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The Diversity Delusion
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: December 16, 2018 02:28AM

The brilliant Heather McDonald interviewed by The Great One - Mark Levin

Watch, listen and learn how The Libs are succeeding in Destroying our Culture through Institutionalized Identity Politics

The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt and Undermine Our Culture



Here is just the beginning -

"From the moment a student steps on a college campus today as a freshman or a fresh person, I should probably say, the bureaucracy is determined to drum in to that student's head, identity politics, which says, he is either a victim or an oppressor. Oppressors are obviously most famously white males, heterosexual white males. The only way they can get out to of their oppressor category is to become an ally - an ally of the oppressed.

The most preposterous delusion of all of this is student actually believe that they are at risk of their lives from circumambient racism and sexism on a college campus.
This is an environment that in traditional liberal terms is the most tolerant environment in human history for society's traditionally marginalized groups.

Yet, there is a massive bureaucracy dedicated to cultivating in students this delusional sense of their own oppression, which then they carry with them, it's a chip on their shoulder that prevents them from seizing the magnificent opportunities to learn, to read every book that is ever been written, and they carry this chip, this delusional victimology into world at large, and they are going around blaming American institutions of endemic racism and sexism, when that no longer is true.

LEVIN: You see it with respect to professors and tenure, you see certain professors are sort of drummed out of the classroom, you see rise in confrontation - physical confrontation on college campuses. You see that commencement speakers are almost totally of the left.

And you see when some conservatives dare to go to a college campus and want to speak about things that are really not particularly controversial, how often you have to bring in riot police or the security guards have to come into the facility.

MAC DONALD: Yes, the administrators are even more left wing than the faculty, and they are part of this massive bureaucracy. If students are wondering "why is my college tuition so expensive," look no further than diversity bureaucracy. At the University of California Los Angeles, their Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion makes over $400,000.00 a year. This is mindboggling. This is multiples more than your average faculty member makes. It could pay for free tuition for four years for 12 undergraduates and that Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion has nothing to do because there isn't a single bigot on a university campus today.

Every faculty search is one desperate effort to find qualified females or so-called underrepresented minorities, this refers to blacks and Hispanics who haven't already been snapped up by better endowed schools. So what do the Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion do? Because they are certainly not routing circumambient racism and sexism, what they are doing is drumming into students' heads this false narrative of victimology."

(More at the video)

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