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Wicked Witch of the Midwest soon to be President?
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 09, 2020 05:50PM

Here's the plan - Cruella de Vil becomes Vice President and shortly after the Election, Biden is bumped off aka commits suicide or is deemed physically - meaning mentally - incapable of carrying on.

Lockdown Queen Gretchen Whitmer reportedly interviewed by Biden for VP slot

Seriously under consideration, or a coordinated media leak headfake? It’s hard to imagine Nurse Rached one heartbeat away from the presidency.


(BTW, Legal Insurrection still has a Comment section)


Also, coincidentally, looks like Nurse Rached is getting her own Netflix Series -

Netflix drops trailer for Ryan Murphy's Nurse 'Ratched' origin story


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Re: Wicked Witch of the Midwest soon to be President?
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 10, 2020 03:38PM

Actually, what could happen and would be much worse -

Susan Rice for Vice President. Then Valerie Jarrett would control the Presidency from behind the scenes. Jarrett was the mastermind in the Obama reign controlling the Deep State from behind the scenes since then.

The case for Valerie Jarrett as Biden’s VP



The Obama Whisperer

No one has understood Valerie Jarrett's role, until now



From 2017, after Obama wiretapped the Trump campaign. Obama, Valerie Jarrett and The Deep State -

Trump and Republicans see a ‘deep state’ foe: Barack Obama


“Obama’s goal to ‘oust’ Trump from presidency via impeachment or resignation,” wrote InfoWars commentator Paul Joseph Watson on Thursday. On Friday, the site blew up a report about banks settling with nonprofit groups after fraud lawsuits to tell readers that Obama had “funneled billions to liberal activist groups.”

More mainstream sites have also stoked theories that Obama was pulling strings. Last Wednesday, the Daily Mail published an interview with an unnamed “close family friend,” who claimed that former White House adviser Valerie Jarrett had moved into Obama’s Kalorama home to help “mastermind the insurgency” against Trump.

“The Daily Mail story is completely false,” said Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for the former president.

But the Jarrett story went viral on the right; on a Fox Business segment over the weekend, radio host Tammy Bruce cited it as an “undercovered” revelation that demonstrated the forces arrayed against Trump. In her Monday interview with Gowdy, Ingraham argued that a Watergate-level scandal was building — but at one point, she suggested, hopefully, that the president was not simply basing his rhetoric on what was in conservative media.

“He must know something beyond what’s on Breitbart,” Ingraham said.

“I would hope,” said Gowdy, “given the fact that he’s the leader of the free world.”

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