out after his asylum bid was rejected

Elin Ersson, 22, bought plane ticket after hearing Afghan man would be deported
Had initially planned on stopping deportation of another Afghan man, aged 22

The student activist refused to take her seat and filmed her 14-minute protest

The man, a 52-year-old, was eventually let off the plane but will still be deported

It has now emerged that the 52-year-old man had served jail time for assault
Separately to his prison sentence, had had also had his asylum appeal rejected


An Afghan migrant whose deportation from Sweden was delayed when a student refused to take her seat on a plane in protest had served time in jail for assault.

Elin Ersson, a 22-year-old student at Gothenburg University, garnered worldwide attention for her protest earlier this month, halting the deportation of the 52-year-old man whose asylum application had been rejected.

Swedish police have since confirmed that the man had been convicted and served time for assault, but said his denied asylum application was unrelated to his crimes.

Sweden has seen a change in asylum policy in the wake of the European migrant crisis which in 2015 alone saw 163,000 people seek asylum in Sweden - 63,000 registering as unaccompanied minors.

The far-right anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats are polling at around 20 per cent ahead of the general elections in September, and some mainstream parties are proposing tougher measures to increase deportations of rejected asylum seekers.


Elin Ersson’s ‘citizen-activism’ comes at a heavy price


Last week, a 22-year old Swede called Elin Ersson made headlines around the world for her ‘citizen-activism’. Learning that a failed asylum seeker from Afghanistan was to be deported from her country, she bought a seat on the plane that was due to take him part of the way back home (as far as Turkey). Once she was on board the plane Ersson refused to sit down. Filming the whole thing on her mobile phone (natch) Ms Ersson insisted that to send the failed asylum-seeker to his home country would be consigning him to ‘death’ because Afghanistan is ‘hell’. After about 15 minutes of this Ms Ersson got her way. The Afghan migrant was taken off the flight. Some passengers applauded. Ms Ersson cried. And soon she was being lauded as the Millennials’ answer to Rosa Parks.

The self-appointed leaders of the sisterhood were especially vocal. A writer at the website that used to be the Independent told us that Ms Ersson has shown us ‘how effective individual action can be.’ Britain’s Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, applauded the ‘brave action by this young student’. And Caroline Lucas MP – joint leader of Britain’s Green Party – tweeted out motivationally ‘If ever you think one person can’t make a difference, then watch this! Huge respect to Elin Ersson, a student at Gothenburg university, for – literally – standing up for what she believes in. A true inspiration.’

Of course anyone with any knowledge of the facts could tell you that the real headline story here should have been ‘Sweden actually deports failed asylum-seeker’. In the last few years alone, Sweden has taken in around a hundred thousand people who the country itself recognises have no right to be there. For in 2015, Sweden, like Germany, opened up its borders to the world and only after the world had come did the Swedish authorities ask who in the world was there.

It is also not as though the process of deportation in Sweden is entirely arbitrary or without checks. Each migrant to Sweden has ample opportunity to explain why they believe they have a right to asylum in the country. And if their application is turned down they have plenty of opportunities to appeal that decision. This whole process goes on for years until it is finally unresolved. The most common ending for those judged to have no legitimate asylum claim is that they then simply disappear into the country. Very few illegals with no right to be in Sweden ever actually do get deported.

So one thing that anybody could tell was that Ms Ersson’s 52-year old Afghan migrant was an anomaly. And there are often reasons for anomalies. Sure enough, in the days since Ms Ersson became famous it has turned out that her 52-year old failed asylum seeker had reportedly been issued a two-year prison sentence in Sweden for assault. This sentence is on the harsh side in Sweden for an assault charge, so it will be interesting to discover just how severe the assault was that Ms Ersson’s illegal migrant was convicted of, and who the victim – or victims – of that assault might have been. As ever in such cases there is a difficulty getting the specifics. Firstly because so few people – including very few media – want to chase up the facts. And secondly because the authorities try to keep the rulings in specific asylum cases from public view. I am told that so far no local media have been able to get hold of the details of the assault case involving the man Ms Ersson has ‘saved’. Perhaps we shall find out at some point.

