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Re: Alex Jones Censored by the Libs
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: August 31, 2018 01:29AM

Yeh poor Alex Jones attacking his first admendment rights.

Thank the gods we still have jurors who will decide!

I have to wonder what makes a person tick to defend such a horrible excuse for a human being!

POLITICS 08/30/2018 02:56 pm ET Updated 5 hours ago
Alex Jones Fails To Stop Sandy Hook Parents’ Defamation Case
A judge ruled against the Infowars host, who had argued his repeated attacks on the grieving parents were protected by the First Amendment.
By Sebastian Murdock
Alex Jones is not having a good year.
Alex Jones is not having a good year.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has failed to shut down a defamation lawsuit brought against him by the parents of a Sandy Hook victim.

Judge Scott Jenkins of the 53rd District Court ruled in Austin, Texas, on Thursday that the Infowars host must face claims from Leonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa. They’re seeking more than $1 million in damages for his repeated lies about the 2012 massacre. The ruling came after Jones attempted to get his case dismissed earlier this month.

“After considering the arguments of counsel and the record, including plaintiffs’ declarations filed on August 2, the court ORDERS that defendants’ motion is in all respects DENIED,” the court filing said.

Pozner and De La Rosa lost their 6-year-old son, Noah, when a gunman killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

In the years since, Sandy Hook parents have received death threats and online harassment from followers of Jones’ Infowars, an online conspiracy outlet that has claimed the shooting was a hoax and the parents are “crisis actors.”

Jones’ lawyer Mark Enoch argued the case should be dismissed under the Texas Citizens Participation Act, which protects citizens who have been sued for exercising their First Amendment rights. Jones had also been seeking more than $100,000 in court costs from the parents.

This is one of a pair of related lawsuits filed in April. As first reported by HuffPost, Pozner and De La Rosa, along with Neil Heslin, the father of another child, became the first Sandy Hook parents to sue Jones. They claim Jones and Infowars contributor Owen Shroyer have called the parents liars and sought to delegitimize their trauma.

In one instance, Jones claimed that an interview between De La Rosa and CNN’s Anderson Cooper was faked.

“So here are these holier than thou people, when we question CNN, who is supposedly at the site of Sandy Hook, and they got in one shot leaves blowing, and the flowers that are around it, and you see the leaves blowing, and they go [gestures]. They glitch,” Jones said, according to a transcript quoted in the lawsuit. “They’re recycling a green-screen behind them.”

Neil Heslin, father of 6-year-old Sandy Hook victim Jesse Lewis, holds a picture of him with Jesse as he testifies during a h
Neil Heslin, father of 6-year-old Sandy Hook victim Jesse Lewis, holds a picture of him with Jesse as he testifies during a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee in February 2013.
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Infowars followers have hounded the parents for years. In one case detailed in the complaint, Pozner received threatening voicemails that eventually led to the arrest and conviction of Florida woman Lucy Richards. In June 2017, Richards, then 57, was sentenced to five months in prison after sending Pozner a voicemail that warned, “You gonna die. Death is coming to you real soon.”

As part of her sentence, Richards will no longer be allowed to access Infowars, according to the lawsuit.

During the hearing, Kelly Jones, the former wife of Alex Jones, protested outside the Travis County courthouse in support of the parents, with signs that read “Honk 4 Sandy Hook kids.”

“Texans do care about justice, we care about bullies,” Kelly said. “We’re a strong state and we don’t put up with people bullying kids or parents of murdered schoolkids. We’re not gonna tolerate that, we’re gonna stand out here and protest peacefully.”

Jones’ legal battles are wide-ranging and have no immediate end in sight. Earlier this month, Jones was also in court for a motion to dismiss a different defamation lawsuit against him, brought by Marcel Fontaine. Infowars incorrectly identified Fontaine as the Parkland, Florida, shooter who killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14. Mark Bankston, of the law firm Farrar & Ball, is representing both the Pozner family and Fontaine in their respective lawsuits. Fontaine’s lawsuit will also move forward, Jenkins determined Thursday. Jones was removed as a defendant in that case, but Infowars and Free Speech LLC, which Jones owns and operates, will still be defendants.

