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Diary For Inspiration
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: July 07, 2008 07:10AM

I have been at this for many years (I think 4). I feel best when I eat raw. I am married with a 14 year old. My husband and son like salad, but need more. I usually do well until about 3 pm, then I start to fall apart. Lately in the morning, I've been juicing - after my dog walk, first thing (celery cucumber lemon and I've had lambs quarters in the garden so have added them too) and I crave this and love it. I make a green smoothie (usually sweet) that lasts me through work, I usually finish around 2 or 3pm. Then I might snack, if I'm lucky, lately cantalope with dulse around it or goji berries while I am thinking about/preparing dinner. (If am not so lucky, it will be chips - ugh!) For dinner, I am ok with salad, but I need a little more than that and often get hung up around what they are eating. I eat it because it looks/tastes good, but regret it later (feel bloated etc....) and sometimes their food starts me on the path of destruction for the evening, where I need dessert/a piece of chocolate (1/2 the bar) and/or some panda licorice. These things are mostly in the house for my teenager. I don't seem to have the wherewithall to create 2 dinners...And more willpower or tools would be helpful. Any ideas?

Re: Diary For Inspiration
Posted by: Sundancer ()
Date: July 07, 2008 02:00PM

My biggest struggle is not eating what my family eats too. I do very little cooking, usually only for my three year old when my partner isn't home. Fortunately AND unfortunately, my hubby is an incredible cook and loves to do it! I work during dinnertime, so that isn't a problem, because I can get a delicious salad at work, and the staff meals are usually meaty and gross. So I allow myself one cooked meal a week for now. Maybe if you made yourself a raw soup or something you love while you're cooking their dinner that will help. They may get curious and want to try it-- you never know!

Re: Diary For Inspiration
Posted by: Elakti ()
Date: July 08, 2008 05:01PM

Hello, welcome to the board. I hope you continue to post! It also has its positive effect on the trials we come up the 3:00 witching hour! It seems almost everyone has troubles in evening---starting in the afternoon! I think the key is carbohydrate...fruit. The more fruit you can eat, the better off you are. I am alone, so I don't have the problem of family members eating cooked food. What a challenge that must be. I don't know...I'm sure you'll work it out gradually. My only advice is my own advice which I am learning from as much fruit as possible. I am trying to do what D. Graham fruit before any other meal (allowing enough time before the introduction into stomach of other food, which isn't long). Fruit, fruit, fruit. Carbohydrate is what our bodies run on, what satisfies the cells. The more fruit I eat the more stable mentally I am. Which is the ammunition needed for the times other food looks doesn't look as appetizing if you eat lots of fruit. I'm still juggling this biochemically and emotionally and mentally, making slow progress, learning and accepting.

Courage, good luck!!! smiling smiley

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