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Amy Coney Barrett - RINO or not?
Posted by: Jennifer ()
Date: October 13, 2020 11:56PM

This raises Red Flags - she's into the "Systemic Racism" False Narrative ...

Racism ‘Persists’ in United States, Judge Barrett Says


Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett said Tuesday the video of George Floyd being arrested in a chokehold in Minnesota had an impact on her family before saying she believes racism “persists in our country.”

Barrett was speaking in Washington to the Senate Judiciary Committee as her seven children, including two adoptees from Haiti, were listening.

“As you might imagine, given that I have two black children, that was very, very personal for my family,” Barrett said, recounting how her husband was with their sons on a camping trip in another state when the video emerged.

“I was there and my 17-year-old daughter, Vivian, who’s adopted from Haiti, all of this was erupting. It was very difficult for her. We wept together in my room. It was also difficult for my daughter, Julia, who’s 10. I had to explain this to them,” Barrett, who lives in South Bend, Indiana, said.

“My children to this point in their lives have had the benefit of growing up in a cocoon where they have not experienced hatred or violence. For Vivian, to understand that there would be a risk to her brother or the son she might have one day of that kind of brutality has been an ongoing conversation.
It has been difficult for us like it has been for Americans all over the country.”

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) then asked how Barrett feels about the issue of race in the country and whether it is systemic.

“I think it is an entirely uncontroversial and obvious statement given, as we just talked about the George Floyd video, that racism persists in our country,” the federal judge responded.

“As to putting my finger on the nature of the problem, whether as you say it’s just outright or systemic racism, or how to tackle the issue of making it better, those things are policy questions. They’re hotly contested policy questions that have been in the news and discussed all summer. So while I did share my personal experience, I’m very happy to discuss the reaction of the family to the George Floyd video, giving broader statements or making broader diagnoses about the problem of racism, is kind of beyond what I’m capable of doing as a judge.”

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