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What are the super-rich doing to protect themselves from civil unrest?
Posted by: Horsea ()
Date: May 18, 2020 06:21PM


They think they have nothing to worry about; they'll just wait it out. These goofy psychopaths actually think that in six months (or whatever other short time period) everything will return to normal on the outside. Oh, are they in for a surprise.

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Re: What are the super-rich doing to protect themselves from civil unrest?
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: May 20, 2020 02:50AM

I wouldn't mind having one of those - but not so opulent - for when the SHTF -

"The United States is very vulnerable economically and if there were a collapse we would see civil and social unrest.

"What you are going to have is people going door-to-door trying to do harm, trying to steal, trying to take food and trying to take possessions."

Although being stuck in a 'community' underground with a bunch of dumbasses would be a fate worse than death.

"But while some want to bunker down alone with their loved ones, other companies have cashed in on our desire to be in a community - and feel closer to the real world, even in the face of disaster."

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