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organic vegan girl->raw vegan princess
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: May 11, 2008 02:11AM

I started raw in earnest yesterday. It's raw forever now. 100%
I have wanted to for quite a while but there is always a reason to put it off until tomorrow, or next week. I like to say "let's celebrate by eating!" while dancing around and I totally mean it. Eventually it just got to the point where I looked at myself and said "look, are you or aren't you? Quit lying to yourself." My motivation is varied. I want to experience ultimate health and purity. I want to be the best I can be. I want to enjoy and expand upon this journey that I have started of self exploration and spiritual, physical, cosmic awareness and empathy. I want to look how I feel inside, I want to appear my heart's desire.

Day 1
26yrs old
unsure of weight,I threw out my scale last week.
feeling: happy, upbeat, optimistic, excited
I have just finished drinking 3 gallons of organic apple cider over the last couple of days in order to cleanse and get ready for The Change.
3 reps of 20 tricep dips, walked to the store and then to work and back.

Up at 5am and I went shopping at 7am and I felt so excited and so thrilled to be finally starting this!

apple cider 2 litres
pint of strawberries
raw walnut halves

(gala apple, purple cabbage, carrots, green cabbage)

fruit salad
(mango, 2 bananas, fresh pinapple, cut up strawberries, cut up apple, 2 tbs ground flax seed)<-this was really really good, although you needed the banana to tame some of the insane sweet/tartness out of it.

Stayed up until 10pm reading this forum, feeling very happy.

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Re: organic vegan girl->raw vegan princess
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: May 11, 2008 02:12AM

Day 2

There is a scale at work. I knew I had gained a bit back but I was hoping that I wasn't over 165lbs
feeling:disapointed because of that, stronger in my reserve and strength to continue and make this a life change, optimistic, pudgy.
3reps of 20 tricep dips
walked to store,back and to work.
Up at 7am

2 pints apple cider
left over fruit salad, still so good.

walnuts, almonds
(carrot peelings on a bed of ripped up spinach with marinara over top. Marinara consisted of red pepper, 6 sundried tomatos marinaded in cold pressed olive oil which i poured in along with the tomatos, 2 roma tomatos, fresh basil, oregano,ground flax seed...I think thats about it)

large salad which I barely touched, just wasn't too hungry
(carrot peelings, cabbage, tomatos, cheese made from soaked macadamia nuts and garlic, red pepper, cucumber)

the spaghetti was really really good. I was happy I found the recipe on here and although it had called for curled zucchini I couldn't find any, organic or otherwise so I used carrots instead. I was surprised how full I got off of all of that.

Also when I was walking to the store today, starving and feeling debloated I noticed that the fat on my body tingled, almost burned. My tummy, the sides of my hips and a teeny little part on the top of my butt. Wierd hey? I wonder if it's from the cleanse I just finished up or what. Cool though. I like that it makes me conscious of how big I am. And hopefully soon, how small I am.

I felt really gross after weighing myself. I am keeping my emotions in control over that reaction thru the idea/hope that I will drop the weight fast now being raw vegan and having no opportunities to say, yeah, I WILL fry that up! Sweet Christmas, what was I thinking?

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 05/11/2008 02:16AM by dumpy princess.

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Re: organic vegan girl->raw vegan princess
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: May 14, 2008 01:39PM

The very next day after that was really hellish. My head and neck hurt really bad all day. I felt like there was a fire inside my body, My skin hurt. I got two belmishes. I ate all day and felt sick all day. I didn't lose any weight. My tongue was thick and pasty and I couldn't get it to stay clean.My eyes really hurt.
Basically, I was detoxing. This went on for about three days.
Then I went on a road trip and got fairly intoxicated and yesterday was the worst I have felt in a LOOOOONG time. The hangover was worse than any in memory and I barely even drank really. My tolerance had gone way down to both booze and impurities I suppose. I feel alright today. I know I need to stop eating so many nuts if I want to lose any weight. So I'm hoping today to stop riding the nut train.
I'm going to try to make time to try yoga tomorrow morning.

