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Mikhaila Peterson Nonsense and Vegetable Police comment
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: September 01, 2018 07:22PM

I listened to Mikhaila Peterson's interview with Joe Rogan. I only listened to it because Vegetable Police changed his diet supposedly because of this woman. (But I suspect Vegetable Police just had unresolved meat cravings and used her as an excuse.) Mikhaila had childhood rheumatoid arthritis at a young age and later the diagnosis changed to idiopathic arthritis and she has had a couple of joint replacements. She is one of the people making the carnivore diet trend right now (I don't give links, because these people are cashing in on their fad diets and clicks just validate their craziness).

I was completely shocked that Vegetable Police said he tried the diet because of Mikhaila who has only been on this carnivore diet a very short time (since Jan 2018). Vegetable POlice is going to ignore doctors and science and listen to a woman on a fad diet? So this is why I listened to the show.

Her interview reveals so much ignorance and Joe Rogan doesn't know enough science to call her out. Mikhaila talks about flare ups and symptoms she gets when she deviates from her carnivore diet, but we never hear about her ever going on a fat free raw vegan diet as an experiment (or to experiment with different raw vegan fats; I wonder if she would react to black sesame butter while on a raw vegan diet. Obviously the regular oils are not good for her). Mikhaila said she hallucinated and saw a demon head on her brother two days after she ate soy. But then she said that after seeing the demon, she went to her apartment and smoked a ton of marijuana! Looks like she is overemphasizing soy there, don't you think? Also on top of food sensitivities, there is something to be said for taking both digestive and systemic enzymes, REGARDLESS what diet she is on, due to the level of chronic disease in her body. Will her body ever be okay on any diet without enzymes?

In Chinese medicine, marijuana is called Fire Hemp, because it has a hot and drying nature. Over time, marijuana can drain the yin of the body. To counteract this constitutional change by marijuana abusers, heavy kidney yin tonics need to taken. this constitutional change by marijuana will also impact joint health. From an herbal perspective, herbs would be needed, as food is too mild. Coupled with her genetic weakness and a lifetime of heavy drug use (methotrexate, aderol, etc), she is going to need more than food to cure her.

She talks bad about salad, but she never has had salad without OIL!!! How scientific is it to bad mouth salad, if it's always laced with oil? Plus she adds questionable things to the salad like vinegar and salt. She claims later that she reacts to probiotics, so why would she add vinegar to her salad? Why didn't Joe Rogan point this out? It's just not a hard hitting interview. At least Joe recommended that she take a D supplement, when she said her test revealed low D, yet she still is going to skip it.

Joe Rogan did have a vegan on his show recently, so he is not buying this carnivore diet after carnivore Shawn Baker had questionable blood results. But he is ignorantly buying this idea that Mikhaila claims to be allergic to everything (if she was working with doctors closely, she wouldn't be calling her food sensitivities as allergies). Wake up people. Mikhaila has had a crazy life. Look how she talks about cocaine down below. Who gets to talk about cocaine in her public blog and go on Joe Rogan's show and not get in legal trouble? Somebody very, very, very, very privileged.
P.S. alcohol is not good for joint health.

This is what Mikhaila said about drugs and alcohol. Now after you read her blog admitting marijuana caused a relapse in her condition which she wrote on August 9, her interview with Joe Rogan on or around August 30 was intellectually dishonest. she selectively trashes certain foods/substances to fit her attachments/desires. What's sad is that someone like Vegetable Police would use her as his inspiration.


Recreational Drugs and Alcohol and Food Sensitivities
Posted on August 9, 2018 by Mikhaila

Hopefully, this one won’t get me in trouble but I’ll put it out there because I haven’t found any info on it anywhere else online. And I did google it when I was wondering.
Unfortunately, this inability to consume basically anything except for pure distilled alcohol, water, beef, and salt, also means I can’t do any fun drug.
About two months ago I had a terrible cold, and I can’t take any painkillers so I was laying there (basically dying) and figured I’d smoke some weed. I had already reacted to a puffer months before that but I figured I’d give the weed a go.
I had autoimmune symptoms for about 3 weeks after smoking that joint. They weren’t terrible like trying to reintroduce a new food, but it looks like I can’t inhale anything. Even marijuana. A vaporizer probably would have been a smarter idea but I didn’t have one on hand.
(UPDATE: not entirely sure if this was actually just a reaction to the cold. Colds give me flare ups so it could have been that, not the weed. Probably won’t test it out though.)
Other drugs:
I’m a pretty open individual and I’ve tried a lot of different recreational drugs, especially as a university student. Cocaine is also a no go. Obviously coke isn’t good for anyone but I can’t do any without three weeks of skin breakouts, joint pain, back pain, and brain fog. Not nearly as bad as a food introduction (funny eh?) but still not worth it at all. Haha, it’s also difficult to feel sorry for yourself if you’re reacting to cocaine… So I do not recommend.
It looks like the only substances I can abuse are bourbon, vodka, and silver tequila. And trust me, I’ve tested everything else out.
Just to reiterate:
Bourbon, vodka (unflavoured), and silver tequila are the only alcohols that don’t have added ingredients after distillation. Bourbon is stored in wood which gives it its flavour and colour but that doesn’t seem to bother me.
Other whiskeys (like scotch) can have added caramel colouring. I react to this. So if you’re super sensitive those are three alcohols that are the least reactive. Silver tequila (gold tequila has added caramel colouring), bourbon, and unflavoured vodka.

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Re: Mikhaila Peterson Nonsense and Vegetable Police comment
Posted by: suncloud ()
Date: September 02, 2018 06:55AM

I wonder if the carnivore diet might be related to cravings for alcohol.

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