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Illegal Immigrant Killers on the Loose in America
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: May 22, 2019 06:41PM

Courtesy of The Libs Open Borders -

The Libs:

The Party of Open Borders
The Party of Criminals
The Party of Gangs
The Party of MS-13
The Party of Killers

ICE says Maryland county released MS-13-linked illegal immigrant murder suspects


Two teens arrested last week on charges stemming from a horrific murder in Maryland were supposed to be deported last year, but Prince George’s police refused to turn them over to ICE, the immigration agency said Tuesday.

Authorities say the teens, Josue Rafael Fuentes-Ponce, 16, and Joel Ernesto Escobar, 17, feared being ratted out for an April robbery so they and an accomplice made a 14-year-old suspected snitch strip, then beat her with a baseball bat and chopped her with a machete.

The girl’s body was found in a creek earlier this month.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in a pointed statement Tuesday, said the crime could have been averted but for Prince George’s County’s sanctuary city policy.

Both Josue and Joel were in county custody last year on attempted murder charges from another crime, ICE said.

The agency placed a detainer on them, which means it asked the county to notify deportation officers when the teens were to be released, so ICE could pick them up for removal from the country.

The county defied the request, ICE says.

“These individuals had demonstrated violent criminal behavior before, and because they were released in spite of the lawful detainer, they were afforded an opportunity to take a life,” said Diane Witte, director of Baltimore’s ICE Field Office.

ICE has placed new detainers.

Prince George’s Department of Corrections’ phone wasn’t answered when The Washington Times called to seek comment. An email sent to the director was answered by a spokesman who said he was looking into ICE’s claims.

ICE said Josue came to the U.S. in late 2015 with his family — part of the surge of migrant families from Central America who have overwhelmed the border in recent years.

Under the Obama administration the family was paroled into the U.S. to await its immigration case. Like many other families, Josue didn’t show for his hearing and was ordered deported in absentia — but he ignored the order, ICE said.

Joel entered the U.S. in 2016 as an Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC), the other part of the new border surge, ICE said.

Under the law he was quickly sent from Homeland Security to the federal Health Department, which released him to a relative in the Washington, D.C. area.

Immigration analysts say Prince George’s County is a sanctuary jurisdiction. Under a 2014 Department of Corrections policy it refuses to cooperate with ICE detainer requests.

The department says it would cooperate if ICE obtained a warrant. But since deportation is a civil matter and not a criminal matter ICE says there’s no avenue to get such a warrant, so communities that demand warrants are effectively shutting down cooperation.

The Washington area has long had a large Central American population, making it one of the top destinations for new families and UAC involved in the surge.
And Prince George’s County has led the region.

Over the last five and a half years the federal government has placed more than 5,650 UAC in the county, taxing community schools and, security experts say, creating a breeding ground for gang recruitment.

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Re: Illegal Immigrant Killers on the Loose in America
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: May 23, 2019 12:26PM

Scary killers everywhere my dear we are doomed, Now inside jobs from our own citizens

You hang a jacket on one group then an other pops up

Nice try racist!

Utah man arrested for threatening to kill YouTube employees
David Levon Swanson, 35, was charged with threats of terrorism, a second-degree felony, and released on $100,000 bail, according to police records.
May 22, 2019, 3:57 AM GMT+7
By Brandy Zadrozny
A Utah man was arrested Saturday for allegedly threatening to kill YouTube employees in a series of comments left on the video platform over the last eight months.

David Levon Swanson, 35, was charged with threats of terrorism, a second-degree felony, and released on $100,000 bail, according to police records.

Image: David Levon SwansonDavid Levon SwansonUtah County Sheriff's Office
The charges stem from comments Swanson allegedly made on three YouTube videos.

The first comment, which was allegedly posted in September 2018 on a video dissecting drama around popular YouTuber Logan Paul, said “The only thing that comes after the death of YouTube is a funeral for all the executives that were rightfully murdered.”

In December 2018, he allegedly commented on another video, referencing tech giants Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter. “Their only hope of not getting their executive teams slaughtered (by gun) is to clean up their act and start following the spirit of the US Constitution," he allegedly wrote.