Jones is also facing a defamation lawsuit from Brennan Gilmore, who recorded the violent vehicular attack that killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer during last year’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Jones called Gilmore a “deep state shill” and a “CIA asset.”

And then there are the six Sandy Hook families in Connecticut who filed a defamation lawsuit against Jones in May. In their suit, the families, along with an FBI agent who responded to the shooting that day, listed number of videos by Jones with titles including “Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed As A Fraud.”

Jones is being represented by lawyer Marc Randazza and Jay Wolman of the Las Vegas-based Randazza Legal Group in the Connecticut suit. The firm is also currently representing neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, co-founder of hate-based website the Daily Stormer. Jones’ lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss that case.

Re: Alex Jones Censored by the Libs
Posted by: suncloud ()
Date: August 31, 2018 08:42AM

If Alex Jones's first amendment rights were really violated by social media websites, he could sue and probably win his case. But that's not what's happening.

The first amendment rights go to the owner(s) of the site, not to the people visiting the site.

Civil rights laws would probably protect Alex Jones from suspension if the reason were his race or religion. But no one can be forced to provide a platform for speech they don't like on their own property.


Many sites like to allow all different points of view because it's a better discussion and attracts more people to the site.

But most sites will draw the line somewhere. Apparently Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube did just that. Alex Jones still gets to say whatever he wants, just not on their property...

...and NOT ANYWHERE at all if a jury finds that the speech causes actual harm due to defamation of another party (like the harm inflicted on the grieving parents of Sandy Hook). That's fair, because it's a jury.

Some people may not be aware of the numerous death threats still regularly received by families of the murdered children. And a little thought on this please: Some of these families also have living children who survived the attack.

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Re: Alex Jones Censored by the Libs
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: January 13, 2019 01:27PM

What a moron to say libs censored Alex Jones.
Thank the gods we still have courts of law and the Ku Klux Klan is not running the show 100%.

Jennifer very disgusting backing such a low life who trafficked in lies and hate in order to profit from the grief of Sandy Hook families. And you blame libs How sick! You blame Omar Cortez Obama the libs blame blame, look in a mirror!

Can anyone believe she was crying for poor Alex Jones?

Families of Sandy Hook shooting victims win legal victory in lawsuit against InfoWars, Alex Jones
Six families sued Alex Jones and InfoWars for defamation, among other claims.

By Aaron KaterskyJan 12, 2019 2:49 AM ET
Six families of victims killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School won a legal victory Friday in their fight against controversial radio and internet personality Alex Jones.

A judge in Connecticut has granted the families’ discovery requests, allowing them access to, among other things, Infowars’ internal marketing and financial documents.

(MORE: Remembering the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims)
The judge has scheduled a hearing next week to decide whether to allow the plaintiffs’ attorneys to depose Jones.

The plaintiffs include the parents of five children who went to the school as well as family members of first-grade teacher Victoria Leigh Soto and Principal Dawn Hochsprung, according to a statement from the plaintiff's attorneys.

According to the statement, the plaintiffs allege a "years-long campaign of abusive and outrageous false statements in which Jones and the other defendants have developed, amplified and perpetuated claims that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged and that the 26 families who lost loved ones that day are paid actors who faked their relative's deaths."

Police stand guard at the entrance after a mass shooting at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Conn., Dec. 15, 2012.

(Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images) Police stand guard at the entrance after a mass shooting at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Conn., Dec. 15, 2012.
It goes on to say that "Jones' actions subjected the families and survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting to physical confrontations and harassment, death threats and personal attacks on social media."

