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An unsparing look at the Vietnam War’s mountain of lies
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: October 18, 2018 04:22PM

Just saw this and thought you might be interested, rhb -

An unsparing look at the Vietnam War’s mountain of lies

By George Will


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Re: An unsparing look at the Vietnam War’s mountain of lies
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: October 19, 2018 12:22AM

Jennifer , Vietnam scared so many lives,, It would break your heart to see Impact, You can see the war on the faces of the elderly here in Vietnam, Scaring so deep, I see these faces everyday here in country.
I see it in the faces of my fellow vets at the VA clinics in USA

I saw Vietnam as a total Wall St war, Lost to many good friends American and Viet.

Always it seem Truth is the first thing to go with War The Vietnamese people have helped me heal
They know we vets where used just like them, and they tell us Your Victims like us used by your govt.

Im stilled floored they can forgive us knowing most familys here in this country of 90 million lost at least one member or more.

Yes The War was a mass of lies like most, What you going to do with a country that says things like If we dont sell them the arms somebody else will?
When I heard that I wanted to go to another planet.

All these years later, the "best and brightest" have been replaced. We have two more endless wars. Instead of fearing that the reds will be in downtown Fort Lauderdale by sunset, many of us are buying the hogwash that a bunch of fringe maniacs in the desert will. Or North Koreans. Or Mexicans. Or football players. There are always bogeymen. We can always find someone to fear.

Now that the worst and dumbest are in charge, the orange grifter comes up with new bogeymen, seemingly daily. Instead of solemn humbug about falling dominoes, we get crazy schoolyard bleats about foreign leaders who may be as unstable as our own. Instead of worrying about communists on the march, we get to worry about whether former communists gamed our election. Instead of being lied to in complete sentences, we're lied to in 140 characters.

None of that is an improvement.

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