In any case, what is interesting about this case – like many similar cases I document in my recent book – is the tilt in the moral-political landscape that it exemplifies. For people like Ms Ersson there is only something to gain from deciding to arbitrarily impose your own personal migration and asylum policy. ‘Let them all stay’ has no moral taint to it, yet for the time being ‘Let the person who shouldn’t be here go home’ still does.

To put it another way, an individual or organisation that took it upon itself to expel illegal migrants who the government had failed to deport might not get the plaudits that Ms Ersson did. Even though such a group would have the law on their side more than Ms Ersson does, I imagine that there would be fewer public figures going on about the ‘bravery’ and ‘inspiration’ of the impromptu deportation brigades, or twittering on about how it all goes to show that even one person can make a difference in this world, etc etc.

As so often, the New York Times is able to sum up this moral equilibrium. For the NYT, Ms Ersson’s action is an ‘Act of defiance’ which (as their headline puts it) ‘Casts harsh light on Europe’s deportation of asylum seekers.’ In fact the harshness and cast of this light depends very much on where you’re looking at the situation from.

Here’s a bet. Even if the 52-year old Afghan migrant who Ms Ersson chose to release back into Sweden turns out to have served time in prison for an assault on some innocent Swedish woman, here are some NYT headlines we will not read:

‘Act of violence highlights breakdown in border security in Sweden’

‘Act of violence raises questions on why failed asylum seekers are allowed to stay in Sweden’

Nor is it likely that if Ms Ersson’s migrant is released back into the community and commits another assault that any responsibility for this will come back onto her.

Though perhaps it should. As it should also come back on Diane Abbott, Caroline Lucas and the headline-writers at papers living and defunct. If they’re up for personal accountability and personal responsibility, then let them take account for the consequences of these apparently cost-free actions. After all, as an average day’s news has again today reminded us, there is a cost to everything. The only real question is who ends up paying for it. You? Or someone else’s children.

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Re: Save us from the Lib Student Activists
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 03, 2018 02:23AM

So turns out half of the rape cases are rapes of children!

But again, that's fine with Elin Ersson and the Libs...

OUT OF CONTROL: 43% of All Rapes in Sweden Are Committed Against CHILDREN

92% of 'severe' sexual assaults committed by MIGRANTS


Sweden has taken in more refugee migrants per capita than any other European nation — and it's really not working out too well.

In 2015, some 160,000 refugees were granted asylum in Sweden, an idyllic Nordic nation of just 10 million. Tens of thousands more were admitted in 2016, most coming from the war-torn nations in the Middle East. In all, hundreds of thousands have swarmed the tiny country.

Since their arrival, crime has skyrocketed. In 2015, there were 112 cases of lethal violence — 33 by shooting, compared to just 17 in 2011. Violence against women also soared, as did sexual assaults. Reported rapes in 2016 rose to 6,570, a 13% rise over 2015. The nation now ranks No. 2 in rapes per capita, Defend Europa reported.

In one particularly heinous assault, a gang of migrants raped a girl and broadcast the attack on Facebook. Two men from Afghanistan were charged.

92% percent of all "severe rapes" in Sweden were carried out by "people with a migratory/asylum background," Defend Europa reported.

Now comes a new report from the independent news group that says nearly half the rapes (43%) are committed on children:

The data, which looks at Swedish rape figures for the first half of 2017, concludes that 3430 violent rapes were carried out during this period. 1470 (43%) of these rapes were carried out on children (ages 0-17) and 1960 (57%) of these rapes were carried out on adults (ages 18+).

In relation to the child rapes:

88% were carried out on girls.
12% were carried out on boys.
In relation to the adult rapes:

95% were carried on out women.
5% were carried out on men.

Younger children in particular are being targeted — 55% of the child rapes were carried out on girls less than 14 year-old.

Said Defend Europa: "Considering that the top ten ethnic origins of Sweden’s rapists are: Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Gambia, Iran, Palestine, Chile and Kosovo; isn’t it time that we started talking openly about the devastating effects of mass open door immigration from the third world?"

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Re: Save us from the Lib Student Activists
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 03, 2018 02:32AM

Sweden: Four African migrants rape disabled woman vaginally and anally


Four Eritreans, who claim to be between 17 and 20 years old, have been charged with gang raping a woman in Bromma, Swedish news outlet Fria Tider reports.

