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concerns and aspirations...
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: July 10, 2008 05:05AM

hello everyone, my name (at least here) is rainskull.

when i was about seven years old, i became an ovo-lacto vegetarian. since then, i have been all of the following multiple times-

ovo-lacto, lacto, ovo, vegan, pescetarian, omnivore, raw vegan and fruitarian.

from early may to late june, i was a fruitarian. i stopped after going down to 125 lbs.

not that i am saying that fruitarianism is unhealthy. it's my ultimate goal. i just don't think that my body is ready for it yet.

so i switched to cooked vegan and went up to 130 lbs. i went raw again after realizing that cooked food makes me feel awful and always leads me into eating junk food.

so now i'm raw vegan and, once again, i'm having a hard time maintaining my weight and avoiding hunger. i eat fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed, etc. but the only things that keep me full are bananas and avocados. and because of the price, i can't eat too many of those.

oh, and i'm 15 years old and 5'10".

any suggestions?

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Re: concerns and aspirations...
Posted by: Sundancer ()
Date: July 11, 2008 01:07PM

I would try experimenting with nut milks. It's a little complicated, but I think it's worth it. (You can research it online.) Add a little more oil to your dressings, eat nuts (they can be expensive, too, though), and just eat more in general, if you can. Good luck!

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