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Dinesh D'Souza - Socialism, Coronavirus & Riots
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: June 09, 2020 02:50PM

This was fabulous!

The Left and Identity Politics tactic to pave the way for Socialism

United States of Socialism: Who's Behind It, Why It's Evil, How to Stop It.


The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

Dinesh D'Souza joins Eric to discuss what's happening across the country using key points he makes in his new book, "United States of Socialism: Who's Behind It, Why It's Evil, How to Stop It."

Paraphrasing -

Criminals have desecrated the memory of Floyd and hijacked the Civil Rights Movement of MLK and Jackie Robinson. They would be horrified by the behavior of Antifa thugs, by people who couldn't care less about George Floyd or those advancing the cause of blacks in America.

Let me explain why that happens. Why you get this kind of hijacking which otherwise seems sort of unfortunate or accidental. Socialism was originally intended to be for the working class. Marx thought society is divided into two camps - the workers and the capitalists. And Marx thought that the worker, for which Marx had a lot of sympathy, the guy sweating and working on the docks or the foreman, that the worker is working too hard, he's being exploited and he's not going to take it anymore and he's going to overthrow the capitalist class.

So socialism was rooted in this class division. So interestingly there has never been any kind of worker revolt of any kind that Marx predicted anywhere in the world from Marx's day to today. It's never happened until the present day.

And so the left going back several decades thought well - the working class is unreliable they're not going to do the job for us. They're not going to beat up the proletariats. We need a new proletariat. We need new types of division that will create new types of grievance and we'll try to mobilize these new proletariats to do what the working class will not do.

And their primary candidate is Racial Grievance. The idea here is that - look there is a real history of racial grievance. If we can tap the veins of that, if we can exploit that, we can make blacks in a sense into the discontented class that Marx thought would be the working class. So this is why the socialist left does this. I call this marriage between classic socialism and identity politics, I call it Identity Socialism. We are dealing with a new type of Socialism that is not just about class division, but race division, division against legals and illegals, straights against gays. The left really divides society not just in one way, but in several different ways.


Then he goes on to talk about the CoronaScam and the Rioting, etc.

More of the interview at the link.

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