The rape took place on 5-6 May 2018. According to the charges, the four Africans violently forced the disabled woman to have anal and vaginal intercourse.

The men held the woman by her arms and legs, during the violence, causing large bruises on her body. The very painful rape also caused “a crack in the woman’s abdomen area,” the prosecutor writes.

He adds that the woman found herself in a particularly vulnerable situation “partly because of her developmental disorder, partly because she was alone with four offenders in an unfamiliar environment”.

As such, the offence is being characterised as particularly ruthless and cruel. The prosecutor stating that all four will be expelled if convicted.

Fria Tider has asked for a reply from chamber prosecutor Helena Wigilius, but according to the prosecutor’s office, she is not available to comment on the case until next Friday.


Assault so brutal it caused “a crack in the woman’s abdomen area”

Four African migrants from Eritrea have been charged with gang raping a disabled woman in Bromma, Sweden.

The incident took place on the night of May 5th when the migrants held down the woman via her arms and legs, causing severe bruising, before violently assaulting her both vaginally and anally.

The rape was so brutal that it caused a “a crack in the woman’s abdomen area,” according to the prosecutor in the case.

The prosecution team is pushing for the attack to be characterized as particularly “ruthless” and “cruel” because of the woman’s mental disability and is pushing for the four culprits, who are aged between 17-20, to be deported back to Eritrea.

This is just the latest example of migrants brutally raping a woman in the Scandinavian country, which has become notorious for its pathological altruism, which was highlighted once again this week when a left wing activist attempted to stop the deportation of an Afghan migrant by preventing a plane form taking off.

It subsequently emerged that the migrant had reportedly been sentenced for assault, meaning the young woman hailed as a hero was coming to the aid of a violent criminal or an actual rapist.

Elin Ersson has been lauded as the Millennials’ answer to Rosa Parks.

Surging sexual assaults and rapes have largely been driven by Sweden accepting millions of predominantly Muslim migrants.

A study by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet found that 88 per cent of gang rapists in the Scandinavian country over the last six years have had a migrant background.

Other figures show that migrants from Muslim-majority nations commit 84 per cent of “very violent” rapes in Sweden.

A private study of 4,142 rulings regarding sex-related crimes passed by 40 Swedish courts between 2012 and 2014 found that 95.6% of rapes were committed by men of foreign descent.

Swedes who complain about the impact of “cultural enrichment” have found themselves on the receiving end of fines and prison sentences, which is why it’s unsurprising that the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats are favorites to win September’s national election.


But hey, nobody's allowed to say anything against taking in any and all Refugees in all countries because that would be Racist.

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Re: Save us from the Lib Student Activists
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 04, 2018 02:28AM

So the Lib Elin Ersson is defending a refugee criminal instead of the women and young girls and children of Sweden.

American Journalist Savagely Beaten In Sweden For Asking Questions About Muslim Refugees Raping European Women


Sweden has opened the floodgates to more Muslim refugees than ay other liberal democracy country in the West. In the process, the once-homogenous northern European state has been subsumed by crime and violence, including sexual violence.

“In 1975, the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the former homogeneous Sweden into a multicultural country. Forty years later the dramatic consequences of this experiment emerge: violent crime has increased by 300%,” explains the Gatestone Institute. “If one looks at the number of rapes, however, the increase is even worse. In 1975, 421 rapes were reported to the police; in 2014, it was 6,620. That is an increase of 1,472%.”

So why aren’t we hearing about this rape epidemic? Why aren’t the voices of European women being heard?

Well, for one, the mainstream media, especially in the United States, would much rather print tabloid-style headlines about fake scandals in the Trump White House than cover actual news. By actual news we mean Muslim refugees raping innocent women (see: Cologne, Germany New Year’s Eve).

Second, when intrepid independent journalists do make an attempt to cover Europe’s importation of Islamic rape culture, they are censored, silenced, discredited, defamed, or worst of all, savagely beaten.

That’s exactly what happened to American journalist Ami Horowitz.

“Recently journalist and documentary filmmaker Ami Horwitz [sic] went to Sweden to investigate the [rape epidemic],” reported Townhall’s Katie Pavlich in January. “When he started asking questions about filming, he was beaten by immigrants speaking Arabic.”

