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Trump and the Clean Air Act
Posted by: suncloud ()
Date: September 02, 2018 08:15AM

Trump and his administration are working on a proposal to allow vehicles to "spew an additional 600 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere"... and "revoke a waiver allowing California to set its own vehicle standards".


This is in spite of the administration's own recent report "that six key pollutants – ground-level ozone (smog), particulate matter (soot or smoke), carbon monoxide, lead, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide – dropped by 73 percent between the Clean Air Act's adoption in 1970 to last year".

(I guess we'd like to have more smog, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, lead, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide in the air?)


The Clean Power Plan was also repealed last October by Scott Pruitt, Trump's choice to lead the EPA, until Pruitt's recent resignation due to numerous ethics violations.


A list of Pruitt's ethic violations are listed here and include several hundred thousand dollars for travel expenses, $70,000 for 2 desks, $43,000 for a soundproof phone booth, and over $15,000 billed to the EPA for 12 silver pens.

(Talk about swamp monsters!)


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Re: Trump and the Clean Air Act
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: September 02, 2018 08:44AM

Sounds gruesome.
We need clean technology.

The other day at Whole Foods, I rescued a pigeon who was drinking the fluids under a car, perhaps anti-freeze or oil? it was so sick, it couldn't fly. It was so sad. (
The active ingredient in antifreeze is ethylene glycol, which is a dangerous poison. Each year hundreds of animals, both domestic and wild, are attracted to its sweet taste. When large amounts are swallowed, convulsions and coma occur. Smaller doses can result in irreversible kidney damage. Symptoms can occur in only a few hours.)

Electric cars don't need antifreeze. Solar is getting so much more advanced. People are experimenting now with solar electric cars. Solar is getting more efficient.

this is a primitive version: a solar electric vw bus

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Re: Trump and the Clean Air Act
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: September 02, 2018 06:52PM

this is an amazing story of these hobbyists that built an electric car for 14k and were able to drive 750 miles on a single charge. That's amazing.

It is interesting to read about hypermiling. the way you drive electric cars really affects how you use up the battery. One time I drove 40 miles in an electric car and only used 20 miles of the charge. I didn't know that I was using hypermiling techniques. I think it happened because the way traffic moved that day. It's important to note that these records are set WITHOUT using air conditioning, which eats up the charge.


Two hobbyists built an electric car from spare parts, and now they're going after a record set by Tesla
The Phoenix is a homemade electric vehicle created from 90 percent recycled parts by weight.
It has been able to go 748 miles on a single charge, beating current hypermiling record holder Tesla. Model S P100D went just shy of 700 miles on a single charge.
To take the record, the creators will replicate Tesla's optimal driving conditions and expect to almost double its attempt.
Michelle Castillo | @mishcastillo

A pair of electric vehicle enthusiasts believe they've created one of the most efficient cars out there — and all it took was $13,800 and a bunch of recycled car parts.
"If we can do this, anybody can do this," said Lundgren. "We're not some mad scientists in a lab. We're just trying to push this envelope to the max."
Their car is called The Phoenix. To show it go farther than any other electric car on a single charge, creators Eric Ludgren and Jehu Garcia will be attempting to take away the world hypermiling record from current record holder Tesla's Model S P100D, completed by the Tesla Owners Club Italia in early August.

Courtesy of Eric Ludgren
The Phoenix is an electric vehicle made from recycled parts that cost less than $14,000 to make.
Hypermiling is driving a car at low speeds to optimize battery conditions. The Tesla Model S P100 went 669.8 miles at 24.9 miles per hour for 29 hours. It also did not use air conditioning, had low rolling resistance tires and used autopilot to maximize the battery, according to Futurism.
The Phoenix has a very good chance of breaking the record because they've already done this before. Ludgren and Garcia say they previously drove The Phoenix 748 miles on a single charge on real Californian streets in stop-and-go and highway conditions, averaging 52 miles per hour. At hypermiling speeds, they are projecting The Pheonix will go up to 1,300 miles. They'll make a try for the record in the next few months.

Lundgren, who owns waste recycling and disposal company IT Asset Partners, didn't want to create a car to complete against Tesla. Instead , he wanted to highlight how many useful electronic parts we throw away.
"If we treated electric vehicles like we treat our phones, which if a single part breaks we throw it away, we'd have so much waste," he said. "We just want to breathe new life cycles into electronics."

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