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Please Note: SPLC has been de-legitimized as a credible source because Founder Morris Dees is a 'Hater'
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 10, 2018 02:48AM

Oopsie, looks like Morris Dees - founder of SPLC - has been proven (vie court documents) to have committed assault and battery on his wife (one of them; he's had five wives so far) and sexually assaulted his step-daughter, so that makes him the quintessential 'hater' - of women at least - not to mention sexual pervert and all around scum.

Therefore SPLC as a source, and all his categories and listings as 'hate groups' and 'haters' are now cleared of all 'hate' designations which he himself has admitted are actually only 'opinions', his opinions.

So his opinions aren't worth sh*it and never have been because he's a criminal and perv.

So therefore as pertains to this board - all the references to the Southern Poverty Law Center - commonly known as SPLC - are worthless, as is Morris Dees.

Retrospectively and henceforth, any information gleaned from SPLC on this board and elsewhere in the world is null and void; invalid.

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