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Liberals Eliminating The Electorial College - Shredding the Constitution
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: February 28, 2019 02:04AM

Liberals have long wanted to get rid of the Electoral College and it looks like it's happening soon. They want a "Democracy" - Tyranny of the Mob - rather than a Constitutional Republic that we have now.

Get Rid Of The Electoral College? It Would Lead To The Break-Up Of America, Or Worse


Electoral College: The first acts of a new Congress usually hold great significance. They set a tenor, a tone, for what is to come. If so, Americans should be very worried about the new Democrat-led Congress.

One of the first acts of business last Thursday, mere hours after the new Congress was sworn in, came from Tennessee Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen, as reported by The Daily Caller. His big idea: amend the Constitution to abolish the Electoral College.

Under Article II of the Constitution, both the president and vice president are decided by a group of electors chosen by a method determined by the individual states' legislators.

Cohen's proposed amendment reads: "Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector."

If it sounds innocent, it's not. The idea is to neuter the electoral college, and turn the election of our presidents and vice presidents over to a simple majority vote.

Electoral College No More?

"More than a century ago, we amended our Constitution to provide for the direct election of U.S. Senators," said Cohen in a press release. "It is past time to directly elect our president and vice president." Cohen already has three sponsors signed up for this abysmal idea, not surprisingly two of them from California.

Despite what you may have heard in the leftist media, this is a very bad idea. It would not only be anti-democratic (that's a small "d" ), but could actually lead to the dissolution of our nation. And those who propose this idea betray a shocking lack of historical and civics knowledge and appreciation for how our nation works. That's especially true of elected officials, who should know better.

This is a long-held pipe-dream of the Democrats. But they're not limiting themselves to just Congress, either. Currently, there's a far-left movement called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Under that deal, states that sign on would agree to give their state presidential electors to whatever candidate wins the national vote — even if that candidate loses the state.

Already, 12 Blue States and Washington D.C. have signed on. The agreement will only go into effect if states representing the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency sign on. As of last summer, they were short just 85 votes.

Blue State Domination

The compact, which has 12 blue states and the District of Columbia on board, would become effective only after gaining enough states to equal 270 votes — or a majority of the Electoral College, the same number required to elect a president. They're now just 98 Electoral College votes short.

Why is this so important? The Electoral College has kept bigger states from bullying and pushing around the smaller states. Along with the Senate, in which each state gets two senators regardless of size (and Democrats want to get rid of that, too), the Electoral College gives small states a voice.

By the way, many of those small states are traditionalist, small-town oriented, conservative and Republican. Red States, in short. Getting rid of the Electoral College would give Blue States political domination over Red States. Democrats don't give a hoot about "democracy." What they care about is power. And eliminating the Electoral College or circumventing it altogether would give Democrats that.

Under their vision, the 50 states would wither away in terms of power and autonomy. They would merely be geographical descriptions, beholden entirely to the federal government. This kind of "democracy" means states like California and New York, with their huge, dysfunctional cities and large Democratic majorities, would become in effect geographical dictators to the rest of us.

It would also result in far more power residing in a corrupt centralized government. It move us inevitably toward the Sovietization of America. If you doubt that, recall that under the now defunct Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics, the individual republics had theoretical autonomy. They in fact had none. All powers and rights resided with the central government.

The Sovietization Of America

The same thing would happen here. Imagine a semi-permanent class of rulers in Washington, D.C. with powers over all Americans, but operating only in the interests of a majority. It would eventually lead to a loss of personal rights and, almost certainly, a rewriting of the Bill of Rights to end our freedom as we know it.

That anyone seriously entertains this idea is shocking and a testament to the decline of public education in America. It also shows just how far left the Democratic Party has swung. This kind of extremism is now Democratic Party mainstream thought.

To tinker with the Electoral College risks the greatest political success story in human history, the United States of America.