"From the beginning, we have alleged that Alex Jones and his financial network trafficked in lies and hate in order to profit from the grief of Sandy Hook families. That is what we intend to prove, and today's ruling advances that effort," Chris Mattei, one of the attorneys representing the families, said in the statement. "We look forward to gaining access to Infowars' internal marketing and financial documents to show that Jones has built an empire as nothing more than a conspiracy profiteer, as alleged in our complaint."

Jones has sought to dismiss the lawsuit.

"Plaintiffs suffered a horrible tragedy," his defense attorney, Jay M. Wolman, wrote in a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. "Alex Jones and Infowars are not responsible for this tragedy. To punish them for First Amendment protected speech on this matter of public concern will not bring back the lives lost."

Wolman did not immediately respond to ABC News' requests for comment.

(MORE: Sandy Hook mom reflects on 'incredibly raw' grief ahead of 6th anniversary)
The judge’s ruling on discovery gives the plaintiffs access to any communication Jones had about the Newtown massacre and to documents that could point to the inner workings of Infowars.

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Re: Alex Jones Censored by the Libs
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: January 13, 2019 03:50PM

As per usual from riverhousebill - and The Libs - you have misconstrued (that's a nice word for Lying, Spinning and Twisting) my words to Manufacture the False Narrative that I support all of Alex Jones' viewpoints.

And this whole thread and the Subject Line states that I Do Not Support - Censorship of Conservatives by The Libs. That is what this whole thread is about, not Alex Jones' viewpoints on various individual issues.

Re: Alex Jones Censored by the Libs
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: January 13, 2019 11:56PM

I just dont understand why a person could support such a sick person Like Alex Jones?


Re: Alex Jones Censored by the Libs
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: March 29, 2019 11:55PM

You have to be a sick cookie my dear Alex Jones Censored by the LIBS,
what is your real agenda with posting lies?

Jennifer does not understand - Three things that can not be long hidden,
The Sun The Moon The Truth! Read the deposition cackling Libs is getting a little ridiculous.

We Got Alex Jones' Deposition Video. It Was A Predictable Disaster ...
4 hours ago - Infowars host Alex Jones was questioned earlier this month for three hours by ... The deposition, which was released publicly on Friday, shows ...

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 03/30/2019 12:01AM by riverhousebill.

Re: Alex Jones Censored by the Libs
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: March 30, 2019 12:06AM

The deposition shows Jones thinks little of the real-world consequences of his actions. But he may soon find that ignoring those consequences won’t stop them from happening.

Re: Alex Jones Censored by the Libs
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: March 30, 2019 03:49AM

Jones and his cohorts, Read the full deposition! disgusting person Jones

But But But Jones Censored by the Libs she he cackled.

It's easy to dismiss Jones' show and his cohorts as far-right conspiracy theorists, but his blog,, has over 3 million American viewers every month and his radio show, which is syndicated on more than 60 stations, is reported to have anywhere between 2 million and 5 million listeners daily. Most importantly, his show also has the backing of President Donald Trump, who has argued Jones has an amazing reputation and deserves a Pulitzer.
President Trump, stop blocking me on Twitter
President Trump, stop blocking me on Twitter
Going as far back as Joseph Pulitzer's and William Randolph Hearst's "yellow journalism," America has developed a tradition of sensationalist writers, broadcasters and fearmongers. But now we have a dangerous mix with a sensationalist president who tweets out his own form of yellow journalism and reinforces the credibility of unhinged thinkers like Jones and his cohorts.

Re: Alex Jones Censored by the Libs
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: June 18, 2019 01:40AM

trump and his orbit! - Party Of Pedophilia
Now what was the Ku Klux Klan saying about Martian Luther King?
Give it up Klucker your looking like top hypocrit!

OMG jennifer, I think I know why you supported this very sick man.


Lawyers for the right-wing conspiracy theorist accidentally sent child porn to the plaintiffs. “numerous images of illegal child pornography,” apparently by mistake.


Like kiddy porn my dear next cackle but but the libs planted the evidence.

Say good bye To Mr Jones cultist! All these trump poeple child porn party of

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