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The SAT - Another Institution Ruined by the Libs
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: May 17, 2019 10:54PM

Libs Identity Politics have now perverted the SAT.

The SAT is an APPTITUTE TEST and The Libs have assigned a secret system where and "Adversity Score" is assigned to each Student.

That means that priority will be given to Poor Minority/LGBT Students. So The SAT is an Apptitute Test that rates students on Victimhood/Intersectionality, Not Merit!

What the Hell!

The Common Sense Conservative Way to get into College: If you're smart and you work your a*s off you get into college. If you're not smart and you're a lazy a*s, you don't. It's called MERITOCRITY!

SAT to use 'adversity score' for students applying to college


The College Board, which oversees the SAT exam used by most U.S. colleges during the admissions process, plans to introduce an “adversity score” which takes into consideration the social and economic background of every student.

The move is likely to reignite the debate over race and class in college admissions.

The new adversity score is being calculated using 15 factors, including the crime rate and poverty level from the student's high school and neighborhood, The Wall Street Journal first reported.

Students won't be privy to their scores but colleges and universities will see them when reviewing applications.

So far, 50 colleges have used it in making a decision about a prospective student's chances. The College Board plans to expand that to 150 higher learning institutions in the fall. The goal is to use it broadly by 2021.

Yale University is one of the schools that has used adversity scores. The Connecticut-based Ivy has pushed to increase socioeconomic diversity in recent years and has almost doubled the number of low-income students.
Yale University is one of the schools that has used adversity scores. The Connecticut-based Ivy has pushed to increase socioeconomic diversity in recent years and has almost doubled the number of low-income students.

"There are a number of amazing students who may have scored less (on the SAT) but have accomplished more," David Coleman, chief executive of the College Board, said. "We can't sit on our hands and ignore the disparities of wealth reflected in the SAT."

Yale University is one of the schools that has used adversity scores. The Connecticut-based Ivy has pushed to increase socioeconomic diversity in recent years and has almost doubled the number of low-income students.

"This (adversity score) is literally affecting every application we look at," Jeremiah Quinlan, dean of undergraduate admissions at Yale, told WSJ. "It has been a part of the success story to help diversity our freshman class."

Still, it's unlikely the adversity score will be a hit with advocates who have long argued that merit alone should dictate whether a student is allowed admission.

Many universities like Harvard say a diverse student body is part of the college experience and should be the educational mission of a school. However, there have been several lawsuits filed in recent years that accuse universities of unfair admission practices.

Trial reveals Harvard has different SAT standards for each raceVideo
In October, Harvard University's dean of admissions testified the Ivy League school applies different SAT score standards to prospective students based on factors such as race, but insisted the practice is not discriminatory.

Students for Fair Admissions, a group headed by legal strategist Edward Blum, sued the Cambridge, Mass., school in 2014 claiming Asian-Americans, who have the highest academic records, unfairly receive the lowest admission rate at the elite university.

Similar lawsuits have also been filed against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of California system.

According to a February Pew Research Center survey, 73% of Americans say colleges should not consider race or ethnicity when making admission decisions. Only 7% said race should be a major factor.

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Re: The SAT - Another Institution Ruined by the Libs
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: May 18, 2019 02:55AM

Totally Unfair!

"Privileged Kids" - Lib speak for 'whites' who Libs Hate. Unless they're LGBT and Libs, then they're immune.

Libs IDENTITY POLITICS/VICTIMIZATION - Intersectionality. The Libs are all about dividing everybody into groups and Moral Superiority.

College Board To Juke SAT Test Scores To Reflect Student ‘Privilege’

'If I am going to make room for more of the [poor and minority] students we want to admit and I have a finite number of spaces, then someone has to suffer and that will be privileged kids on the bubble.'


Since 2015, College Board has been experimenting with new metrics on its SAT college entrance exam to evaluate students based on 15 nonacademic factors, including school and neighborhoods’ crime, income, and single-parent statistics, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

The 15 factors do not include race, College Board told WSJ, but all of these socioeconomic factors heavily overlap with race, and racial differences were the driving reason for making these SAT alterations. At Florida State University, using this dashboard boosted nonwhite enrollment 5 percent in the past year, said campus administrator John Barnhill.

He told WSJ “he expects pushback from parents whose children go to well-to-do high schools as well as guidance counselors there. ‘If I am going to make room for more of the [poor and minority] students we want to admit and I have a finite number of spaces, then someone has to suffer and that will be privileged kids on the bubble.'”

