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Sharyl Attkisson
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: June 19, 2020 07:43PM

Black Crime Statistics - (which will create Outrage in The Left)

This is from 1997:

"Paul Sheehan, an Australian reporter, dug out the following Information for an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, May 2, 1995.

“Sheehan based his statistics on crime data compiled by the FBI and partially reported each year in The FBI Uniform Crime Report . These reports can be
researched at the FBI's website, [].

"Since the FBI doesn't distinguish between Hispanics and whites, Sheehan's statistics don't adequately reflect the black-on-white crime situation.

"Only about 10-15% of Hispanics are white, with the rest being Indian or a mixture of white, American Indian, and blacks.

"Hispanic crime rates are almost as high as black crime rates. This means that the data Sheehan compiled on inter-racial crime is probably grossly understated since a considerable portion of the "white against black" crime actually is Hispanic-against-black crime. (Information about this aspect of inter-racial crime will be presented in a related article.)

"Here is the information Sheehan uncovered in his analysis of the FBI's crime reports:

-"Blacks murder more than 1,600 whites each year.

-"Blacks murder whites at 18 times the rate whites murder blacks.

-"Blacks murdered, raped, robbed, or assaulted about one million whites In 1992.

-"In the last 30 years, blacks committed 170 million violent and non-violent crimes against whites.

-"Blacks under 18 are more than 12 times more likely to be arrested for murder than whites under 18.

-"About 90% of the victims of interracial crimes are white.

-"Blacks commit 7.5 times more violent interracial crimes than whites, although whites outnumber blacks by 7 to 1.

-"On a per capita basis, blacks commit 50 times more violent crime than whites.

-"Black neighborhoods are 35 times more violent than white neighborhoods.

-"Of the 27 million nonviolent robberies in 1992, 31% (8.4 million) were committed by blacks against whites. Less than 2% were committed by whites against blacks.

-"Of the 6.6 million violent crimes, 20% (1.3 million) were interracial.

-"Of the 1.3 million interracial violent crimes, 90% (1.17 million) are black against white.

-"In the past 20 years, violent crime increased four times faster than the population.

-"In the last 30 years (1964-94), more than 45,000 people were killed in interracial murders compared to 38,000 killed in Korea and 58,000 in Vietnam.

-"Sheehan commented that the contents of his article could not possibly be published or discussed in the U.S. mainstream media.

-"In the last 50 years, the white part of the American population has declined from 90% to 72%.


“The U.S. now has about 33 million blacks and 25 million Hispanics (legal and illegal). By the year 2050, American whites will be a minority, just 49%. By 2100, whites will be 25% of the population. (If we survive Extermination of Whites by Thugs/Criminals/Gangs and The Left.)

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Re: Sharyl Attkisson - Black on White Crime Increasing since Riots
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: June 19, 2020 08:35PM

Rash of black-on-white attacks after protests over racial injustice


Racial tensions and violence continue to escalate amid the discussion and media coverage of numerous incidents.

Some of the events did not lead to violence but garnered national attention.

There was the New York woman who was videotaped calling the police to complain of an African-American man she claimed was threatening her and her dog. She repeatedly mentioned the man's race.

The black man was a bird watcher having a dispute with the woman because she had unleashed her dog in an area of the park that required leashes.

There was the African-American Georgia legislator who falsely claimed in a tearful Facebook video that a white shopper (who says he's actually Cuban) had told her to "go back" where she came from. Many in the media blamed President Trump's rhetoric. In fact, the legislator, Rep. Erica Thomas, later acknowledged that she was the one who told the man to "go back."

And most people recall the Jussie Smollett fiasco, in which the black actor falsely claimed white Trump supporters had attacked him and put a noose around his neck.

There have been true, violent cases as well.

In 2017, four African-Americans tortured a disabled white youth.

In 2018, a white man allegedly attempted to enter a black church before killing two African-Americans in a supermarket in Kentucky.

In 2019, a white supremacist drove a car into a group of protesters in Virginia, killing a young woman and injuring dozens of people.

Also in 2019, a 16-year old white girl allegedly plotted to attack a mostly black church in Georgia.

These are just a few of the cases that have made headlines in recent years.

There has also been a string of incidents involving white police officers being accused of brutality and racism against black suspects: most recently, the death of George Floyd, an African-American suspect, surrounding an encounter with a white police officer in Minneapolis; and the death of a black suspect in Atlanta shot by police after resisting arrest and fleeing.

In both of these incidents, the police officers have been charged with crimes.

All of this has stoked organized protests and riots internationally. Some are calling to abolish the police. Others say systemic racism needs to be erased. Rioters are defacing and destroying statues of historic American figures that they associate with racism.

And there has been an apparent uptick in alleged black-on-white racial attacks in the wake of it all, as well as attacks on police officers.

Leaders in the U.S. within both political parties, as well as leaders around the world, have a tall order in figuring out how to de-escalate the tensions and resolve the issues.

Below are widely circulated videos of some of the alleged racial encounters. As always, it is not possible to draw firm conclusions from videos. But it seems clear that racial tensions are only heightening.


White Man Beaten In Racial Attack For No Reason
Warning: Violent & Disturbing

Please share, we must battle the anti-white narrative our media/gang society are pushing.



14-Year-Old White Girl BEATEN In Park In Racial Attack

13/06/2020 - Where is the Media outcry for this poor girl?



Little Girl Racially/Physically Abused Neighbors

The mainstream Media have allowed this to happen, any sane person would protect this adorable child but this whole group find this funny?






Friend of mine who is there on the BLM side today says he has seen BLM groups picking off random white people to attack regardless of whether they are far right or not.



Slashing the white guy's throat -



If this attack doesn’t make your blood boil because of victims skin colour, YOU are the racist.

Eight on one.

The attacker's skin colour shouldn’t matter either.

Heartbreaking, watching the gang set upon the defenceless child.



The death of George Floyd doesn’t give an open ticket to commit thousands of senseless race attacks on white people

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Re: Sharyl Attkisson
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: June 19, 2020 11:03PM

White Privilege? No, Criminal Thug Privilege


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