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Re: The Beginning of My Raw Food Journey
Posted by: Jgunn ()
Date: November 17, 2008 10:31PM

yup just hop back on the fruit cart an keep on goin smiling smiley

i was just the exact opposite .. i hated fruit lol .. was more a veggie person

but i dont have a sweettooth to begin with .. more a savory/salt tooth ...

i really had to train myself on fruit ..

i eat tons of fruit now ..but still gravitate to greens smiling smiley

weird huh? grinning smiley

Re: The Beginning of My Raw Food Journey
Posted by: westiemom ()
Date: November 20, 2008 06:30PM

Okay, so those slip ups last week are starting to come back to haunt me. My weight is starting to creep up again. Not much, just a couple pounds. Oh well - I knew that would happen. Time to just smile and move on smiling smiley

I started buying those little personal sized watermelons from Krogers and boy are they yummy tongue sticking out smiley I can eat a whole watermelon in 1 sitting. Too bad they're $4 a piece. I know they're not in season and they're not organic, but man that's all I want lately so I'm eating it anyway. At least it's healthier than french fries.

On another note, my 10 year old is talking about becoming a vegetarian. I've introduced my kids to all sorts of foods and left it up to them what they eat and do not eat. He has decided on his own that he can't stand for any animal to be killed for any reason at all and just can't bring himself to eat it. My husband of course thinks he's wierd, but I think he's wonderful.

Re: The Beginning of My Raw Food Journey
Posted by: Jgunn ()
Date: November 20, 2008 08:14PM

hey mom its not unusual to fluctuate a few lbs.. dont worry about it .. try stepping away from the scale thing for awhile and get a tapemeasure used for sewing and see if you are losing inches instead of weight ..that is generally a good idea of whats going on smiling smiley

it sounds like your kid is gonna grow up to a wonderful adult too !

Re: The Beginning of My Raw Food Journey
Posted by: Sundancer ()
Date: November 21, 2008 12:40PM

Hey -- those watermelons aren't any more expensive than a burger!

Re: The Beginning of My Raw Food Journey
Posted by: westiemom ()
Date: November 21, 2008 02:13PM

You're right - and if I'm not greedy I can make 2 meals out of 1 melon! LOL!

Re: The Beginning of My Raw Food Journey
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: December 01, 2008 04:47PM


I just read your journal and it sounds like your really doing an amazing job!
I have been struggling with converting to RAW because I am a stay at home mom with 3 children. We are a 1 income family so it's extremly difficult to shop with only $150-250/month for all of us. My husband is a meat eater. I have tried making raw foods for him but the poor man about pukes sad smiley So for me ot buy items that aren't a part of our weekly menu is soo hard. I mean I get the fixings for salad; carrots, cucumbers, 2 differents types of lettuce and spinach and tomatoes and sometimes avacadoes. Then I try and sneak in a good raspberry vinigrette :0 but it can get boring ot me and tempting when i am hungry and we are out of fruit and can't go shopping for another 1.5 weeks!! I begin to stray and eat bean burritoes!!! Gosh and with ot being holiday time when he orders EGG NOG! Do you know how hard it is to pass that up!
I also wanted to let you know I'm 35 and 5'3 and 194 pounds.

Good luck on your RAW life journey.



Re: The Beginning of My Raw Food Journey
Posted by: westiemom ()
Date: December 03, 2008 08:33PM

Oh, I definitely understand what you're talking about as far as the husband, family and holidays go. My holiday week wasn't too great raw food wise, but I definitely didn't pig out so I'm holding steady.

I'll write more later and catch this thing up with what I've been going through soon.

Re: The Beginning of My Raw Food Journey
Posted by: Jgunn ()
Date: December 03, 2008 11:05PM

hehe Westie yer doing good .. holidays are always a crunch to get over smiling smiley my family has pretty much accepted what i do and doesnt try to force me or convince me otherwise nor expect me to particpate in ways that are unconfortable for me.

its hard enough trying to *get it* yourself ..its a huge relief when the people closest to you finally *get it* and let you do your thing smiling smiley

...Jodi, the banana eating buddhist

Re: The Beginning of My Raw Food Journey
Posted by: westiemom ()
Date: December 04, 2008 03:14AM

Okay, so the holiday didn't go so great for me raw food wise, but I didn't pig out and I made sure I ate at least 1 raw meal a day so overall not too bad. Since the holiday though I've been strictly raw, when I'm able to eat that is.

I am struggling right now getting any food into my body b/c I've had to change my migraine preventive medication once again and I just don't have an appetite. If I eat I feel sick and if I don't eat I feel sick so either way I'm stuck. I'm hoping and waiting for the day when my medications are a thing of the past but right now I just am going through such a horrible cycle with the pain that there's no possible way I can give them up yet. It's coming one day though, I'm keeping the faith.

I've gained some of the few pounds I'd lost back, but I know they'll come back off.

Joseanna I know what you're going through with your family and the struggle purchasing what you need. I stressed at first because my husband is a die-hard meat eater and very rarely eats any vegetables other than mashed potatoes. I also stressed because even though we are a 2 income family we just moved and bought a house so money isn't something we can just throw around.

I tried really hard to buy only organic for the 1st month or so, but I realized that spending that extra money was just causing me more stress and that wasn't healthy either so now I'm buying regular produce and to keep the variety I'm buying small amounts of several different items so I don't get bored. That way I don't spend too much and I'm still getting better nutrition that I would be eating the way my husband and kids eat.

Don't worry, it will get better and easier. Keep working at it and don't stress over it. You need to do this for yourself - as mothers we sometimes put ourselves on the back burner. It's time we move ourselves up there with everyone else on our priority list.


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