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Amusing ...
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 27, 2020 08:22PM

This is Chad Prather. He's part of Glenn Beck's Blaze network, radio and TV show. He has his own show on The Blaze TV. I just watched him for the first time last night and I think he's amusing - he's also a comedian.

The Rise of the COVID Karens


Lisa Paige, host of the "Lisa Paige Made Me Do It" podcast, joins us in studio to talk about the rise of anger and frustration with COVID-19, sending kids back to school, and the Democratic Convention disaster.

About Chad Prather:

Chad Prather is known for his way with words. He is a comedian, armchair philosopher, musician, and observational humorist. Often called “the modern day Will Rogers” and “the voice of the everyman,” Chad brings you his armchair philosophy and observational humor four times a week. Politics, inspiration, comedy, and fun — nothing is off limits on The Chad Prather Show!

Some of Prather’s most popular videos are shot in the front seat of his truck as he delivers his fast talking, rabid fire rants.
CNN has labeled him the “Pick-up Pundit” and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has called Prather, “supernaturally articulate.”
Prather has mad numerous appearances on Fox News, CNN, A&E, MSN. He is the host of BlazeTV’s “The Chad Prather Show” and “Humor Me with Chad Prather.” His wildly successful 2016 “Kings of Cowtown Comedy: was a hit and his current “Star Spangled Banter Comedy Tour” is selling out theaters all over America.

Chad’s guests include: Phil Robertson, Glenn Beck, Jon Miller, Elizabeth Johnston, Jeff Kyle, Jason Piccolo, Matt Kibbe, Sara Gonzales, Mark Maxwell, Mike Stewart, Jennifer Nickerson, David Harris Jr., Mike Ritland, Heath Oakes, Kendall Jones, Rob Redwine, Trey Chapman, Katie Thulin, and many more!


Here's his Twitter account -


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Re: Amusing ...
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: August 28, 2020 03:20PM

Here's Chad Prather on Alex Jones Show -

Candidate Challenges Texas Governor After Abbot Backs Medical Tyranny

Alex Jones interviews Chad Prather as he enters the Texas Governor race to challenge Abbott after he backed the medical tyranny lockdown.


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