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Vegetarian historian Rynn Berry
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: April 22, 2020 02:12AM

In fact, vegetarians were persecuted by the Nazi Empire:

"Moreover, during the Reich, vegetarians were forbidden to organize new groups or to start publications. A leading vegetarian magazine, Vegetarian Warte, suspended publication in Frankfurt in 1933. A competing journal, The Vegetarian Press, was allowed to limp along during the Nazi years, but it was severely hamstrung: It was prohibited from using the term “vegetarian movement,” and it was barred from publishing the time and place of vegetarian gatherings.

Rose read for change put down the youtube steaks.

Hitler: Neither Vegetarian Nor Animal Lover, by Rynn Berry

"The myth that Adolf Hitler was an ethical vegetarian refuses to die. Even some misinformed eminent Hitler biographers have asserted that Hitler was not only an ethical vegetarian, but also a vegetarian rawfoodist. Now, vegetarian historian, Rynn Berry, who is the author of such vegetarian classics as 'Famous Vegetarians and Their Favorite Recipes' and 'Food for the Gods: Vegetarianism and the World's Religions', adroitly demolishes the seeming paradox that a genocidal tyrant could have been an animal lover and an ethical vegetarian. [This book] provides a necessary corrective to one of history's biggest and most enduring lies.

Great book shoots the bottom out of myth Hitler Vegan, rawfoodist, Animal lover.

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Re: Vegetarian historian Rynn Berry
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: April 22, 2020 02:16AM

He's WRONG!!!

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Re: Vegetarian historian Rynn Berry
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: April 22, 2020 02:21AM

Here is some of the research that confirms that Hitler was a Vegetarian:

(He was a vegetarian!)

"He (Hitler) could not bear to eat meat, because it meant the death of a living creature. He refused to have so much as a rabbit or a trout sacrificed to provide his food. He would allow only eggs on his table, because egg-laying meant that the hen had been spared rather than killed." - Leon DeGrelle, Friend of Hitler's, Belgian General, Waffen SS

Hitler wanted to make Germany a vegetARIAN nation after the war. A land of noble men, who oppose slavery, both being enslaved and enslaving others, including animals. The Arian Indians are also vegetarians and use the Swastika as their symbol.

Richard Wagner of course was the famous opera composer who provided the musical background to the Nazis. His anti-Semitism is specifically quoted in “The Eternal Jew.” Less known however is that Wagner was also a strong vegan who preached a racist socialism based on vegetarianism that would cleanse Germany from the corrupting influence of the Jews. Along these radical green lines is that both Hitler and Himmler apparently had plans to make Germany VEGAN after the war.

Hitler’s Food Taster Margaret Woelk talks about his Vegetarian Diet

According to Margaret Woelk, 95, she was part of a group of 15 food tasters that would test Hitler’s vegetarian entrees, reportedly the “most delicious fresh things, from asparagus to peppers and peas, served with rice and salads,” while the rest of the country underwent food rationing.

Ms. Woelke states, “It was all arranged on one plate, just as it was served to him. There was no meat and I do not remember any fish.”

Hitler's food taster Margot Woelk talks about his Vegetarian Diet

Margot Woelk, 95, a German woman who served as Hitler's food taster during the war claims the Fuhrer was vegetarian. According to Woelk, in the two-and-a-half years she tasted his food for poison, Hitler ate only fresh fruits and vegetables

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Re: Vegetarian historian Rynn Berry
Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: April 22, 2020 02:31AM

Consequntly,vegetarians, willing to run the risk of imprisonment or worse, were compelled to meet in secret. Hitler outlawed the Mazdean society—which was based on the vegetarian teachings of Zoroaster—ostensibly because its president, Dr. Rauth, was Jewish. But all other vegetarian societies were declared illegal and were forced to become members of the German Society for Living Reform. Members of these former vegetarian societies were subject to searches in their homes; during these raids, the Gestapo even confiscated books that contained vegetarian recipes. While he was chancellor, Hitler did nothing to advance the cause of vegetarianism in Germany. With a stroke of his pen he could have made vegetarianism the dietary law of the land. Instead, he did everything he could to thwart it."

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Re: Vegetarian historian Rynn Berry
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: April 22, 2020 02:32AM

Here is my Recap on Vegetarianism & Raw Food from Hitler's Table Talk...



Caesar's soldiers were vegetarians — Diet and long life — Living foodstuffs and sterile diet — Cancer a disease of the degenerate — Disinherited regions and their inhabitants — An honoured caste called the deer-stalkers — The helots of Sparta — Progress of the Germanic race — The impoverished proletariat of Europe — A recrudescence of anti-Semitism in Britain — Racial doctrine camouflaged as religion — Peculiarities of the Jewish mind.

There is an interesting document, dating from the time of Caesar, which indicates that the soldiers of that time lived on a vegetarian diet. According to the same source, it was only in times of shortage that soldiers had recourse to meat. It's known that the ancient philosophers already regarded the change from black gruel to bread as a sign of decadence. The Vikings would not have undertaken their now legendary expeditions it they'd depended on a meat diet, for they had no method of preserving meat. The fact that the smallest military unit was the section is explained by the fact that each man had a mill for grain. The purveyor of vitamins was the onion.