Horowitz’s latest documentary, appropriately entitled “Stockholm Syndrome,” explores the crisis of sexual violence in Sweden. The journalist’s extensive research has led him to conclude that Sweden is now the official “rape capital” of Europe, thanks in large part to the country’s lax immigration policies toward Muslim refugees, or as pro-women activists have called them “rapefugees.”

Watch Horowitz’s reporting below:

(Watch the video)


I read one story that said the Refugee Criminal Elin Ersson is defending must have committed a very serious crime to get a two-year jail sentence because Sweden is very lenient for criminal refugees. (That's cause they're libs and libs always defend the perpetrator rather than the victim; weird I know.)

Like these examples -

Muslim in Sweden Gets 40 Hours Community Service For Raping Girl, 13


President Trump was really onto something when he tweeted about what's been going on in Sweden.

Since 2012, Sweden has taken in more than 100,000 refugees, mostly from Muslim countries, the most of any European nation. Many of the refugees who have immigrated do not want to become part of Swedish society, but instead wish to press their own ideology on the nation.

Things are not going well there. Last month, there was a massive riot amid reports that police have set up "no go" zones – areas of major cities they do not feel safe entering. What's more, rape has exploded across the Nordic nation, with one report saying that nine in 10 gang rapists in Sweden have foreign origins.

Now comes a new bizarre story that a Muslim boy, just 16, was sentenced to 40 hours of community service after raping a young girl and filming the attack. AND HE'S APPEALING THE VERDICT!

The story comes from FriaTider, an online magazine in Sweden. Google Translate makes a mess of the story, but you'll get the idea.

16-year-old Ali was convicted in February of child rape after he printed up a 13 year old girl against a wall at Toleredsskolan in Gothenburg and forced her to oral sex.The crime took place in July, 2016.

During police interrogation, the girl has told me that Ali was weird and nagged that he wanted to have sex. He pushed her against a wall and tried to pull down her pants several times. She says that she pulled up his pants and told him she was not interested. Then he invited her to instead give him a blowjob until he arrived - otherwise she would not have come from there, explained Ali and pulled down his pants and underwear.

Ali then pressed down her head against his penis and raped her between 20 to 30 minutes. During the rape, he took out his mobile phone and filmed the assault, prompting the girl to ask him to put it away. Everything ended after Ali's friend Mohammed arrived at the scene.

After the rape, Ali according to the judgment spread the film to other people "who began to speak ill of" girl. Despite this, Ali has not been convicted of either child pornography or defamation.

Ali occurs earlier criminal record. He was sentenced in June 2016 for violations of the Radiation Protection Act to youth, after he pointed the laser pointer toward a person who was 100 meters from Ali's home and was hit in the eye in two to three seconds. The person who was hit by the laser received no compensation. But according to the judgment Ali knew that the laser pointer was dangerous.

Gothenburg District Court in February sentenced Ali to youth and youth service of 40 hours for child rape. He must also pay 14,000 kronor, of which SEK 8960 jointly with his parents in damages to the girl.

Documents Free Times noted the shows that Ali and his two parents have appealed to the Court of Appeal for Western Sweden.

But wait, the MSM says everything's just fine in Sweden. Ah, fake news.


(Too bad the daughter had to pay for this Lib woman's liberalness)

Swedish Mother Opens Home To 'Refugee'; Gets Her Daughter Molested

An “unaccompanied refugee” male from Eritrea sexually assaulted the ten-year-old daughter of a Swedish mother who opened her home to the asylum seeker. Last summer, the mother of three allowed Third World persons seeking asylum to live in her home.

The ten-year-old girl, Emma, was suddenly awoken on August 18 of 2015, feeling someone squeezing hard on her chest. One of the “refugee children” from Eritrea, named Isaac, was molesting the girl.

Following the assault, Emma feared feared revealing what had happened to her mother. The mother of one of Emma’s friends, however, overheard the story while Emma was recounting it to her friend and her friend’s sibling.

Isaac initially confessed to the sexual assault, later retracting it under police questioning.

Demonstrating either deceit or poor math skills, Isaac claimed to be 15-years-old. He arrived at this number by saying he began schooling in Eritrea at the age of ten, then studying for seven years, and graduating two years ago.

The Swedish court still decided to judge him as a 15-year-old, despite his own recollection placing him at 19-years-old.

