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Visions while fasting...
Posted by: Joanne81 ()
Date: May 22, 2008 02:54PM

I am on day three of a water fast. Last night I am not even sure if I slept. I layed in bed while watching colorful patterns and visions float before me. I was relaxed and the visions changed and twisted indiscriminately. Suddenly I saw a vivid and fightening image of a man's face and head. He had a deep expression of agony with his mouth open, almost crying out. He had dark full hair and a beard with some grey wisps. He had dark ruddy skin, wrinkled with the expression of his agony. I felt pity and sadness. Suddenly I had to go to the bathroom and eliminated a host of nasty old stuff (I won't go into detail) and showered. Then I felt incredibly light and happy as if I was floating around without any effort. I wonder if it was a healing image.

The image was so incredibly clear. I can still see it in my mind's eye, unlike the fleeting images that came before it. Upon reflection I realized that this had to have been an image of Jesus. I am not a Christian, so it is strange I would see this. Suddenly I felt great love, because the image showed me that in the most sad and pathetic state of the physical body, a spirit of incredibly profound love can be right under the surface. I thought of being nailed to a cross so exposed, with arms being pulled from their sockets, the mental and physical anguish. I feel admiration and gratitude for this life. Now when I see a person, despite thier appearance, I will never look away and always try to see what is under the surface. I have to admit, the reasons for fasting to begin with were a bit vain. I am not concerned with appearances anymore. The richest treasures in life are the things you can't see. Thank you Jesus for showing me.

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