It’s not clear whether College Board also provides colleges a SAT score adjusted in light of the “adversity score.” But that’s another distinction without a difference, as providing the “adversity score” is meant to put a thumb on the scale of the actual SAT results. WSJ gave further details:

The College Board declined to say how it calculates the adversity score or weighs the factors that go into it. The data that informs the score comes from public records such as the U.S. Census as well as some sources proprietary to the College Board, [College Board President] Mr. Coleman said.

…Several college admissions officers said they worry the Supreme Court may disallow race-based affirmative action. If that happens, the value of the tool would rise, they said.

‘The purpose is to get to race without using race,’ said Anthony Carnevale,
director of Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. Mr. Carnevale formerly worked for the College Board…

Representatives of institutions well-known for preferencing students based on race were quoted praising this addition to SAT results, including Yale University, the University of Michigan, and New Trier High School, which notoriously held racial grievance seminars for students in 2017. Harvard University, and others, is embroiled in a discrimination lawsuit for using socioeconomic factors to reduce their Asian and Caucasian student enrollment.

Lest anyone think his or her child can avoid being ranked according to theoretical “privilege” by simply taking the ACT instead of the SAT, College Board’s system will also spit out an “adversity score” for students who have taken the ACT, Yahoo! News reported: “College administrators can also plug in a prospective student’s ACT score into the dashboard, although the score from the rival test will be converted to the equivalent SAT score.”

And ACT, which in recent years surpassed the SAT in college entrance exam market share, is developing its own system “to better judge the merit of students from under-served backgrounds,” a spokesman said. It appears the Classical Learning Test, a relatively new college entrance exam free of this fiddle-faddle and now accepted at more than 150 higher-education institutions, could not have arrived at a better moment.

Coleman, College Board’s president, joined the organization in 2012 after helping convince Bill Gates to bankroll Common Core and push the Obama administration to foist it upon the nation using a federal grant competition during the 2008-09 recession. Common Core is a nationalized system of K-12 curriculum content mandates and tests used in almost all public schools and many private schools. Coleman was a lead writer for Common Core’s English language arts mandates.

When he took the helm at College Board, Coleman immediately planned then executed a revamp of the organization’s many tests and curriculum products to better fit Common Core. His tenure has been marked by repeated controversies over College Board’s technical failures and a dramatic increase in ideological leftism, including openly leftist revisions to advanced U.S. and European history courses administered to hundreds of thousands of the nation’s brightest high school students every single year.

Taxpayers send hundreds of millions of dollars to College Board every year, for Advanced Placement curriculum and tests to PSAT and SAT tests to teacher training and exclusive contracts with states and school districts. But that kind of financial hegemony is not enough for College Board. They want to alter society, too. In 2018, Coleman told an audience of his mission at College Board, “We’ve tried to move beyond giving tests to delivering opportunity.”

What does he mean by that, exactly?

“We’ve got to admit the truth, that wealth inequality has progressed to such a degree that it isn’t fair to look at test scores alone,” Coleman told the Associated Press in April. “That you must look at them in context of the adversity students face.”


"Wealth Inequality" - Libs Hate Prosperous People

Libs' War on White People

Libs' War on Wealthy People

Libs' War on Men

Libs' Genocide of The Unborn

Libs' Ruination of Children (through Sexualization, Pedophilia, and Turning Kids Trans)

Libs War on Christians

Libs War on Southerners

Libs Love of Criminals

Libs Love of Government

Libs Love of Celebrities

Etc., Etc., Etc....

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Re: The SAT - Another Institution Ruined by the Libs
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: May 18, 2019 03:08AM

Interesting Comments:

"Only about 15% of jobs require college/university degrees.

Then another 25-30% require good quality post secondary school vocational training.

The other 60-65% of jobs could be done by someone with a decently rigorous high school sophomore education.

Instead of trying for that, the way the German system does (which is how they manage free university, only the top 15-18% even go to university), the US and places like Australia, Canada, and the UK are pushing for 40% to have degrees.

But there just aren't the jobs for them, let alone the number of people who have the required smarts to get anything out of a university degree. If you aren't in the top 20% brains wise you'll get nothing from going to university but a debt and 3-4 wasted years when you could be starting to establish your life."


""Test scores are objective measures"

Not when test scores consistently show that blacks and latinos score lower than whites and asians they're not. Then they're racist.

Any argument to the contrary makes you a racist white supremacist.

Sorry, but this is America and that's the way it works now."


