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Christianity or occult?
Posted by: greensatva ()
Date: June 14, 2008 09:31AM


I've been researching...and God has been strengthening my spiritual Christian faith in Him.

I really want to share this with you, with everyone, and this is a good way place to begin. I was researching on other sites (namely []), and I wasn't allowed to leave a comment, because I'm not a member of the website, so I opted to post my reply here. I entered "Christianity" into the search engine here and found no results, so, I'll post the first comment on the subject here!

***The following is a comment in reply to what was written on []***

Wow! *sigh!* I enjoyed reading this webpage! Especially the comments from the IDMR members who try to rebut the writer's ("Father Time"'s - a pen name) words. I love the writer's frank, candid comments (as I am a frank person as well!). I am a JESUS CHRIST believing, BIBLE believing Christian. Therefore, I agree with the writer, "Father Time"! Through believing in God's GRACE-FILLED Gospel, I was saved (about 2 years ago). I have come to realise that any religion that attacks the inerrant, Holy and COMPLETE word of God, The Bible, is a cult. I must say, IDMR has to be the smartest, smoothest, slickest cult I have ever seen!

IDMR is legalistic, uses fear to control members, rips the Bible passages out of context, use suave guided imagery (sequential games - with the Bible instead of numbers, of course!: 3, 5, 7, 9, __)- and JUST as you're about to say "11", IDMR subtly switches the truth for a lie. IDMR sugarcoats, wraps and pleasantly packages their sinister, diabolical lies with profound, logical, Biblical TRUTH, and before you know it, you gobble down IDMR's tainted fruit, just as the serpent tempted Eve in Eden. And once IDMR gets you to wholly absorb their candy coated lie, all the new convert beleives is: "Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair", or "Good is Bad and Bad is Good". IDMR (and other cults) always have the "us against them" mentality. IDMR controls the members mentally, emotionally, among other crippling ways. The cultic abuse can only stop if you turn to Christ's Gospel in the God-breathed words of the Bible.

If you look at the core of the IDMR, and other cultic religions, you will see that they ALL teach the same evil lies.

The Biblical truth is that God is God. God is ETERNAL. God has always existed and will always exist. God is Good, perfect, infallible, holy, righteous, and almighty. God is SEPARATE from His Creation. GOD IS GOD. GOD WILL ALWAYS BE GOD. God CREATED Creation.

GOD is NOT Creation (as IDMR and other cults teach). God is not mankind. Man is man. Man is NOT God. Man will never be God, for Man was created by God. Man had a beginning, and since man, who is endowed with freewill, has chosen to sin, Man is subject to physical death (end), and is potentially subject to spiritual death (End).

God was not created. God has no beginning or end. God is Alpha and Omega! God is not, and has not reincarnated into a tree, a rock, an ant, a star, a nebula, Adam, Eve, Mr. Henry Clifford Kinley, myself, or anything that is a part of Creation. God is God. Creation is creation.

Jesus is God incarnated in a human body. Jesus is FULLY God AND Fully a physical human. Merciful Jesus came to earth to die for ALL humans, suffering the brutal death that we, sinful mankind deserve, AND was resurrected on the third day, both physically and spiritually. This message is for EVERYONE. If you believe in your heart that Jesus Christ died for YOU, and was resurrected (both physically and spiritually) on the third day, then you will be saved. This is The Gospel. The Gospel is FREE to ALL, the ENTIRE world. The Gospel ALONE saves.

God is TriUne. God has three distinct manifestations of Himself: God, The Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. These manifestations are the SAME. They are One. This is why God is ONE. God is Triune. This is difficult for humans to understand this, but please know that God is beyond human comprehension. Since humans are God's creation, and many things about Him are beyond the human capacity of understanding, we humans should have FAITH in God. God is GREAT and MIGHTY. God is constant. God is love. God is perfect, therefore His Holy Word, God-breathed, inspired by Him and written in the Bible is unfailing, inerrant and COMPLETE.

Websites you could look up, to show you that IDMR is one of the many deceptive cults of satan, and to show you that GOD is the God of the BIBLE, are:

or google phrases about the topic to RESEARCH TO YOUR SATISFACTION...haha...I know you IDMR members love to say that!...but how come IDMR members are limited and controlled by one man's (Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley's!) NEW REVELATORY interpretation of the Bible?, especially when the Bible states that the Bible is ALREADY COMPLETE.

God, The constant, unfailing, pure, just, merciful, loving God, who is the SAME yesterday, today and FOREVER, has already won the spiritual warfare battle. God is Good! Praise Jesus! May your conscience be stirred by The Holy Spirit to turn to God (if you are in a cult, or you have forgotten God).

In Christ's everlasting love,

***The preceding was a comment in reply to what was written on []***

I want to spread The Gospel. Since, I'm already a member in this community, I took the opportunity to spread The Gospel here. Also, I decided to start here, because there is a fine line between Natural Health/Healing movement, Education, Success, Self-Empowerment/Improvement, World Peace...(etc.) topics and Occult.

The Bible, God's Word, GOD makes the difference! This world is tainted by man's sin, therefore, trying to "Improve yourself, the World, find enlightenment..." is futile if it is done in man's weak power. God is THE answer.

I hope many people leave comments, queries or even complaints<--(LOL!) on this post.

Until the next time I write,

Agape (God's Love) to you!

~ A.Thorpe<--[Could you all call me this name, "A.Thorpe" now? Thank you!]


Whoops! My bad! This message is posted in the wrong section! I hope the webmaster moves or removes it! I accidentally posted this message in the "Raw Diary" section, when I wanted it to be in the "Off Topic" section. I copied this message and reposted it in the correct category. So sorry about making that mistake!


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