"America's election systems have operated smoothly for more than 200 years because the Electoral College accomplishes its intended purposes," wrote Tara Ross, a lawyer and author of "Enlightened Democracy: The Case For The Electoral College. "

"America's presidential election process preserves federalism, prevents chaos, grants definitive electoral outcomes, and prevents tyrannical or unreasonable rule," she wrote in a piece for the Heritage Foundation. "The Founding Fathers created a stable, well-planned, and carefully designed system — and it works."

Founding Wisdom

In creating the Electoral College, the Founders very carefully and intentionally kept us from having a pure democracy. Why? Pure democracy amounts to mob rule. Get a 51% majority for anything, and it becomes law. Such countries, the Founders knew from deep study of history, inevitably led to disaster, chaos and collapse.

No Electoral College? Some states might hate losing their ancient rights and autonomy so much that they decide to secede. The left, which today cheers on far-left anti-Trump California when it says it might secede, would no doubt suddenly get very authoritarian about keeping Red States in the union. They're taxpayers, you see.

Does anyone remember the Civil War?

We urge all Americans to oppose this awful idea of abolishing the Electoral College. You won't create a purer democracy, as those who propose this plan suggest. In fact, you will surrender your precious rights as a citizen and give the authoritarian far left a path to permanent power — a political disaster that would end our nation's successful 230-year run as the world's freest, and most successful, republic.

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Re: Liberals Eliminating The Electorial College - Shredding the Constitution
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: February 28, 2019 02:47AM

Liberals have long wanted to get rid of the Electoral College and it looks like it's happening soon. They want a "Democracy" - Tyranny of the Mob - rather than a Constitutional Republic that we have now.

To HELL with the Constitution: Colorado Dem Gov to sign bill bypassing Electoral College, render voting irrelevant


On Monday, The Hill reported that Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, D, will sign a measure designed to bypass the Electoral College and essentially render voting for president in the state pointless.

According to The Hill, the measure Polis will sign awards that state’s electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, bypassing the Constitution.

“I’ve long supported electing the president by who gets the most votes,” he told The Hill. “It’s a way to move towards direct election of the president.”

He also called the Electoral College an “undemocratic relic” of the nation’s past, saying it should be relegated to the dustbin of history, The Hill report said.

But that’s not what the founders intended when they crafted the Electoral College.

The Hill added:

Colorado will become the 12th state to join the national popular vote interstate compact. Those 12 states and the District of Columbia, which has also passed a popular-vote bill, account for 181 electoral votes, just under 90 shy of the 270 votes a presidential candidate needs to win the White House.

The compact will not go into effect until the coalition includes states that add up to 270 electoral votes or more. Once it does go into effect, states that are part of the coalition would award their electoral votes en masse to the candidate who wins the national popular vote.

Supporters of the compact say relying on the popular vote would expand the presidential map, incentivizing candidates to travel to states beyond the traditional battlegrounds of Florida and Ohio.

As Twitchy noted, Polis is basically “…telling Coloradoans their vote is irrelevant when it comes to the president so why bother?”

Reaction was pretty much what one might expect:

This is tyranny.

— Nick Searcy, INTERNATIONAL FILM & TELEVISION STAR (@yesnicksearcy) February 26, 2019

So Colorado voters no longer have a voice? Clearly unconstitutional in practice

— Alex Liles (@alex_liles) February 25, 2019

Coloradans should recall their Governor and every pola who supported this. It’s voter disenfranchisement plain and simple.

— A #1, Emperor of the North Pole (@railboss) February 26, 2019

So everyone is going to be okay with California deciding every single National Election – do NOT agree with this! 50 States should mean something, you gotta win Popular vote in each state to get states EC seems fairest nationally.

— Kevin Swift (@kdawgswift) February 25, 2019

If other states join to get to 270, it doesn't. And the whole point of state electorate is to represent the voters of that state. The power of EC is that states have a say, no matter how small or big, because each state has different needs. This is a huge mistake. We won't matter

— Matthew Hansen (@Matty_FoCo) February 26, 2019

But that’s pretty much the idea. That, and ensuring that California and New York will select every future president. Which, of course, will be a leftist.


Colorado governor will sign bill aimed at bypassing Electoral College


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