"It's a poor situation when a smart kids loses the luck of the draw and ends up in a poor school system riddled with crime and other problems. Why then should we take a bad situation and make it worse by implementing such silly ideas as this one. The net result in this case where a student's poor environment is used to justify admission when their intellectual testing shows them to be deficient harms everyone.
This policy harms the student by admitting them into a school for which they are not prepared to attend. Time and again this was seen with affirmative action with the result being the student failing out of the school only to never return to any effort for further education. If the student had been placed in a lower tier school then they would have done quite well and could have gone on to bigger and better things, but by placing the student in a situation where they do not possess the tools to succeed, then everyone fails.
This policy also hurts the smart students by reducing the requirements to stay in school. What happens is that by reducing standards necessary to try and keep marginal students in school is that standards and expectations across the board drop. While it is a given that all students should be pushed as hard as possible to maximize their learning, when the standards are dropped and this push is gone good students skate through the system without learning what they should have and end up being cheated out of a proper education. Not only does the student suffer, but the country suffers because we end up will all sorts of talent being underdeveloped which then decreases our ability to effectively use our resources which then affects our ability to compete as a nation.
The better option is to identify those students who appear promising but were educated in a poor school system suffering from these social problems that negatively affect their ability to educate properly. These students, once identified, should be placed in a special school tailored to teaching them proper study habits, catching up their education so that they are on par with what they should be had they been in a better school system, and then admit them into an appropriate college based upon their now well honed abilities. This effort takes more time and such, but it offers the best option for correcting the situation without taking a bad situation and compounding by creating other problems."


"The left has been trying for decades to make people something that they are not. You cannot increase someone's IQ by admitting them into a college where they will fail. You cannot force people into valuing education. The left foisted divorce and the destruction of the nuclear family on us now they want to penalize people that score high on tests and have intact family units. The fact is every stupid thing they do FAILS miserably and has for the past 50 years. School busing is a complete failure because people don't get smarter by osmosis. The federal government is full of incompetent clowns that went to college and got a bull @#$%& degree that a monkey could have gotten. Get rid of the gender studies and feminazi studies and all of the other ridiculous nonsense."


"There isn't a large pool of underprivileged children of color that don't score well on the SAT, but if they were just given the chance they would thrive in a highly-competitive college environment. That's a fantasy. The children of color who would thrive in highly-competitive colleges are identified in kindergarten; schools *really* want minority children to do well and will do everything they can to encourage them. They're the sons and daughters of middle and upper-middle class college-educated professionals. Those other minority kids who score mediocre on the SAT, but have high "adversity" scores probably at best belong in community colleges or (if their IQ is high enough) the military. If you send them to highly-competitive colleges, you are setting them up for failure.

On the other hand, a high, but not perfect, scoring white kid from a rural area or Asian kid from an ethnic enclave would suffer some initial culture shock at a highly-competitive college, but would eventually do just fine. Maybe they should get preferences ...."


"My husband and I raised our 3 kids with officially poverty level finances. Watching my son go through the long process as a home-schooled student, through to our local Canadian University, then doctoral levels at Yale (both places receiving high awards), then working at research and teaching at a top US University; clearly showed me that just getting IN initially, is only a tiny blip in the arduous struggle to make it all worth while. There are many grants that need to be prepared to help financially, tests to be passed, levels acheived, thesis to be written and accepted, applications for positions to be written, and much more; all complex and demanding determination and commitment. No way will someone boosted with inadequate ability get through to the ultimate pay-off. We met some of them driving for Uber taxi with huge debts."


"How do we navigate in such a world? My son just got a 1570 on his SAT but is it trash now because we live in a nice neighborhood? We were born into lower middle class families ourselves and worked our whole lives to move into a safe, nice area to raise our kids. This is how's it's going to be now?

And with this @#$%&, this College Board elitist moron: there's no way to reach people like this, right? Can't file a complaint, can't contact him to object. That's just how it is. It's "screw you," you'll get nothing for your hard work. And as always, the people who make these decisions are never affected. My assh$% mayor, De Blasio sent both his kids to top notch schools, elitist schools, but wants to do away with specialized high schools where you have to test to get into. He's already done with his kids, so it doesn't affect him. I guess people in these positions have absolutely no conscience and no souls. They must be dead inside. It's just all about position and power for them. I pray karma judges them accordingly."


"The net result of this nonsense will end up sending more young adults to colleges and universities were they will be unable to succeed. Objective tests like the SAT and ACT are meant to direct prospective students to colleges and universities that are suited for their education and intellect, should they even go to an institution of higher learning.

The people who will be least served by this are the young adults who are given a puffed up score, and then admitted to a school where academic success proves too difficult. At the same time time theses kids are being told that they deserve to go to top notch schools, they are also asked to sign on the dotted line so their future is "mortgaged" away."

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