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Vote by Mail Fraud
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: June 16, 2020 04:43PM

Is that what all this CoronaScam was created for -

To Usher in Vote-by-Mail so The Left can perform their usual Voter Fraud techniques and finally get rid of Trump -

Adams & von Spakovsky: America’s hidden voting epidemic? Mail ballot failures


A new report has revealed how vulnerable voting by mail can be. It should alarm all who are pushing for all-mail elections: Based on federal data from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, millions of mail ballots were never counted as completed votes.

According to the commission’s 2016 report, for example, more mail ballots were misdirected and unaccounted for than the margin of votes between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. She had 2.9 million more votes, yet 6.5 million ballots were misdirected or unaccounted for by the states. In other words, for every vote that Hillary won over the eventual president nationally, more than twice as many mail ballots disappeared or went to the wrong addresses.

The data demonstrate the danger of putting the presidential election into the hands of the U.S. Postal Service, as well as the problems with inaccurate and out-of-date voter registration lists.

An analysis by the Public Interest Legal Foundation of federal election survey data draws a startling picture for any policymaker or stressed bureaucrat daring to look: 32 million mail ballots effectively disappeared, went to the wrong house, or were rejected since 2012. This includes all-mail voting states like Oregon and Washington, as well as absentee ballots in other states.

Taking into account the 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018 federal general elections, 28.3 million mail ballots disappeared after officials gave them to the U.S. Postal Service. There are numerous problems to point fingers at and many explanations as to what happened to these ballots, but the bottom line is simple: tens of millions of ballots were lost in the mail voting system on a scale not seen at polling places.

Over the same time period, federal data show that 2.7 million ballots were sent to the wrong addresses. The causes are fewer here: as more states try to automate the mail participation process by mailing ballots to all registered voters, they become increasingly reliant on voter registration rolls that are highly inaccurate. If a state is not staying on top of registrants who die or move elsewhere, they are likely sending ballots to outdated addresses by default.

And to the extent that individuals are mistakenly registered more than once in the same state — and there is plenty of evidence that such errors occur — certain voters may be receiving multiple ballots.

The third alarming trend is the rise in mail ballot rejections. These are cases where ballots are sent, completed (by someone at a particular address, not necessarily the voter), and returned to election officials — yet were rejected for various reasons, most commonly because the signature on the absentee ballot envelope does not match the signature of the voter on his or her registration form.

If you vote by mail, in contrast to polling places, there is no one to help you and fix a mistake. Mail voting mistakes are fatal to your vote.

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s survey figures are, unfortunately, limited. Many local election officials simply ignore the questions posed to them and decline to fill out the survey. The city of Chicago’s election department has been silent about mail ballot failures for eight years running, for example. So was the state of Oregon, which withheld data for “unknown” (the category where a state doesn’t know what happened to a ballot) for the 2014 and 2016 elections.

In 2018, however, Oregon mailed out over 2.8 million ballots, according to the EAC report. Roughly 60,200 were “undeliverable,” raising serious questions about the accuracy of the state’s voter registration list. Almost 870,000 ballots are listed in the “unknown” category. That means the failure rate of Oregon’s mail balloting system was more than 32 percent.

The most recent 2018 election data show counties in California and Arizona tipping the scales in terms of missing and undeliverable ballots. Eight of the top 10 counties in terms of missing ballots are in California alone. The Phoenix, Ariz., metropolitan area comes in second, while Seattle ranks fourth. Maricopa County, Ariz., also dominated the nation in undeliverable ballots in 2018 with more than 87,000. Hillsborough County, Fla., also had nearly 12,000 ballots sent to undeliverable addresses.

California’s millions of missing ballots show why ballot harvesters had an abundant harvest. Unsupervised mail ballots encourage vote-buying, intimidation, and absentee ballot fraud as previously seen in North Carolina, Mississippi and Texas.

The few states that have adopted full vote-by-mail, despite its drawbacks, spent years developing their systems with the help of commercial vendors. America does not have the time or resources to attempt to undertake such a systematic, thought-through, massive effort between now and November.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo couldn’t have summarized it any better: “[Vote-by-mail is] a harder system to administer, and obviously it’s a harder system to police writ large ... People showing up, people actually showing ID, is still the easiest system to assure total integrity.”

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Vote By Mail
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: June 16, 2020 05:05PM

Voting By Mail In 2020 Would Create Chaos To Advantage Democrats

Vote-by-mail would federalize a state-based electoral system, introducing something Democrats tend to use when they're desperate for a win: chaos


Leftists know that changing the rules of the game can bring victory, and have long tried to change election rules to do just that. When COVID-19 came, facing a contentious race with a populist incumbent president, Democrats turned to their vast network of money-men, many under the umbrella of the “dark money” empire known as the Arabella Network, and set about using the new crisis to their advantage.

Their latest push is an expansion of vote-by-mail and its cousin, ballot harvesting, the collecting of mail-in ballots by third-party operators. Promoted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as part of a wish list of items that should be part of the next coronavirus spending bill, their inclusion is ostensibly to ensure people are safe and socially distant during an election that will take place more than six months from now. But make no mistake: it’s all part of a larger effort to politicize the coronavirus crisis.