It's probable that, in the old days, human beings lived longer than they do now. The turning-point came when man replaced the raw elements in his diet by foods that he sterilises when he eats them. The hypothesis that man ought to live longer seems to be confirmed by the disparity between his short existence as an adult, on the one hand, and his period of growth, on the other. A dog lives, on the average, eight to ten times as long as it takes him to grow up. On that ratio, man ought normally to live from one hundred and forty to one hundred and eighty years. What is certain is that, in countries like Bulgaria, where people live on polenta, yoghurt and other such foods, men live to a greater age than in our parts of the world. And yet, from other points of view, the peasant does not live


Everything that lives on earth feeds on living materials. The fact that man subjects his foodstuffs to a physico-chemical process explains the so-called "maladies of civilisation". If the average term of life is at present increasing, that's because people are again finding room for a naturistic diet. It's a revolution. That a fatty substance extracted from coal has the same value as olive-oil, that l don't believe at all! It's surely better to use the synthetic fatty substances for the manufacture of soap, for example.

But there's one thing I can predict to eaters of meat, that the world of the future will be vegetarian!

When I'm told that 50 per cent of dogs die of cancer, there must be an explanation for that. Nature has predisposed the dog to feed on raw meat, by tearing up other animals. Today the dog feeds almost exclusively on mixed bread and cooked meat.

If I offer a child the choice between a pear and a piece of meat, he'll quickly choose the pear. That's his atavistic instinct speaking.


... At the time when I ate meat, I used to sweat a lot. I used to drink four pots of beer and six bottles of water during a meeting, and I'd succeed in losing nine pounds! When I became a vegetarian, a mouthful of water from time to time was enough. When you offer a child the choice of a piece of meat, an apple or a cake, it's never the meat that he chooses. There's an ancestral instinct there. In the same way, the child would never begin to drink or smoke if it weren't to imitate others. The consumption of meat is reduced the moment the market presents a greater choice of vegetables, and in proportion as each man can afford the luxury of the first fruits.

I suppose man became carnivorous because, during the Ice Age, circumstances compelled him. They also prompted him to have his food cooked, a habit which, as one knows today, has harmful consequences. Our peasants never eat any food that hasn't been cooked and re-cooked, and thus deprived of all its virtues. The Southern peoples are not acquainted either with a meat diet or with cooking. I lived marvelously in Italy. I don't know any country that enlivens one more. Roman food, how delicious it is!

The escape of General Giraud — What France really feels towards us — We will retain strong-points in France — Meat and the vegetarian diet — Importance of raw food.

Dr. Gobbels asked whether a pound of potatoes had the same nutritive value as a pound of meat. The Fuehrer replied:

As far as we know, the food of the soldiers of ancient Rome consisted principally of fruit and cereals. The Roman soldier had a horror of meat, and meat, apparently, was included in the normal rations only when the difficulty of obtaining other supplies made it inevitable. From numerous pictures and sculptures it seems that the Romans had magnificent teeth, and this seems to contradict the contention that only carnivorous animals have good teeth. The intervening centuries do not appear to have caused any changes. Travellers in Italy have noticed that the masses still feed on the same things, and that they still have excellent teeth.

One has only to keep one's eyes open to notice what an extraordinary antipathy young children have to meat. It is also an interesting fact that among the negroes the children of those



tribes which are primarily vegetarian develop more harmoniously than those of the tribes in which it is customary for the mother to feed her infant up to the age of four or five. As regards animals, the dog, which is carnivorous, cannot compare in performance with the horse, which is vegetarian. In the same way, the lion shows signs of fatigue after covering two or three kilometres, while the camel marches for six or seven days before even his tongue begins to hang out. Speaking generally, the experts do not take facts sufficiently into consideration. It has been proved that a vegetarian diet — and particularly a diet of potato peelings and raw potatoes — will cure beri-beri within a week.

Those who adopt a vegetarian diet must remember that it is in their raw State that vegetables have their greatest nutritive value. The fly feeds on fresh leaves, the frog swallows the fly as it is, and the stork eats the living frog. Nature thus teaches us that a rational diet should be based on eating things in their raw State. Science has proved, too, that cooking destroys the vitamins, which are the most valuable part of our food. It has not yet been established beyond doubt whether cooking destroys merely certain Chemical particles or whether it also destroys the essential fermentive juices.

Our children today are much healthier than those of the Imperial and Weimar Republic periods because mothers now realise that they contribute far more to the health of their children if they give them raw vegetables and roots to chew than if they give them boiled milk.

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Re: Vegetarian historian Rynn Berry
Posted by: Horsea ()
Date: April 23, 2020 04:34PM

Let's all keep in mind that history is written by the victorious. I simply take with a grain of salt ANYTHING that is written about Hitler.

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Re: Vegetarian historian Rynn Berry
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: April 23, 2020 11:42PM

I never knew that much about the Holocaust. I had heard of it, but never researched it. I remember years ago, though, when I read that a bunch of people don't believe there was a Holocaust, I was amazed.

But then later when I read that it's Against the Law in some Countries to Not Believe in the Holocaust, I was totally flabbergasted! To be Against the Law to Believe or Not Believe in something is Outrageous!

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