Sentenced to counseling, Isaac will participate in talk therapy once a week for at least three months. He will not be deported.

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Re: Save us from the Lib Student Activists
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 04, 2018 02:33AM

So thanks to the Libs, all of Europe (so far we've only talked about Sweden; Germany is next because of how interesting that situation is) is now ruined. Because they love love love their Refugee Criminals. As does Elin Ersson.


How Muslim Migration Made Malmo, Sweden A Crime Capital

Scores of Swedes took the streets of Malmo, a southern city in Sweden, on Monday to protest an epidemic of violence that has taken the lives of far too many young people. The last victim was 16-year-old Ahmed Obaid. He was killed last Thursday after an unidentified gunman unleashed a salvo of bullets.

“Our kids should sleep well, play at play parks, feel safe,” Housam Abbas, the victim’s cousin, said, according to the Local.

Malmo, this once quiet city, is now overrun with violence. The culture of fear is so palpable that parents are no longer comfortable sending their children out to play.

"You have to look over your shoulder when you go out at night now. I don't let my little brother go out at night any more," said one high school student at Monday’s protest in front of city hall. "I hope that the politicians actually view this as a serious problem and start to solve this in Malmö."

After being handed a list of measures to curb the violence in the city, Justice and Migration Minister Morgan Johansson stated in a matter-of-fact tone: "We have to get rid of the weapons, we need tighter punishment so that those who are held for serious gun crime can be arrested immediately and not just be released a few days later."

(Yeah, blame the "GUNS"; sound familiar)

What Johansson failed to mention, however, was the fact that the bulk of the violence stems from one community.

The Muslim immigrant community has a crime problem. It’s a truism that Swedish (and European) politicians have denied in bold-faced lies and assurances to the public.

Malmo, like Molenbeek, its sister city in Belgium, has become a breeding ground for criminals.

Thousands of Muslim immigrants have fled their war-torn homes in the Middle East to settle in quaint European cities filled with naïve and welcoming townspeople.

This has been true in France, England, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden.

Since the great migration into Europe, crime, largely committed by migrants, has gone up manifold, leaving many to reassess their naïveté about hosting duties.

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Re: Save us from the Lib Student Activists
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 12, 2018 02:16AM

Oopsie again...

Turns out Elin was defending an Abusive Migrant who was in jail for two years for Physical Abuse of his wife and daughters. And that's who Elin Ersson and the Lib women love and defend - criminals/scum/animals/dirtbags - really don't ever see the Lib women defending the women and children victims of Illegal Alien/Refugee/Migrant Criminals ...

Afghan whose deportation was blocked by crying Swedish girl, whipped his wife and daughters


On 23 July the deportation of an Afghan migrant to his home country was temporarily blocked by Swedish social justice activist Elin Ersson. The girl refused to sit down until the man was removed from the flight.

The footage of Ersson’s protest was watched by millions of people and was seen by the left as a brave act and one of the highlights of protests for human rights in Europe.

But now it appears that the Afghan man in his 50s is actually an aggressive wife beater, Swedish news outlet Fria Tider reports.

He had beaten his daughters and his wife, and among other things, “whipped” them with a long charging cord.

The man is convicted of assault in Sweden, the police confirmed to Fria Tider. However, that was not why he was deported.


Now, newspaper Nyheter Idag reveals that the man was sentenced to nine months in jail for three cases of assault of his own wife and their two children.

The newspaper writes that the man was frequently violent and the verdict against him is an event on 14 January 2018.

At that day he “whipped” his two underage daughters because they did not turn off their TV. According to the judgement, he took a two meter long charging cord, folded it, and then struck the little girls on the back, arms and legs.

However, the assault did not stop there. When the mother came into the room, the children managed to escape from there.

But then the man started to abuse her instead. The 52 year-old whipped the mother so she fell to the floor, and then he grabbed her head and pounded it against the floor.


And - As usual, we only hear the Lib side of the story and how great Elin is and her act of heroism. Because you will not read about what scum the Migrant Deportee is/was anywhere. I searched high and low and only found three or four sources for the 'real story'. All the other hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of stories are about how great and wonderful Elin is for saving this Poor Migrant from being deported. And how great the Libs are for defending the Criminal Refugee/Migrant/Illegal Aliens!

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