What vote-by-mail and ballot harvesting would really do is federalize a state-based electoral system, opening it to huge risks for fraud and incompetence, and introducing something else Democrats tend to use when they find themselves desperate for a win: chaos.

Many are already pointing out the potential fraud risk in using the U.S. Postal Service to conduct an election. The Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky and Public Interest Legal Foundation’s J. Christian Adams point out that millions of ballots go missing and are never counted as complete votes under a vote-by-mail system.

In the 2016 election, for example, “more mail ballots were misdirected and unaccounted for than the margin of votes between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. … [F]or every vote that Hillary won over the eventual president nationally, more than twice as many mail ballots disappeared or went to the wrong addresses,” they write.

In fact, over the last four elections, 28 million mail-in ballots went missing. And when third-party representatives get involved in collecting those ballots, it’s not difficult to see how those with bad intent might succeed in never turning ballots in to favor one candidate over another.

Less discussed is the vote-by-mail backup plan that relies on Democratic losses to work. It’s a tactic that was used quite effectively during the Obamacare debacle of 2010: Create a broken, chaotic system that can be used as an excuse for allowing even more federal control of that system in an effort to fix what’s broken.

With Obamacare, the disastrous website rollout led to almost-immediate discussion that perhaps single-payer might be the fix. In the case of vote-by-mail and ballot harvesting, the inherent chaos of a mail-in system, well known to come with large numbers of missing ballots, can be used to delegitimize any Republican candidate who manages to win.

Vote-by-mail and ballot harvesting — like Medicaid before them, to borrow another health-care example — were initially good systems designed to help those in need. Medicaid helped those who were understandably underinsured to afford health insurance. Similarly, mail-in voting helped those who could not make it to the polls. The elderly, active service members, and the indigent all benefitted.

But like Medicaid expansion before it, leftists are ultimately seeking to expand what was originally supposed to be a specialized and targeted system, bringing the federal bureaucracy’s red-tape and inefficiencies along with that expansion.

When it doesn’t work — and it won’t — they can claim the system is rigged against them. Von Spakovsky and Adams quote a revealing confession from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Vote-by-mail is “a harder system to administer, and obviously it’s a harder system to police writ large.” Leftists are counting on exactly that.

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Re: Vote by Mail Fraud
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 08, 2020 05:53PM

Is Twitter censoring those who speak out about the risks associated with mail-in voting?


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Re: Vote by Mail Fraud
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 08, 2020 11:58PM

Half a million incorrect absentee ballot applications sent across Virginia, including to dead people

“Approximately half a million applications sent to eligible voters in Virginia included incorrect information, and we are working diligently to address the issues,” says the Center for Voter Information.



I've researched this group - Center for Voter Information - in the past - They're a Soros-funded Democrat front group that works all the states. So Democrat Voter Fraud!



Tens of Thousands of Voters Receive Sketchy Mail-In Ballot Applications


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Re: Vote by Mail Fraud
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 09, 2020 05:35PM

Over 80,000 mail-in ballots disqualified in NYC primary mess

1 out of 4 mail-in ballots were disqualified for arriving late, lacking a postmark or other defects



Also this info:

MSN News: Besides the United States, there are 36 member states in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Forty-seven percent ban mail-in voting unless the citizen is living abroad, and 30 percent require a photo ID to obtain a mail-in ballot. Fourteen percent of the countries ban mail-in voting even for those living abroad.

Among the 27 countries in the European Union, 63 percent ban mail-in voting unless living abroad and another 22 percent require a photo ID to obtain a mail-in ballot. Twenty-two percent ban the practice even for those who live abroad.

There are 16 countries in the rest of Europe, and they are even more restrictive. Every single one bans mail-in voting for those living in the country or require a photo ID to obtain a mail-in ballot. Sixty-three percent don't allow mail-in ballots even for citizens living outside of the country.

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Re: Vote by Mail Fraud
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 16, 2020 06:32PM

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Re: Vote by Mail Fraud
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 31, 2020 02:52PM

Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots

Political insider explains voter fraud with mail-in ballots


A top Democratic operative says voter fraud, especially with mail-in ballots, is no myth. And he knows this because he’s been doing it, on a grand scale, for decades.

Mail-in ballots have become the latest flashpoint in the 2020 elections. While President Trump and the GOP warn of widespread manipulation of the absentee vote that will swell with COVID polling restrictions, many Democrats and their media allies have dismissed such concerns as unfounded.

But the political insider, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he fears prosecution, said fraud is more the rule than the exception. His dirty work has taken him through the weeds of municipal and federal elections in Paterson, Atlantic City, Camden, Newark, Hoboken and Hudson County and his fingerprints can be found in local legislative, mayoral and congressional races across the Garden State. Some of the biggest names and highest office holders in New Jersey have benefited from his tricks, according to campaign records The Post reviewed.

“An election that is swayed by 500 votes, 1,000 votes — it can make a difference,” the tipster said. “It could be enough to flip states.”

The whisteblower — whose identity, rap sheet and long history working as a consultant to various campaigns were confirmed by The Post — says he not only changed ballots himself over the years, but led teams of fraudsters and mentored at least 20 operatives in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania — a critical 2020 swing state.

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Re: Vote by Mail Fraud
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: September 17, 2020 02:11AM

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