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Re: organic vegan girl->raw vegan princess
Posted by: Sundancer ()
Date: May 14, 2008 08:28PM

Hey DP! I empathize with you! I really want to do this too, but when reality hits and I get a craving for French Fries or whatever, I feel like a drug addict! I've been really fighting the cravings and not giving in to them lately by reminding myself of my goals: how I want to look and more importantly feel! I'm 46 and when I eat cooked food my back aches, my hands ache, my digestive system rebels, my energy goes down the tubes, etc. Not good with a three year old daughter! I have to stay young for her sake, and in my opinion raw is the only way for me to do it. When I eat 95% of more raw, I feel amazing!!! Like a kid again! I only allow myself a few non-raw condiments if there isn't an alternative that will work with what I am eating (ex. black bean sauce with my nori roll) But be patient with yourself and don't give up if this is what you feel is right for you.

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Re: organic vegan girl->raw vegan princess
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: May 15, 2008 03:44PM

thankyou sundancer!!! I haven't eaten any non raw foods or condiments but let me tell you, the urge to do so that day I was hung over was very very great!! the only thing that stopped me was knowing how I would instantly regret it, possibly regret it while even indulging and then it's like, "well what was the point of that?" So I haven't. But Im also a real all or nothing girl. One extreme to the next is definitly my game. Which isnt exactly all that healthy either, ahaha.

So I find now my desire to make these semi elaborate suppers has really gone down. I have really gotten on the smoothy train. And I basically just add fruit to ice and blend. I am enjoying it alot.when i first started i was learning and writing down recipes like a mad man.

The amount Ive been peeing has gone down quite a bit too which is nice because while I was detoxing it was like every friggen fifteen minutes and that was getting annoying! I feel thinner although I haven't had an opportunity to weigh myself, and I don't really look too different I can feel it inside. A greater awareness of how my body moves and reacts. Its really cool.

I have been watching on you tube this girl who decided to go raw vegan for a year and video documented the whole thing. Her year is up and I believe she still is raw vegan but I was wondering does anyone else watch it?I am obsessed!!

I hope to cut out nuts almost completely for a while. I feel burdened by them. Like they are holding me and my progress back and I feel like a junk foodie when I eat them, so I want to stop for a bit. I can do it smiling smiley

Also I did Shivarae yoga trance dance today. I liked it however mostly for the meditation at the beginning and the relaxation at the end. durring the dancing part i just closed my eyes and moved liquid and slow which is not totally what you were supposed to do I think, but hey, its my journey!!

love and peace.

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Re: organic vegan girl->raw vegan princess
Posted by: Sundancer ()
Date: May 16, 2008 04:38PM

yeah, it's your journey! Keep up the good work!

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Re: organic vegan girl->raw vegan princess
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: May 18, 2008 03:11PM

so it's been one week and what, a day? Yesterday my boyfriend made textured vegetable protien chicken with "cheese" and "bacon". I didn't feel craving or tempted by the food. But I did want it. So I ate it. I don't nessisarily regret it, but I think it definitly wasn't worth it. I was surprised how heavy and sluggish I felt immediately. I bought a dehydrator and I'm making some crackers right now. Yeah, sorry, I messed up. But it's not like I broke down. I calmly chose to try it. And I am only stronger in my resolve now as a result. I'm actually kinda glad that I did that because now I really truly feel like I'm not missing out.

I wish I had a friend that was vegan, let alone raw vegan.

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Re: organic vegan girl->raw vegan princess
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: May 20, 2008 09:10PM

day 11
strider:960cals burned
tricep dips 3x20
single leg ball bridge 10reps
hamstring curl 10reps
prisoner squat and hold 10reps
walking:to gym->work->downtown->home
feeling=great!although anxious about a future road trip
SMALL def. beginning to show on arms
weight= 167 at gym
so far I've learned that 1.nuts inhibit my weight loss, make me feel "heavy"full, and possibly even cause me to gain weight.To be fair though last week I did eat like 70 dollars in nuts, no word of a lie. Perhaps a bit excessive, hahahaha!
2.I don't like vegetables too much it turns out.
goal:eat less, work out more, work up to fasting one day a week.
today is the first day I've hit the gym in earnest for the first time in a few months. About four. so I actually am feeling pretty good about it. I feel like I am ACTUALLY giving 100% as of today, and not just a big poser.
thank you for listening.

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