Swanson also allegedly commented on a video from Pewdiepie last month, in which the platform’s most popular creator urged followers to discontinue using a popular saying, “Subscribe to Pewdiepie,” following references made by the Christchurch, New Zealand shooter who killed 51 people.

"It's actually because the goons at YouTube think their ideology has won another victory. They see Pewds as someone that is moving further away from the religion they believe in (Leftism) and bringing millions with him,” Swanson allegedly wrote. “I'm not saying YouTube employees need to die, but I know they are at least as evil as any Of the worst groups in history because their hearts are evil and they happen to be wielding the weapon of the power of speech. They won't last much longer."

In another comment on the same video, Swanson wrote, “Get woke go broke, and when I visit your campus in two weeks I’ll be able to shoot any employees exiting, from the convenience of my car, because the First Amendment allows me a right to do so.”


Probe into Northam 'could not conclusively determine' if he was in racist photo

Cohen told lawmakers that Trump attorneyJay Sekulow encouraged him to give false information to Congress
The Orem Police Department told an ABC7 Bay Area reporter that Swanson had visited the Bay Area in May. "He admitted to posting those comments and talked more about how it was a play on words and that when he was referring to shooting, he was referring more to a cellphone or a video camera," Lt. Trent Colledge said.

Swanson also admitted to owning a handgun, Colledge said.

A YouTube spokesperson said, "“Our number one priority is to protect the safety and welfare of everyone that works at YouTube. Our security team is aware of this threat and is working closely with law enforcement to monitor the situation.”

Swanson did not return calls seeking comment.

Through his personal YouTube account, Swanson subscribed to channels by gun and self-protection groups, as well as conservative channels like The Dave Ramsey Show. Swanson also subscribed to leader of the far-right collective Vincent James Foxx’s channel Red Elephants, and Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes’s channel. The Proud Boys is an all-male right-wing crew designated a hate group by The Southern Poverty Law Center.

Swanson used YouTube to create playlists of construction videos, Mormon sermons and ultraconservative political videos. Videos mocking transgender people, feminism, slavery reparations, and affirmative action are in his collection as is content from conservative YouTube celebrities Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and PragerU.

One playlist on Swanson’s account was titled “Beginning of the End.” It includes 13 videos from online celebrities Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, Ben Shapiro and others about the so-called “culture wars,” decrying liberalism, feminism, and imagined censorship of conservative voices by YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

He also appeared in several nonpolitical viral YouTube videos, including one in which a team recreated a Mad Max chase scene with go-karts that has been viewed more than 8 million times.

The motive behind Swanson’s alleged threats remains unclear.

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Re: Illegal Immigrant Killers on the Loose in America
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: May 23, 2019 11:03PM

Legal citizen born USA was on the loose my dear!

All sides of the Fence my dear,KILLERS, Now stop your spin painting who the killers are your homophobia, racism, of people of color, Muslim, blacks, Immigrant
You need to leave the Ku Klux Klan my dear
You eat meat humans!

Grady Wayne Wilkes, 29, is charged with capital murder, three counts of attempted murder and domestic violence.

shared pro-Trump posts and memes.
Other posts suggested Wilkes held a far-right political ideology, anti-Muslim views, and an affinity for 4chan, an online image board known as a haven for internet trolls and racist, extremist content.

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Re: Illegal Immigrant Killers on the Loose in America
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: May 24, 2019 11:06PM

“I used an f150 to do a human pit maneuver on a guat running from an agent," he said in a text to another agent.

My Dear, As I was saying killers on both sides of fence, Mostly USA side.

Please feel free to Kluck again Jennifer! KILLERS on the loose In America

Border agent facing criminal charges called migrants 'murdering savages' in texts
The agent's text messages speak to his state of mind and “intent on committing this civil rights crime," prosecutors say.
May 21, 2019, 4:34 AM GMT+7
By Suzanne Gamboa
An Arizona Border Patrol agent, facing criminal charges for hitting a migrant with a truck, sent text messages in which he referred to immigrants as “mindless, murdering savages.”

The use of such words is commonplace in the Tucson, Arizona sector, the agent’s attorney said in court documents, although he’s backpedaling from that statement.

