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raw artists do it better
Posted by: gold rush ()
Date: May 11, 2008 03:27AM

if anyone here is an artist, and has a little time, I would LOVE it if you'd answer these questions...spend as much time as you want on the ones that really strike you. also, can you tell me your gender and age?

anyone who helps me out is awesome!

Guideline Interview Questions: Working Artists

1. Tell me about your work.

2. Do you consider your process to be more impulsive or more intentional/calculated in nature?

3. Describe what you consider to be (creative) risk-taking in your work.
What goes on in your mind when considering taking a risk?
In your experience, what has been the failure/success rate when taking risks?
Elaborate about times when you’ve avoided creative risk.

4. In your work, are you more focused on the process or the product?
What role does intention play in your work?
How does impulse come into play?

5. Who do you consider to be your audience?
Do you think about the audience while creating work?
How has the audience and the role they play in your process changed over time?

6. Considering the mental process of weighing creative impulses in terms of risk, do you feel that you have a system for this “filtering” process?

7. Have there been particular influences over time that have shaped your artistic “filter?”
How has your process and your work reflected this?

8. Do you see the filter as being at all advantageous? Elaborate.
Do you ever find the filter to be hindrance to your work, and how so?
When the filter does impede your practice, what do you do to overcome self-imposed restraint?

9. Is there anytime when you actually are able to throw off restraint, and realize your impulses fully?
What are your feelings about this kind of process?

10. How do you expect the filter to change over time?
Will you play an active role in shaping/reshaping the filter, or allow it to grow and shift organically?

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Re: raw artists do it better
Posted by: gold rush ()
Date: May 11, 2008 03:31AM

and, if you have a website, or flickr or something with your work up...that's helpful. you can PM your response if you don't want to be too public.


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