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starting fresh
Posted by: volcomchick8797 ()
Date: December 19, 2008 10:36AM

hello everyone,

gosh, ive tried going raw vegan twice and failed. i really need to look more on what i can eat rather than focusing on what i cant. all encouragement will be greatly appreciated. im really getting worried, i used to eat pretty healthy, than tried going vegan, raw vegan and now ive been eating fast food and processed snacks and meals galore. im really worried about what im doing to my body. im only 21 and have gained about 25 lbs in the last year! thats really alot for me. i used to do alot of exercise, now since im eating so lousy, i have no energy...and dont work out. i really need a change in lifestyle for the better...for my health and body. im tired of wearing sweats makes me feel really self conscious. im so confused...i used to be anorexic...bulimic, now im always stressing and anxious about what i eat. i either eat totally healthy and not enough or snacks and processed foods galore till im in pain. another very picky and always on the run. maybe if i hear from others who have stepped out of their comfort zone and liked what they might incourage me. thanks thanks and thanks again

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Re: starting fresh
Posted by: kwan ()
Date: December 20, 2008 11:51PM

Hi volcomchick,
Don't worry-- you can do this! I think it just requires seeing things from a new angle, and trying it a little different way. Instead of an all-or-nothing policy (boy, have I been there in the past!), which leads to self-sabotage and low self-esteem (I know, believe me), take things a little slower and make it easier for yourself. You can do this by eating a high raw diet-- some raw and some cooked vegan food-- and making sure your cooked food is fresh and healthy. What will make you happy? When I was transitioning I'd have Boca burgers (sans bread) with salad and sprouts or vegetables for dinner, for example. Can you eat raw at breakfast and lunch, and then have a cooked dinner?

A few more tips:

* make sure you have food at hand to eat at all times, even when you're out at work or shopping or with friends. Prepare ahead and have it in your backpack or purse to nibble on, so you won't be tempted to go to fast food places. Packable raw 'treats' that aren't too bad for you might include Lara bars, dried fruit, or those delicious Nori seaweed 'wraps' that come in flavors like 'Italian,' 'Curry' and 'Mexican.' Here's two of my favorites (though I confess they're a little strange!): if you have a dehydrator, make fabulous crispy 'chips' out of kale or collard greens that have been marinated in your favorite spices, or buy a lot of really speckled bananas (lots of brown spots, but not spoiled), peel and cut into chunks, and freeze them in plastic containers-- they're my 'ice cream treat' when I want to be BAD. ;-p

* make sure you are eating enough food, and often enough. I used to mess myself up by not eating for several hours, and then suddenly I'd be famished and that's when I'd mess up. Try eating something every 2-3 hours.

* make sure you get enough greens, and at the beginning it's good not to just have a lot of sweet fruit, because it can make you hungry. (Later it's not much of a problem.)

* if you're really struggling, get a juicer and do a vegetable juice fast for 5-10 days; you'll have a lot better handle on your appetite and food cravings after you do. Actually, a juicer is a great idea, in general; juice fasting every quarter or at least twice a year is a wonderful way to really get healthy quick and jumpstart your transition to a raw lifestyle.

Hope I've helped. I'm rootin' for ya and I just KNOW you can do it!




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