Prosecutors obtained the texts that Matthew Bowen, 39, sent to other agents through a subpoena of phone records. The content of the text messages was first reported by the Arizona Daily Star.

The prosecutors wrote in a court document that Bowen’s text messages speak to his state of mind and his “intent on committing this civil rights crime.” They further stated the texts show “his subsequent effort to cover up his crime.”

Image: Border Patrol agents are seen during a tour of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) temporary holding facilities in El PasoBorder Patrol agents participate during a tour of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) temporary holding facilities in El Paso, Texas on May 2, 2019.Jose Luis Gonzalez / Reuters file
In one text to agent Lonnie Swartz, Bowen wrote, “mindless, murdering savages. PLEASE let us take the gloves off trump!”

Swartz was tried and acquitted on charges of murder and involuntary manslaughter in the 2012 shooting death of Jose Antonio Rodríguez. Swartz has since returned to work for the agency, said Art Del Cueto, national vice president of the Border Patrol Council, the union that represents border agents.

Another agent sent a text to Bowen that said, “Did you gas hiscorpse or just use regular peanut oil while tazing?? For a frying effect.”

Bowen said in response, “Guats are best made crispy with olive oil from their native pais.” País is the word in Spanish for country, and Guats refers to people from Guatemala.

In some texts, Bowen refers to immigrants, including the one he is accused of hitting, as a “tonk”. The word, also spelled “tonc”, has been considered either an acronym — Territory of Origin Not Known or Temporarily Outside Native Country — or is meant to simulate the sound of a flashlight hitting the back of a person's head, according to the Arizona Republic.

Sean Chapman, Bowen’s attorney, has asked a judge to keep a jury from seeing the texts, saying that they don't aid a jury in determining if his client set out to use excessive force on this occasion and that Bowen's "'disdain' for aliens" is not relevant to the issues before the jury.

He added in a footnote to that statement that if the texts are admitted in the case, Bowen "would seek to establish that the use of these terms is commonplace throughout the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector, that it is part of the agency’s culture, and therefore says nothing about Mr. Bowen’s mindset.”


Federal judge blocks Mississippi abortion ban

Trump doesn't seem to understand what 'treason' means
Reached Monday by NBC News, Chapman said his comment in the footnote in the court filing was “misinterpreted.” He said he was referring only to the use of the term “tonk” as common in the Border Patrol sector.

“I did not mean to suggest it's common for Border Patrol to use racial slurs or insulting pejoratives,” Chapman said.

Antolin Rolando Lopez-Aguilar, 23, the migrant from Guatemala who was hit in the back by the truck, had abrasions to his hands and both knees, according to court documents.

Bowen is specifically charged with assaulting Lopez-Aguilar with a dangerous weapon, in this case the Border Patrol truck.

Prosecutors are pointing to texts Bowen sent about his encounter to allege he tried to cover up the incident.

“I used an f150 to do a human pit maneuver on a guat running from an agent," he said in a text to another agent.


16-year-old migrant boy dies in U.S. custody, 5th child to die since Dec.
Prosecutors said PIT stands for Precision Immobilization Technique, when a law enforcement vehicle disables a fleeing target vehicle by applying lateral pressure on the rear quarter panel of the fleeing vehicle so it spins out and stops.

“A “human pit maneuver” is not a recognized law enforcement term, but prosecutors stated that it is an "accurate description of the defendant’s actions in the charged crime."

The prosecutors said Bowen changed the characterization of his contact with the immigrant in a text three days later.

“I went up and talked to [the Border Patrol union attorney] the other day. I submitted a supplemental report that documents how it was unintentional, accidental and I was not familiar with how responsive the acceleration was on those new F-150s etc." Bowen's text states.

Other text messages show Bowen’s dissatisfaction with his job and political views.

Chapman said those texts and those referring to immigrants pejoratively are immaterial and it would be improper for a jury to infer they caused him to disregard constitutional rights.

Rep. Joaquín Castro, D-Texas, who has led the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in scrutinizing operations at the border, told NBC News that "to have agents enforce their own racism and biases in their work is dangerous and unacceptable."

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