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Critical Race Theory - The Left's Teaching Hate of America and White People
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: September 23, 2020 01:20AM

Critical Race Theory - The Social Construct created by The Left that America is a horrible country, Inherent Racist Country and Whites are all Racists. Critical Race Theory is taught in all the schools and colleges, starting in Kindergarten, and in the Federal Government and all Government Workers are instructed about such in Workshops. Now it's considered common knowledge and most people believe it to be The Truth sad smiley

Here's a good article about when it began -

To Find The Origins Of Today’s Race Rage, Start In 1960s Academia

Critical race theory sees racism as something new in the world that was born with European imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, and rationalism.


If much of the dire rhetoric behind America’s moment of racial reckoning seems from an oppressive world of a half-century ago, that’s because it comes from “critical race theory,” a decades-old philosophy deeply skeptical about the possibility of racial progress.

It turns up in the best-selling book, “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism,” in which readers are told that “white identity is inherently racist” and that “the white collective fundamentally hates blackness.”

The New York Times’ historically revisionist 1619 Project, published last year and distributed to more than 3,500 K-12 classrooms, similarly instructs that “anti-black racism runs in the very DNA of this country.”

In Durham, N.C., a racial task force last month issued a 68-page report to city leaders stating that all social structures are designed to subjugate blacks, to privilege “the health of white bodies” and “to indoctrinate all students with the internalized belief that the white race is superior.”

So-called “equity teams” of students and faculty at some high schools in North Carolina’s capital region are reading a primer, “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction,” which says African Americans aren’t only subjugated through hate and terror but also kept down through supposedly white cultural mechanisms of individualism, objectivity, neutrality, meritocracy, and color-blindness.

These are just a few of the examples of how contemporary culture is being shaped by critical race theory, a movement born in law schools in the 1970s, influenced by Marxists, French post-modernists, the Black Power cause, radical feminists, and other disaffected leftist scholars. It quickly spread to throughout the humanities and social sciences, shaping a generation of students who now hold positions of influence in academia, public school systems, corporate HR departments, publishing, the media, and, of course, Black Lives Matter — the latter prominent in current street protests against police abuses and racism.

(More info at the link)

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